Mar 26, 2017

The Wild REALLY needs some Binaca.

Breath of the Wild... The game that has me (or will have me, since I wrote this a week before it was published) in a week WITHOUT Nintendo... So. let's review the game... (After 20 days of BOTW Gameplay, conquering the 4 Divine Beasts, completing 82 out of 120 Shrines, I think I can give a fair assessment of the game.)

So, like other Videogame reviews I'll be using a 10 point grading system, let's start:

A long time ago, the Kingdom of Hyrule was Super Hi-Tech. they even built some robot sentries and stuff. These were used to stop Ganon. OK, so a 100 years ago, Ganon came back. Hyrule tried to use the Ancient tech, but Surprise! Ganon took over the tech, nearly destroyed Hyrule, Mortally Wounded Link and only Zelda was able to keep him at bay...
100 Years Later: Link's Awakening... No, not that Awakening...

You wake Up from your Hundred Year Odinsleep. You meet an Old Man... Who kinda looks like Robin Williams in Jumanji but crossed with Santa Claus. You do a few things for him in a pseudo tutorial with almost zero hand holding in exchange for a paraglider. Then you're off to recover your memories, stop Ganon, and save Hyrule...
This is one of Link's memories...

Story has never Been Nintendo's forte, since Gameplay comes first to them. Many have found the Story to be lacking since the game is now more Open than past Zelda games. With that in mind, I was not expecting LoTR or ASoIaF here.
What I got was adequate for a Zelda Game returning to its Open World Roots.
The usual, beat the dungeons to stop Ganon. This time you get some bits and pieces of backstory from a 100 years ago and the Dynamic between This Zelda and Link kinda remind me a bit of...

(Here come the Pitchforks...)

What if Wind Waker had been made with an Adult Link and NO OCEAN!! (Also a more powerful console than a Gamecube)... I am aware that the WiiU is weaker than a PS4/XBOne. For a WiiU game, the graphics are pretty good. I've had no clipping issues. I've had a few issues of items appearing out of thin air, like trees on the Lost Woods (not sure if on purpose or not)

Sounds and Music:
There's plenty of music going around in this new Hyrule, but whenever some classic bits of music show up, it warms my heart... Riding a horse and suddenly hearing a faint hint of the Classic Zelda Theme is just majestic... One theme that will be stuck in your head is the Shrine themes, especially if you're mentally tired trying to solve the puzzles...

This game has... *gasp* Voices!! Sadly, they're only on cutscenes. Everything else you get a grunt, or yelp to get the feeling of the character's voice. I mean, I know it's not the first game to have voices, since others have had voices before...

I kinda discussed this in my first thoughts and going through, but here we go again:
Skyrim + Portal + MGSV + Majora's Mask + Original Zelda + a dash of Wind Waker+ Ass. Creed and you kinda get a taste of Breath of the Wild. Damn the Achy Breaky Weapons!! Running out of weapons.

They are rather easy to get into and it becomes second nature to control the Runes/switch weapons and the Techniques learned from the Champions. The only semi-awkward thing to control is the horse.

Breath of the Wild gets a 9.3 score... Hold it! I know that Pitchforks are rising, but hear me out.
This is the closest thing to a PERFECT Zelda Game... Nintendo has a gigantic task in their laps now... Surpassing Breath of the Wild. I do have a few nitpicks... Mostly stemming from
easily broken weaponry, few kinks with the horses, some cheap deaths (damn those random Lynel encounters), the magically appearing stuff that I mentioned on Lost Woods... Other than that

That's almost as frustrating as this.
But luckily we have This:

Mar 23, 2017

Amy Schumer is no longer Barbie... YAY!!!

Celebrate good times, come on! What? It's known that I'm not a fan of the Schumer Barbie.
I mean, the woman is known for stealing other people's jokes... Not to mention how slutty she is.

But in any case this probably has NOTHING TO DO with Mattel's stock plummeting as Hasbro's is doing great. (Mostly due to the change of hands that the Disney License did from Mattel to Hasbro) and the Failure of Max Steel had nothing to do either.

Sure, Scheduling Conflicts... And I'm next in line to play the role of He-Man... Let's be honest here:
Amy Schumer's latest special has received a lot of bad reviews (and no, it's not just an "alt-right" attack.) There have been former fans of Schumer who have found her latest special not up to snuff.
So, she's not that Marketable anymore. Then we have Mattel not doing that well financially, that they can't afford ruining their Flagship Brand to a "SocJus" Experiment... Remember that BARBIE is the villain in the Schumer Barbie movie. Villanizing their own brand would yield no profit for Mattel.

Mar 22, 2017

Power Con Exclusives: the wallet rape is real...

Before anyone thinks that this is a negativity filled post, STFU! The title is a reference to the previous post about the Reveals AND that the Power Con stuff was going to be expensive...
2 3-Packs, smaller production run, Super7 being smaller than Matty...
Straight out of Val Staples' mouth... or fingers if we wanna
get Technical about it.
Here's the DL on the Power Con Exclusives.

The Important bit of info is this:
For ONE 3-pack, we're currently looking at $204.00 for everything (MAP, figure, shipping, fees, etc), which averages out $68.00 per figure.
But if you order one of EACH 3-pack (or two of one 3-pack), we're currently looking at $326.00 for everything, which averages out to around $55.00 per figure.
And the more you order, the more it continues to go down per figure. So if you compare to last year, even with the crazy cost of international shipping, the price has fallen per figure.

I kinda knew it would be expensive... What I didn't expect was that SOME OF THAT INCREASE involves using a fulfillment center to send the figures... (Hopefully it won't be as bad as Digital River) Apparently, Val hurt himself and can't pack the figures himself. No issue with that; I'm just explaining WHY he's using a fulfillment center now.

It's expensive... Well, that is if you're an International Fan... these prices are for the International Fans... Fans within the USA (and Hopefully Puerto Rico) will have lower prices... Especially for 6 figures where 3 are super mega ZZZ-Listers... This is going BEYOND THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL... The other 3 are mini comic variants... My fear is that Val ends up being stuck with tons of The Snakemen trio...

Speaking of the Trio... SOME of the nitpicks were fixed...

Whore Roar: is now Terroar... The Black Trap Jaw Parts got Silver Accents now... I kinda wish that they had gone with a Different Color... Patina Green with some rust accents would have been nice... The black hand is no longer black! YAY!
Hot Shot: Lost his name due to the HasBro... and he got SLL Armor in Mint Green...

Lord Gr'Asp: Has now a Yellow Pincer!

The mini Comic 3 Pack has no changes so far.

Depending on the Price of them to the US/PR I might try to get them both... If not, Mini Comic Variant would be the one I get... (Regret not getting Red Beastman now...)

Mar 21, 2017

Adobe is messing with forces they cannot comprehend...

Adobe, makers of Photoshop and creators of false illusions whenever faked pictures of celebrities appear... (It's a joke) are now entering the Voice Editing Areas... THIS IS SCARY...

This was brought to my attention today. Project Voco... Like Photoshop for your Audio...
First you need a sizable audio clip from that person, then you can Text to Speech the stuff...

The little red flags on the back of my now Silver Haired head are screaming:

I know, the paranoia stems from the usual: Edited audio evidence could be used to frame people and stuff... Sadly, there is no Self-Defense is not Murder clip from that J-Lo movie...

But the Pervier side of me is thinking:
Dude... The British are working on Sexbots with AI... (Can't link it due to Sex Dolls being advertised)
Now, if you can create the doll based on pics of a person, add "her voice" via Voco...
The Warriors fallen to The Friend Zone will now have an outlet... Not that I'd need one of these, but if I did...

You know this was coming... I'd totally make a Glimmer Sex Doll... (Again, a joke)

But all Pervy Jokes aside, This could be used for TV edits...

For Abridged Series and other Fan Projects... Things like This would be easier now...

Mar 20, 2017

Odds and ends First Day of Spring 2017...

I spent Winter Wrap-Up playing  The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild... Spring is here and once I finish up a few rants that I have to put on schedule in order to keep playing Breath of the Wild (damn that Yiga Stealth section!!)

Damn, this has made me want to play Wind Waker once again...

Apparently, Katy Perry DID MORE THAN KISS A GIRL... Did she like it? Cue the "Prayers for  video evidence" remarks. In any case I KNOW WHO WILL LEAK THE VIDEO...

But seriously, Everyone pretty much thought that I Kissed a Girl and I liked it was code for Lesbian Experimentation. It's VERY OBVIOUS... But now...
I wonder... Will SJWs complain about this? Robert Downey Jr. is going to be Dr. Dolittle. I mean, they whined about Iron Fist being White... They moaned about Wonder Woman's lack of armpit hair.
I can almost hear them now:
"White man steals a black man's job in remake" something something Patriarchy...

And Power Rangers is officially going full SJW Bingo Player mode. Before the movie is even out they have confirmed that Trini is gay. Now here's the thing: They should not be making all these huge announcements and catch people by surprise. It's much better than making big news about it and then the "gay scene" ends up being a joke scene. That kinda clashes with the whole idea of being progressive by having "Gay joke scenes".

Super 7's silence and fandom panic...

It's been about 2 months since Super7 showed their MOTUC Offerings (Wave 1) and about a month that they showed Filmation Wave 1. Q1 is almost over and still no Preorders...
This is scaring people... I've seen a few posts on Facebook about worries regarding the line and the possibility of it losing steam... I bet the Loot Crate Snowflake is super stoked about this and finding new ways to blame me for it. 
I have to be honest... I'm a bit worried as well, BUUUUUUUUUUUUT I'm not gonna bitch or moan about it.

While, yes, it's true that SOME of the steam WAS LOST with this silence; they're still tied to Mattel on some issues... (We know how Mattel loves to drag their feet on stuff.) I still believe they'll pull through, but an update would be nice. These moments of radio silence are what allow doubts and fear to creep up... Kinda like when a girl isn't into you and instead of saying it starts ghosting you, but still contacts all of your common friends. Not saying that something like that has happened to me.

I'm not bitching and moaning, BECAUSE I UNDERSTAND Super7 is a smaller company and Mattel still has to approve everything they do before they do it. I simply wish that we RECEIVED SOME NEWS.

I mean, all this silence has made me look at other stuff... Namely, the Ranma Figuarts, the Snake that ended up being a bootleg, the Articulated Ponies... (Another review coming soon)  Amiibos, etc.

ON THE OTHER hand, the delays might be a good thing... Avoiding derp eyes and other screw ups that may happen if they rush things. But seriously, guys, a little update won't kill ya and make us believe that you still want us to be more than friends... String us along. I don't mind the friend zone if we get MOTUC...

Mar 19, 2017

I am now hungry for amiibos

And, we know why that is...

Precisely, the 8-Bit Link is the one I'm looking for... to get at a price that doesn't involve organs or meeting Mephistopheles. Mostly because I want OG Link clothes.
I kinda want the Smash Bros. Link amiibo for Epona.
I have only the BotW Zelda and Archer Link...
I have a LOVE-Hate relationship with the Amiibo gimmick... or as my brother called it:
More expensive e-Reader 64 bullcrap.
I'd get the Twilight Princess one, but I should have gotten TP, beaten it BEFORE BotW...

This Amiibo thing is far more evil than DLC (and BotW has one coming) but those gems and weapons help in a pinch!! Also, EPONA!! I NEEDS EPONA!!!

Nintendo is not only pushing videogame crack, but now plastic crack as well...

Mar 18, 2017

Great Scott! Marty, you ruined the timeline!!

Marvin Berry's cousin, Chuck has passed away...

Come to think of it, if Marty made Johnny B. Goode before Chuck Berry did... Now, is Chuck Berry famous on the BTTF timeline?

Wow, to think that a pioneer of Rock and Roll lasted all the way to 2017... but the year is still trying to out 2016 2016.

Morons are attacking Wonder Woman... and now I have to defend Gal Gadot... Weird, I know...
Well, the Perennially offended Sock Juice Whiners are whining about Gal Gadot's lack of armpit hair... I'm sexist because I complain for Gal Gadot's lack of fatty tissue on her chest area, but whining about Armpit hair is A-OK!?

WW has no armpit hair in the comics, so she shouldn't have it in the movie... something something Ancient Greeks were into removing body hair...
Seriously, there are far more better reasons to criticize the DCEU (most of them are Suck Snyder related) than Armpit hair...

Man, Haley Joel!? Why did you look at a PS3!? Now Sony is ending the production of PS3s... After a bit more than 10 years... but not as amazing as the 13 years of PS2...I guess that 2018 will be the end of PS3 games...

Really, Sony? You still trying to push Venom?

You haven't gotten your THIRD Spider-Man off the ground and you still want to push Venom? I thought we went through this Last year... Yup, we did...
Well, SONY wants to have a Venom movie by 2018... That's TOO EARLY for Venom. This reeks of vestiges from the "Making a Cinematic Universe out of Spidey" crap that had an Aunt May Spin-off movie.
We have the 2018 Avengers Infinity War movie... (Here we could have Pete get the Symbiote.) but then there's the 2019 Avengers movie that may or may not be Infinity War Part Deux. If Parker is with the Avengers during Infinity War and its sequel how will the Symbiote Reach Eddie Brock?

Here's what I'd do:
First you stick the Symbiote on Pete during Infinity War. He gets home to NY and does the crime fighting with his new duds... (Holland Spidey 2) Here we Introduce Eddie Brock to the picture and have him have some animosity towards Spidey and/or Peter... Flash CANNOT BE VENOM... IT HAS TO BE EDDIE BROCK! We end the Spidey movie with Brock getting the symbiote.
Then we have the Venom Movie and I already suggested what could be done. This could Put Venom out by 2020. Because seriously, we have no director, no real script, or cast and Sony wants to push this to be released October 5 2018... that's about a year and a half... Too little time... We'd get at best a Trankt4stic turd if we follow Sony's plan.

Wait, I also had bitched about this on 2013... I want to beat the stupid out of SONY so badly...
They haven't gotten Spidey out and they're trying to blow their load...

Pet Stores can help in building dioramas

I lost my Dragon Grotto, Fright Zone, Light Hope Chamber, and the Hall of the Fallen during the move... (damaged beyond repair during the travels.) I'm currently working on a  Display diorama for my MOTUC... So, this is kind of a continuation/tribute to my previous baking supply stores can help you beef up your dioramas rant. I did hint on how to make an Eternos Palace Courtyard with some aquarium plants and stuff.

Well, I was at a Pet Store today...

Eh, I'll allow it... So, I was buying stuff for my cat and saw the Fishie and Reptile section...
This skull for Snakes or Lizards was like $12 and look how cool it looks.

The big chain pet stores may have more variety of stuff, but be careful, you don't want to overspend... Also, if you need sand, Aquarium sand is a decent choice, from what I've read in some diorama building forums. I mention the sand in case you're interested in a desert diorama for the King of T.U.R.D.S. or if you want to use the skull on a desert.

Now here's the top 4 Reptile decor pieces I'm interested in...
Elephant Skeleton piece...

Stone Skull Cave...
 They mostly work for Wasteland type of settings, think Dark Hemisphere/Snake Mountain kind of thing... OR Edge of the Vine Jungle near Castle Grayskull...
Fishie Plants can help make the edge of the Vine Jungle be more Jungle-y...
The Stone Skull cave would be repainted in Castle Grayskull colors because Grayskull...
Dinosaur Skeleton
This one totally works as a base for Skytree.

The most peculiar one is the weird Tree face... It screams Sky Tree quite easily...

There's also the stuff for fish, where you can find the plants, ruins, even some Buddha statues that could work with Street Fighter Figures... (Not all the Dioramas need to be FOR MOTUC)
Tell me it doesn't scream MERMISTA!!!

In any case... There's A LOT of stuff to see that can make those creative juices flow... just be sure to not go crazy, as it can become a bit too expensive.

Mar 17, 2017

How can she be our guest if we don't have Jerry Orbach?

Gaston is as intimidating as Michael Cera, Belle who is supposed to be in her late teens/early twenties. (seen references putting her at 17 others at 20) yet, Emma Watson looks like she's 32 (and we dodged the K-Stew bullet here). The So-called Gay Scene was used as a joke and LeFou is barely 20% gayer than the Animated one...
If the whole LeFou is totally gay wasn't said, many of the people who are now boycotting the movie wouldn't have noticed. Obi Wan is decent, but he'll never be as good as Jerry Orbach... Cue the Law and Order reference...

Sounds like I'm a bit nitpicky, but it's within reason. I mean it's not like I'm complaining about the excess of black people in the movie... BTW I'm aware that Black people HAVE Been in Europe way before the Slave trade... (Moorish occupation of Spain comes to mind) BUUUUUUT it felt like Disney went overboard adding black people to fill in their Diversity Bingo Cards.

I cried when the Beast started singing... and I mean full waterworks to the point that an usher was about to ask me to leave the theater kind of crying.

The movie spends a lot of time answering the plot holes of the animated movie. Also, the Enchantress is an even bigger dick in this than the animated movie. She not only curses the Beasts, his guests (there's a party when the enchantress shows up), his servants; but she makes EVERYONE FORGET ABOUT THE PRINCE, THE CASTLE, THE GUESTS, THE SERVANTS...

Cause I need to show the REAL BE OUR GUEST...

Also, I fear the rumor of Live Action Aladdin...

Mar 16, 2017

Hey what the!? It's a Statue, not a real person.

Things like this is why Third Wavers aren't taken seriously.
A few days ago, this douche decided to have some tasteless and immature fun with the Defiant Girl Statue put in front of the Wall Street Bull.Feminists, of course were outraged and began spouting the usual "Rape Culture" "Patriarchy" "Off with his head" thing...

Here's the thing:


See what I mean? That was a small example after Googling "People Playing On Statues". Yes, I specifically looked for the pics of Women doing it to show that this is NOT JUST A MALE THING... This is a STUPID HUMANS IMMATURE HUMOR THING...

This is the part that Third Wavers whine about the Statues being of Adults and Douchy Mc Wall Street did it with a statue of a Little girl, so he is a pedo.

No, just no.

at a Children's store no less...

I mean, if that were true then ALL THE WOMEN HERE WOULD BE Zoophiles... OK, maybe the one with the Baby Dinosaur is the one we should truly be angry about. But where's the outrage on the bull ball grabbers?


Here we have some Pedo Women then... I mean, one of them is humping a baby!! A BABY!! For crying out loud!! If we're angry about Douchy Mc Wall Street, then we should be demanding that T-Shirt O'Baby Humper should be stoned to death!!

Child Abuse, or mocking 300?
Wasn't a Teenaged Boy sent to Juvie for doing something Similar to a statue of Jesus?

"But it's the symbolism what matters. He is oppressing women..."

Here we have a Woman Grinding on a Former Pope's Statue...
Is this some sort of Anti-Catholic Symbolism, cause if so, shouldn't they have used a little boy to grind on the statue? Or this is simply a woman being a tasteless ass and made an immature attempt at humor?

How about the girl "loving it"?
Is there some deep meaning on how McD's is raping us with their food and their prices, or is this a picture of a girl who thought: "Y'know it would be funny if I pretend to have sex with Ronald... come on! that pose he's in begs for someone to ride him!" kind of thing? Chances are that it's probably the latter.

Guy's an idiot. There's no denying that, just as most of the people on the pics here... Only Dino Lady is the true degenerate. They simply saw an opportunity for a quick joke.

Don't overthink it and try to look hidden meanings or symbolism where there is none... The simplest solution is usually the better one... and Idiots trying to be funny is the simplest solution to the question WHY ARE THEY DOING IT?

Do I agree with his actions? HELL NO! Do I think he had a long-winded thought process in order to hump the statue as an act of misogyny/sexism/oppressing women? HELL NO! Do I think he's an idiot? HELL YEAH! (I happen to think he's a douche and an ass) Does he deserve to be  get hurt,fired, arrested, possibly deported? HELL NO!

Was it crass, and/or rude? HELL YEAH! I just don't see it as a huge damnable offense... I do not see the women doing things to the statues as something damnable either... Except maybe Dinosaur Humper... Who actually rubbed her bare genitalia on the statue.

So, the whole "witch hunt" against him feels way too much overkill.

Mar 15, 2017

It Came from the Toy chest: I'm a big Hayter right now...

It actually cost me $32 and change with taxes. He had
an Extra discount. It still stings.
Remember my Kong Rant? It was the Rant before this one... Well, I got me a Bootleg Figma Snake at a comic book shop and I'm disappointed that I fell for it... $32 + taxes... Well, I have a Clone of Big Boss's clone... So, here's the Explanation on who is Solid Snake...

The Clone of The 20th Century's Greatest Soldier who has made the impossible possible. Averting 3 Nuclear Wars. (Eventually Overthrowing the Illuminati) A little bit Kurt Russell, a little bit Michael Biehn, a Little bit Christopher Walken, a Little Bit Jean Claude Van Damme and a little bit Logan (yes, I'm talking about Wolverine... Seriously, David Hayter could voice Wolverine using his Snake voice)

He NEEDS the stand to stand due to his
issues with him not having ALL of the
intended Articulation.
Theoretically, the Articulation is amazing... Execution on the Bootleg leaves a lot to be desired. The Official Figure has Adjustable eyes that the bootleg lacks. Mine has a fracture on the left shoulder that makes the arm fall off a lot. The right Elbow broke off out of the package. I glued it together for the sake of the review. Gonna have to see if the elbow is removable on the bootleg to get a replacement elbow on ebay or something. I will not force the Toes since this is a bootleg.
3.5 on the bootleg. If this was the real deal, it would have gotten a 6.0 out of 5... Seriously, ADJUSTABLE EYES...

Paint and Sculpt:
 Yikes!! The paint on this is a lot worse in person. Super sloppy... on the bootleg. The sculpt is really good, though there might be something off... not sure if it's the paintjob that makes it look off or if it's the sculpt itself. Seems to be the Paintjob based on pics from other Bootleg Snake Reviews.

Bootleg box has Bootleg Typos... "Goerment" "Califomia"
11 extra hands... (won't go through them since the joints are poor quality and I don't want to keep breaking this figure., Rifle (with blast effect... careful with it it can theoretically break the rifle... Piss poor quality from the bootleg...) Gun, 4 cigarettes... (Trust me you will lose these easily.) Extra faceplate, stand, Cardboard Box, Eye Adjusting tool (kinda pointless on this bootleg.) a Hand "Storage thingie".
5.0 for quantity and if it was the real deal then quality would've been a bit better.

This bootleg gets a 4.0 as its overall score... I got to be honest with you... AVOID IT LIKE THE PLAGUE, REGARDLESS OF THE SCORE!!! The quality is AWFUL..., but it's mostly because it's a shoddy bootleg. The Amount of accessories tilted the scales on this toy, Do not be fooled by it!!
Based on my experience with this bootleg, I must assume that the real deal would have been amazing. Maybe I'll get one or two more to frankenstein a semi-decent bootleg Snake... Cause right now NOTHING ON THIS FIGURE IS SOLID... It's making the Hyper Brittle McFarlane Snake look good...

One More Thing, not all bootlegs come with the same stuff. Heard stories about Bootlegs coming with missing hands, weapons, Cardboard Box, etc.

Saw Kong: Skull Island last night...

It was OK, I mean... it kinda felt like this was a more Superhero-ish take on Kong... Doesn't help that Half the Cast comes from the MCU and Trankt4stic's Doom... It kinda sets up for an eventual Kong vs Godzilla and there were other monsters referenced... But the craziest thing about the movie was the Easter Egg that had me repeating the Easter egg in the form of  a question...

What's this Metal Gear Solid clip doing here?
Well it's related to the MGS Easter egg on Kong...
"Gray Fox... That boat is called Gray Fox!! Colonel! What are you hiding!?" was pretty much my reaction when I saw that reference...

Also, Samuel L. Jackson says:

The movie is a collection of Easter eggs over Easter Eggs... It even made me get a Bootleg Figma Solid Snake and I'm disappointed that it's the bootleg... ASS Quality... It rivals my Cyborg Superman from Mattel. Maybe he'll come out of the toychest sooner than later.

I'd dare say that Kong is making a better Cinematic Universe than DC...

Mar 14, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest THE OTHER ½ of the review.

It's time to douse ourselves with cold water and let the Cursed Form of Ranma to come out of the Toy chest...

I don't think I NEED TO EXPLAIN RANMA once again... Martial artist, arranged marriage to an uncute tomboy, water changes his sex... Ryoga is a pig!! etc.

So, let's get started on Ranma's cursed form... I do have one serious drunk question... If  a dude were to fall in love with Girl Ranma and he knows about boy Ranma, the Jusenkyo curse and everything... Does that make the person gay? then there's the classic: Can Girl Ranma get Pregnant?  Or what if Hot water were to fall On Girl Ranma in the middle of intercourse?

Let's just get on with the review...


Nearly Everything Boy Ranma Does, Girl Ranma can do better... aside Toe Articulation... she lacks it. The Bicep swivel ie easier to maneuver due to the short sleeves she's wearing. At the same time I'd be more careful with her... changing hands is even scarier than with the men...

Paint and Sculpt:
There is very little paint here since the pieces are mostly molded in the appropriate colors. The painted areas show no visible slop or paint bleed. The sculpt is a bit on the simplistic side, mostly to match the source material. (No 4Horsemen level of detail here, which is good, since a Hyper-realistic Ranma toy would be scary... I know it echoes the Male Ranma segment, but it applies here as well.

If you thought Boy Ranma had stuff, let me run down what Girl Ranma has:
8 extra hands 3 extra faceplates, stand with clear arm to hold Ranma, Extra arm to hold a sound effect sign (when Akane bats Ranma into the heavens with her mallet... I lack an Akane for now), a Kettle, and a Staff and Sword.
5.0 for Ms. Saotome here.

It's easy to see WHY Ranma gets a 5.0 as an overall score. The Japanese Collector's market KNOWS IT'S GEARED TOWARDS ADULT COLLECTORS and treats their items as such. Unlike Western Companies that deliver overpriced inaccurate crap that doesn't work as a toy or as a movie prop... (Not a reference to CattyMolector's failed McFly prop).

The Next Ranma ½ figure review will be soon... but here's a hint:

Mar 13, 2017

Top most wanted Ranma ½ characters to become figures.

As you have seen with the Male Ranma It Came From the Toy Chest, I'm a bit into collecting Ranma figures. I have both Ranmas and I preordered Akane Tendo, because you KINDA NEED Both Ranma and Akane if one were to display them...
Once my boy Ryoga is made available, I'll preorder him, because he's MY FAVORITE CHARACTER. So, that's why Ryoga and Akane will NOT BE ON THIS LIST...
I'll post the character and a brief explanation WHY I WANT said character.

Genma Saotome Panda Form:
I'm aware of the Figuarts Zero, but that's a cop-out. I think we deserve a fully Articulated Genma in his cursed form... Sure it would be a bit expensive due to the new tooling, but he wouldn't NEED That much in accessories.

just enough articulation so I can do
this... I can get any ball 
Maybe 2 extra hands to change to gripping the broom or sign., the broom, the signs, a bit of bamboo, 2 extra faceplates (Scared and open mouth for eating, or angry look) and  Happosai with clip-on bag of loot and extra Panty Raid Faceplate.
Human Genma Saotome:
You knew this one was coming as well. He's more likely to happen than Panda Genma and I'd take just human form if it means getting ANY Articulated Genma.
what I'd like to see with him:
4 sets of extra hands similar to those that Ranma has. 2 Extra faceplates besides the normal stoic face plate. (screaming and crying), a Panda face sign, as seen on the pic to the left.
IF the Panda Genma mentioned above isn't made, then toss in Happosai here (no extra Faceplates, just normal Happosai and a Happo Daikarin.

The Blue Thunder of Furinkan High, Tatewaki Kuno:
Not a difficult one to make, in theory... He wouldn't need that much. His Bokken, a dozen roses, a single rose, 4 pairs of hands and an extra hand to hold the single rose. 3 extra faceplates (shocked, goofy grin, Angry) Maybe we could toss in a barely articulated Cologne with him. just to get her. (she could be as articulated as the upcoming Meowth from the Team Rocket set.)

Ukyo Kuonji:
She completes the Triforce of fiancées.
She could reuse the existing female hands, then all we'd need is the specialized accessories for her, consisting of a single small spatula, the Large Spatula, an okonomiyaki, a brush with sauce, 3 extra faceplates (shocked, happy, angry). I'd toss in a Different P-Chan from the one from Akane. (Maybe this P-Chan could have the Mark of the Battling god...) This is also a nod to the Ukyo/Ryoga shipping.

We have Shampoo and I suggested a way to get Cologne. Getting Mousse is not as Far-fetched.
He'd be an accessory heavy figure... 2 extra hairpieces (one with the Glasses on top, the other with no glasses at all. the default hairpiece would have the glasses at the bottom so it looks like the figure is wearing the glasses normally. Otherwise we'd need a ton more of faceplates with glasses and without glasses.) the available male hands would work on him. I'd add a Hidden knives set of hands
 His 3 extra faceplates would be Goofy grin, angry, and shocked. His cursed duck form could come with 2 extra sets of wings. (The default would be tucked in to his body. the extras would be spread wings and the third set would be spread wings + knives.

Pantyhose Taro: (Human form)
I can't pick the spring of drowned "yeti holding an eel and crane while riding an ox" form, because of tooling, but having A somewhat big bad is a good thing. He'd reuse most of the Male parts, hands, I think Ranma's legs could get some usage here too. For his face plates, we get the usual, stoic, angry, shocked... I'd add an even angrier face to use while displaying him with Ranma. Here's also another opportunity to toss in Happosai if any of the previous two spots are a no go.

Where's Soun, Kasumi, Nabiki, Dr. Tofu, Kodachi, Gosunkugi, etc.?

Let's be fair: Kasumi and Nabiki would be harder to sell. They are plain normal humans. Soun we could sell, but he'd be pushing it a bit too far. Same thing would apply to Dr. Tofu. Kodachi, I'd like... Hell, I'd trade Pantyhose for her, but I chose Taro to increase the chances of getting Happosai. I'd like to get Gosunkugi but since the line seems to be based on the anime instead of the manga, then Gosunkugi would be like making a really obscure side character.