Jun 1, 2021

Super7 and the curious case of Irma, Vernon, and Burne

 These 3 are part of the "Toon wave", but for some reason Playmates decided to not be "toon accurate". Whether these were being worked on before the toon truly took off, or they had more free reign and decided to use their usual irreverent style on them is a mystery. The point is that they mostly don't look like their cartoon counterparts. Vernon being the main exception, but for some reason a TV News reporter carries a camera for photos as if he was some pink shirted Peter Parker wannabe. As in his left hand is permanently stuck with the camera. 

My issue is that the Playmates versions seem to be mocking the characters. 
Burne has a sandwich permanently stuck on his right hand. Mayo and ink stains on his shirt. He even has a wad of toilet paper stuck to his right shoe.
Custom by Zobovor.

Look at the picture to the left we have the official playmates figure and to the right we have a custom. Personally I would rather have something that is closer to the custom. I wouldn't mind him having two heads: one normal and one based on the vintage toy. Also, the TP wad should be removable. Maybe an extra hand that can hold the sandwich.

Same thing would apply to Irma:
Custom by Zobovor 
I know that Irma's outfit looks like Jeanette from the Chippettes, but whar Playmates dod to her is far worse. She's wearing every color of the rainbow in a horribly mismatched outfit.
She's got a trutleneck sweatwr with a sweater vest AND A SWEATWR TIED TO HER WAIST!? She has a backpack permanently attached to her and she dropped a wad of gum on her breast. It's like they made her intentionally dorkier. The extra sweater can be made as a removable belt. The backpack should be removable too.

Last but not least Vernon:
Custom by Zobovor.
He's the closest to a passable figure. By having an alternate hand without the camera pretty much everything gets solved with him. 
I know that NECA is doing "cartoon accurate" versions of the Channel 6 crew. Only Burne hasn't been teased or made. I also understand that Super7 seems to be allowed to do toy versions only.  I honestly don't know if the tpy versions are worth the $55+ that super7 would ask per figure. Unlike Shredder whose main repaintable parts aren't joints, these would require some heavy resculpting in order to reach cartoon accuracy. 

Sadly, I'm on the minority here. For some reason, many collectors prefer the garish toy versions.

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