Aug 19, 2017

Oh no... First it was The Flintstones now The Jetsons?

Yup! We're getting a Live Action Jetsons movie... TV Series...
A Live Action version of The Jetsons...
The DC Comic Reboot pic has nothing to do, but it kinda does since it shows a more Realistic Depiction of the Jetsons...

I am VERY Wary of this project EVEN IF IT HAS ROBERT ZEMECKIS INVOLVED... Well that's the only thing giving me a bit of hope for the project if I want to be honest.

Why am I worried?
Let's see? Special effects. The Jetsons is a family sitcom in the future, which would require Special effects. We have seen some AWFUL CGI IN MOVIES, we can expect something worse for TV.

Now turn it into live action... If you're having flashbacks of this:

Then my job is done.
I'm also worried that audiences today simply DO NOT GIVE ENOUGH OF A DAMN for the Jetsons.

Also, ABC has already a series with a rather large budget...

Aug 18, 2017

The Director of Kong Skull Island got his fee-fees hurt by Cinemasins.

On Tuesday, Cinemasins released their Everything Wrong with Kong: Skull Island video.
The Director didn't like it and went on a tirade on twitter bashing Cinemasins.

Seriously, when you have to validate your movie to a Youtube Channel who hypernitpicks and grossly exaggerates movie flaws for comedic purposes, something's wrong with you. Seriously, they even MOCK themselves.

I could make a joke of an awful "professional writer" who hates my guts, but I won't waste time on that. I have much bigger fish to fry.

I kinda liked Kong: Skull Island. I called it OK. A more Superhero-ish take to the tale of Kong.
What's not OK is going on a multi-tweet tirade because your movie was "sinned" with sins that hold no real value or anything. TWO DAYS OF TWEETS WHINING ABOUT CINEMASINS... TWO DAYS... Then bringing up Trump. That's like the modern version of Mentioning Hitler or the Nazis... Not saying that Trump is one. I'm just saying that bringing Trump to defend a Freaking King Kong Remake is just like the Godwin's Law thing.

I'm starting to get a bad feeling about Metal Gear...