Oct 22, 2016

It Came from the Toy Chest: The General is here...

Spike, don't put an insurance ad clip... I am talking about General Sunder... Former Horde General turned into an ally of the Great Rebellion and another Clambake diluting male. He was in TWO episodes of She-Ra: Princess of Power. Those were An unexpected ally and Return of the General.

He's one of the few Hordesmen that realizes that the Horde is Evil... (It's on their title for crying out loud) and decides to do something about it.

So, that is reason enough for him to be in Classics... The Added Horde Trooper Heads help... Now let's get to him:

In my Horde Trooper Review, I commented on how the Horde Trooper buck could be reused for Sunder... Since the General reuses most of the Horde Trooper buck (more on that when dealing with Paint and Sculpt) his Articulation is LITERALLY the same as a Horde Trooper. Here he gets a 5.0 despite having the same problems that the Troopers had.

Paint and Sculpt:
Here is where Parts Reuse was Detrimental for the figure.Let's strip him of his armor first.
Yes, you're seeing correctly. Sunder is using the FULL HORDE TROOPER BODY minus the Loincloth and Armor. That includes the Robotic Upper Torso with parts of it painted in Caucasian Flesh... Bummer.
In the Cartoon Sunder has black boots, here they are gray... Another Figure in 2016 that I had to Repaint... Masque got a full body paintjob, Vultak needed some fixes on his furry parts, Darius needed to look a bit less than Fisto. Crita needed a bit of color on her weapon. Now Sundar needed paint on his boots and glove armor. (In the Toon it's red like the Troopers. I chose black because screw it!)


-A Horde Axe/Sword thing?
-3 Extra Trooper heads (Filmation Horde Invasion, Aqua Trooper, NU52)
-2 Guns
Six Accessories, this would earn him a 5.0 by default, but I can't give him a 5.0 here. I blame the Heads.

The Cape is the culprit of the
Aquahead issue.
Head is wedged in and held with blu tac
He got 3 Horde Trooper heads, but not the most important head that he needed: A Sunder WITHOUT a Helmet. They could have easily put one of the Extra Sunder heads in the supposed Single Carded Trooper and given us the head we NEEDED for Sunder.

Alec Baldwin in Beetlejuice?
Not too bad but you have to force in the helmet.
Then while Sunder shares parts with the Horde Trooper, he cannot use the Horde Trooper heads. Either they don't fit due to the cape (Aqua Trooper, I'm looking at you) or they look ridiculous (Invasion and DC heads) because Sunder's Armor is different from the Troopers. Had Sunder come with a Horde Trooper Armor, he would have sold like hot cakes!

Sunder gets a 4.0 as his overall score. It's not bad, but...

He's decent, but he needed a little bit more to put him over the edge...

 Maybe Super7 should consider an Ultimate Horde Trooper 2 Pack in Filmation colors. One Normal Horde Trooper and the Second one with Sunder's Loincloth to have a Horde Gunner. Then Toss in ALL The Trooper heads and weapons (Including Sunder's Sword/Ax, thing) That is assuming Mattel won't release the Single Carded Trooper. I'm sure they'd sell since this is THE ARMY BUILDER for MOTU.

Oct 21, 2016

Steven Seagal might bring us great news.

Steven Seagal, the man who is Hard To Kill, On Deadly Ground, Under Siege, In The Belly Of The Beast, Against the Dark, Half Past Dead,  Out for Justice, Marked for Death, and The Glimmer Man... who also happens to be a real cop.

Well, he's making a sequel... I found out by Accident...

so here's the story on how I found out about this. There's a Halloween Party coming up and I decided to go as Steven Seagal... Seeing that I'm fat, like Seagal, I thought: A Ponytailed wig, a black Durag and not shave my goatee and I kinda have a late 00s early 10s Seagal look, but I need to go further. Dress up like an Iconic Seagal look and act as if I was trying to pitch a sequel to an 80s movie...
Seeing that I already own a Nico Toscani figure, I thought: Blue Jeans and a Black Leather (or PVC) Jacket and I could pull off a Steven Seagal trying to push for an Above the Law Sequel. Well, while looking for Seagal pics in order to find an appropriate wig, I stumbled upon this:
Above the Law 2 is happening. Somehow Steven Seagal got the Rights to Above the Law and is making a sequel... OH HOLY CRAP!!

Now let's be honest here... We can't expect this movie to be the most fantastic thing ever for a few reasons:

Steven Seagal is 27-ish years older than he was back in the day... He's also gained some weight... Sure he can still do fight scenes, but compare a RECENT Seagal Movie to an 80s-early 90s Seagal movie.

Also, Seagal's latest movies have been Straight to DVD stuff that even Canon Films would have been embarrassed to release. Note: I LOVE Seagal Movies, but nothing compares to 80s-early 90s Seagal.