Aug 31, 2016

It Came from the Toy Chest: I better show the Pryde of the X-Men

And of Course I am talking about Kitty Pryde. I missed out on Toy Biz's Kitty Pryde... Never saw a Kitty at Wal*Mart back in the day. So, I had that gap... I'm still waiting for a Shadowcat Figure...
Well, Hasbro's Juggernaut, bitch! wave has a Kitty and a Rogue that I'm Interested in... and a Wade...
I missed on the Rocket Raccoon Wave 90s Jean and that has me angry. Never saw the Vamp Jubilee wave either... and now this Kitty has me hunting down the Red Skull Onslaught Wave because I need an Onslaught that is not the Crab Monster version we got from Toy Biz...

So, who is Kitty Pryde? She's a Mutant that can go through walls and I'll let this video do the talking for me...

Yes, Spidey is promoting Registration... some twenty-odd years before Civil War I...

Now back to Kitty:

She seems to have the same range of Articulation as Spider-Girl or Black Cat, which is a good or bad thing depending on the character. For Kitty, it works, aside the crap range of motion on her legs.

Paint and sculpt:
The minimalist paint apps on her body work well. The head sculpt is pretty nice. I'd dare say better than Toy Biz's... I don't know, but Kitty kinda looks like a crossover between Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Maisie Williams.

The ONE ACCESSORY that Kitty Needs was delivered. I am talking of course about Lockheed, who can stand on Kitty's shoulders by pushing one of his wings between her head and ponytail.
In addition she comes with a Juggernaut Right Arm AND a Magneto Helmeted head for the Red Skull Onslaught.


Kitty gets a 3.83 as her final score. Seriously, Hasbro needs to do something with those female lower torsos. Athletic characters like Kitty need a better range of Articulation below the waist. Getting 2 BAF parts on the smallest non-Wolverine figure of the wave compensates for her small stature...

I am glad that I have filled this gap in my Marvel Legends Collecting, but I just realized that all those years I had kwitted teh lien, made me miss out on some cool figures.


Odds and ends 9-1-16 A Shapeways Extravaganza is coming... and other stuff

I have a few shapeways items ready for review... I just need to finish painting and taking pics of them. I shall sprinkle these reviews during the month... Some come from Familiar Reviewers like DJForce, or Freeman's Mind Toys, others come from brand new (to me as a customer) Shapeways masters like He-Bro and Spot 138. Not sure if I'll do these in multiple rants or a single super rant.

We'll see how this develops.

Holy Crap! (feel free to add Batman here) Deathstroke will be Batffleck's nemesis on the Battfleck solo movie. 

This is, to me, an unexpected choice. I mean, we got a taste of Leto's unfunny Joker fanboy in suicide squad... So it would have made sense to force feed us more Leto on Batman's Solo adventure. The greatest thing about Deathstroke is that he could be a force to be reckoned with physically... Also, since he's known to have a beef with Dick, this could mean an appearance by Nightwing? (Probably not.)
It's also rumored that Joe Mangianello is going to be Slade... From Flash Thompson to Slade Wilson... huh... Wait... JK Simmons is going to be Jim Gordon... Willem Dafoe's in Aquaman... Now Joe Mangianello? I'm gonna call it now and Kirsten Dunst is going to be Poison Ivy and Tobey Maguire will be Clayface.... James Franco as Cluemaster?

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that Spirit of Justice, aka Phoenix Wright 6 is officially a Digital Release... DAMMIT!! Not too fond of Nintendo's eShop... Looks like I'll need to buy a larger SD Card so I can buy Ace Attorney 5 and 6.