Nov 20, 2019

Action figure worthy 1:12 vehicles: the rant

I suppose everyone has noticed the lack of normal vehicles for action figures in this scale. Advanced why we usually get is like saying a Batmobile or a Turtles Party Wagon, but we never get normal vehicles.

Mattel made this curious thing that COULD BECOME  an Advent Calendar item, if I find one...

That car got me thinking:
What if, Mattel made a toyline based around the concept of 1:12 vehicles that could be used with action figures.

For example a wreckable Police car that came with a Pair of generic policemen. And some sticker sheets so you can decorate your police car based on your favorite city... (NY, LA, Gotham, Metropolis)

Another vehicle could be an armored truck from a bank.

Maybe a Limousine for a rich playboy, or a Jeep-like vehicle for those who prefer more rugged terrains.

Before anyone can twist this into the line is glorifying accidents, stop. It's not about accidents,  but cross pollinating lines.

Picture an ad with a boy and a girl playing with the cars.
The boy is using the armored Truck.
Boy: "I'm  a security guard transporting money to the bank. Hopefully nothing bad will happen to me today."
Girl takes out the JW T-Rex!
Boy: "Oh no! It's a T-Rex!" Help!"
Boy takes a Barbie Princess Power doll and attacks the T-Rex. The T-rex hits the cop car flipping it over Barbie.
The girl pulls out a MOTU ORIGINS SKELETOR!
Boy: "Stacy! You know daddy hates it when we play with his He-Man's!"
Dad: "Did someone say He-Man? By the Power of Grayskull! I have the Power!! NOT SO FAST SKELETOR!!"
Girl: "He-Man! Oh no! My plans are ruined!"
Dad lifts the car out of Barbie.
Dad: "What do you say, Barbie, shall we team up to stop Skeletor?"
Girl: "Not so fast, He-Man! My T-rex is going to eat that limo with John Cena in it!"
John Cena pops out of nowhere
Cena: "He-Man, Barbie, Heeeeellllllllllppppp!"

Something something legalese:
MOTU, WWE, Barbie, Jurassic world figures sold separately, copyright info, blah blah blah, FROM MATTEL!!

While the toys themselves, figures sporting basic articulation  (similar to the basic WWE toys) and vehicles would be aimed mainly for kids, they should be good enough to also pass off as background pieces for adult collectors. (After maybe a bit of paintwork done on the vehicles to make details pop.)

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