Apr 20, 2018

He-Man movie gets new director again...

Only now the Director has been doubled!
Some dudes called the Nee brothers are "directing the MOTU Movie" to be released next year. First thing I must ask:
Who in the Hell are the Nee Brothers?
I googled them and I still have no idea. They've directed ONE movie and the'vth done a couple things that I haven't heard of. So, I have ZERO Faith in them... Aside that  they won't have an excuse to back out from this certain soon to be ashcan copy.

David S.(hit) Goyer is still writing this, so it will suck massive ass.

Barely less than 20 months until release date and we still have NOTHING!! Ready Player One's cameo is the closest thing we're going to get to a He-Man on the big screen.

Stridorgate: clearing out the misconceptions.

The recent Stridor reveal and the aftermath has created an aura of confusion that is obfuscating reality. Namely, the negative reactions to him.
Yes, there are people who dislike Super7's products. These guys will always complain.
These are NOT THE PEOPLE I am going to be talking about. But, some of their snarky and derisive comments have some facts in them.

I'll be talking about the fans who are complaining out of LOVE, not hate. People who want Super7 to understand what went wrong and WHY it went wrong in order to avoid these mistakes to be repeated.

First I need to disagree with the "be happy that they are making the toys." Argument.

You can enjoy the figures and be critical of their more pernicious and problematic aspects... (Yes, I am making a 'Nita reference)

Pretty much everyone is worried about QC, eapeespeci if this is a $60 item. There have been some comments mocking the QC issues from past wave. What's the message here: Don't screw up on the QC department!

Then we have the inaccuracies... There is a rumor going down the grapevine that Flynn was aware of the issues and that at least the Correct helmet will be added. I'M not too sure about the side paneling with the shield crest. Supposedly, there will be updates to the paint applications.

People have complained about the inaccuracies shown by the team at Super7 because THEY ARE Inaccurate. IF the Stridor helmet was coming FROM THE START, they should've mentioned it.  All the info we had was Nightstalker repaint in Stridor colors production sample on pre-order next week and they ship right after SDCC. Of the real helmet was coming, then a little blurb saying: vintage helmet coming as well (not pictured)... I mean, we're talking about the same customers who bitched about the wrong green on Tri-Klops... If they did that about a slight color change, expecting them to be A-OK with the wrong helmet is just STUPID!

If the helmet and side paneling issues are fixed, that would be awesome! Which I hope they do.
Paints, well I'm prepared to face the conaconseque of lack of paint apps.

I'm excited for Stridor, but I feel like he needs more oomph to stand out...
Look at it this way:
Picture MOTUC He-Man... Now visualize He-Man in Skeletor's colors... His hair is the hood. His He-Man face is painted as Skeletor's skull. He-Man's harness is now purple and parts of his torso are purple as well to simulate Skeletor's Harness.
So imagine that Skeletor is the official Skeletor release... Are you disappointed? Well, that's kinda how some fans are feeling about the current Nightstalker repaint. We want the best Stridor possible! We can't let Super7 fall into an "eh, it's good enough" complacent mode, because that's how things get half-assed and people lose faith.

Right now we can't afford people to lose faith.

So long story short:
Complaining does not equal negativity.
There is SOME complaining that is purely negative. But MOST of it comes from a desire to point out flaws for them to be corrected in the first place. Also, there's a chance that he's getting some corrections made before  shipping. I'll wait for an official announcement.