Jun 1, 2020

Marvel Legends Strong Guy wave revealed

Behold the Strong Guy Wave with The Mighty Spector... I guess Toyguru must be proud.

Mister Joestar calm down your tits! I hope you read that in a horrible Avdol impression. But Juggernaut's partner in crime and relative of Banshee,  Black Tom Cassidy is one of the figures of this wave.

Good grief... Shut it, old man! Warpath, and Maverick are in this too... Almost makes me wish for a Team X set. With wolvie and Sabretooth in their Team X outfits. Maybe toss in a Carbonadium Synthesizer as a bonus accessory.

Sunspot is looking pretty cool... but

A PIRATE DEADPOOL!? That kills all of my JoJo references... but I can go With...

It's this or Captain Jack Sparrow...

The one I'm more Clueless than Alicia Silverstone is Shiklah... oh, she's a recent Morrigan knockoff... I have a feeling she'll stick to pegs like Chicle...
I don't know it feels like the Deadpool stuff will be the Peg warmers...

May 31, 2020

Why Mattel should make "MOTUC Compatible" blank bucks...

Mattel's MOTU efforts are on the Origins line. It has the mix and match options to customize characters from both MOTU and WWE. It's perfect for kids who want to make their own characters. Many Moons ago I suggested a Modular MOTU Figure. This time the idea is closer to blank Funko POPs or the "naked bodies" by Figma or Figuarts.
Naked Figma Nefty-kun
The idea is to get blank customizable bodies that fit the MOTUC aesthetic without being Actual MOTUC.
They could call it the "Artist series" or something that denotes that it's not exactly a toy to play with, but to customize and display. Maybe they could make them a bit more modular than MOTUC with them being unpluggable at the shoulders, thighs, heads, boots, waist, and hands.

The most basic bodies would be available at retail, like say:
Human Male: both Light skin and Dark skin. They'd come with 2 heads (featureless mask, bald generic face), 2 sets of feet (boot unitard and barefoot) 2 sets of arms (bare human arms, and cyborg arms).
Werebeast: Brown and gray it would have 2 heads (Bear and Minotaur for Brown, Wolf and bat monster for gray.)
2 sets of arms (normal fur and fur with spiked protrusions for brown and normal fur and fur with vestigial wings for gray) 2 sets of boots  (Hooved feet and normal beast feet for brown, normal feet and talons for gray)
For the females it would be something similar to the males.

More Deluxe versions would be sold online through an exclusive Website.
Examples: "Rainbow packs" with Red, blue, yellow, green, and purple bodies. The bare feet come in Light and Dark Skin tones for the Humans. Monsters are just rainbow versions of the normal monster.

The website could post tips and tricks for painting the figures, or patterns to make certaon cloth items.

Tribute figures:
Basically, Mattel usong theor own library to make Deluxe figures in this style. For example:
Classic Max Steel and Psycho. You get new parts lile Max's head, left N-Tek biolink, new boots, new harnesses for his body. For Psycho you get new right arms, new heads, new cyborg torso.
Or Skeletor and He-Man who would not be "MOTUC ACCURATE" They'd be new renditions with some old and new pieces.
Both would use the Beast crotch with new belts. He-Man  would use the beast lower legs with the "sock feet" skeletor would use new boots (that are part for the upcoming reptilian figures) with the Talon Feet. He-Man would get new head, harness, bracers, and weapons. Same thing for Skeletor and he'd get new arms from the upcoming Reptilian figures)

Once there's enough accessories from tribute figures and other ideas, they could do accessory packs.

That way Mattel can test the waters to see if there is demand for things like Matt Mason, or Street Sharks.

But Logistics is what will kill this idea.