Dec 17, 2018

Odds and ends December 17th 2018. Miley Cyrus, Macaulay Culkin, and Aquaman

So, you know the recent wildfires in California, right? Former Queen of the House of Rants, Miley Cyrus lost nearly everything in that fire. On-again-off-again not sure if I should call him Boyfriend or Special Friend who helps Miley, Liam Hemsworth  (who whoever is making MOTU should get Play He-Man just to Spite Chris for rejecting the role) saved all of her pets and Miley gave him a reward...

So here at the House of Rants we all salute Liam Hemsworth for his heroic acts of saving animals...
Spike and I are wondering What special act was the reward.
Spike made a reference to Kingsman The Secret Service.
I am more civilised and chose Backstage Pass for a Hannah Montana concert... a Kingsman The Golden Circle.
All jokes aside, it's pretty awesome that Mr. Hemsworth did all that for Miley. How many girls can say that their boufriend went in and do some movie heroic acts in real life to save a ton of animals.

Macaulay Culkin... want to know w what he's been doing?

Besides Brenda Song, Spike! I mean acting gigs...
Well... He teamed up with The Angry Videogame Nerd for this year's Christmas Episode... This definitely beats The Nostalgia Critic getting Dante Basco, Greg Sestero, or Nara Wilson for Nostalgia Critic Episodes...

I wonder how the dollar store knockoff, Chris Bores (me to death) the Second Rate... I mean Irate Gamer will copy this...

Saw AquaMomoa... It was entertaining. It kind of felt like I was watching The Lion King starting roughly around the time Can You Feel the Love Tonight starts to play. Kind of Crossing it with Moana I know it's a weird mix Lion King on Moana but that's the best way I can describe the movie without any spoilers.
The weakest points of the movie were Amber Heard who was basically a piece of eye candy. Her acting was a smidge better than Brie Larson showing slightly more emotion than Kristen Stewart but it still wasn't that great.

Jason Momoa was super entertaining but he wasn't playing Aquaman; he was playing it once again Jason Momoa.

Visuals very great and they got a decent adaptation of the Black Manta outfit I got to give him props for that also I have to give props to Willem Dafoe with his performance as Vulko and that outfit was the closest we'll ever get to see Dafoe in an actual Green Goblin.

The movie was fun and entertaining. While it dealt with dark themes it wasn't like Batman dark. The further Warner Brothers on DC moved from Zack Snyder the better their movies will be I mean look at Wonder Woman the upcoming Shazam which it's going to be a riot.

It Came From the Toy Chest: Wade just discovered Netflix...

But is disappointed at the lack of Golden Girls on the service.

YOU LOVE The Golden Girls!?

Yes, Wade... I Do. I mean, the Talents of Betty White, Rue McClanahan, Estelle Getty, and Bea Arthur bring some joy to my heart in this bleak world.

When I Kill you, I'll make your death as painless as possible...Or, we could watch The Golden Girls Together... I can be the Rose to your Dorothy. Mostly because I'm not cool enough to be Sophia or as slutty as Blanche.

Hurry up with the review so we can start the GG Marathon! I'm wearing my comfy GG watching outfit...Wade, you're missing a sock... Oh... Nonononononononono!! No monkeys shall be spanked while watching The Golden Girls.

You don't know what you're missing...Wade, knowing you you'll want me to look at your junk and I don't want to be scarred for life anymore... I mean I'm having a conversation with an Action Figure based on a Comic Book character as if he was a real person...

You know you wanna look at my junk... It's the Traffic accident effect!

Surprisingly enough, for a dude wearing Boxers he's pretty articulated. His upper body is the same as NOT Ryan Reynolds

Do we have to mention the Green Douchebag here?

Don;t make fun of Detective Pikachu... Anyway, 4.5

Paint and Sculpt:
The reused upperbody isn't as cool, BUT the Magic is below the waist... 

That's what she said!

Let me finish, PLEASE! THE REVIEW!! Don't try to make any jokes about my ill chosen words.
The brand new sculpt on the boxers, scarred legs, sock and fuzzy slippers (that may be a separate part from his feet.) look amazing! The grenades on his belt could've used some paint.

Gun that doesn't fit his holster and a bigger gun...
Not to mention the Yuuge Sauron Torso.

Deadpool and Chill gets a 4.33 as his final score. If his smaller gun was the one that was meant for that holster, he would've been a lot better.