Oct 23, 2017

Super7 Halloween oddities are scary

This is the kind of stuff I feared would happen with Super7 and MOTU...
This one isn't THAT bad, but it cements one of my fears.
Resources being pulled to things that Hardcore Action Figure Collectors could deem as crap. A life size or close to life size cardboard Skeletor wall decoration is a nifty item, but I'm not feeling like THIS is something that Super7 should be doing. This seems more like Hallmark's alley. At least it's not Baby Skeletor...

Oct 22, 2017

Flinging popcorn at My Little Pony

I finally saw My Little Pony the movie or as I got to call it Pinkie's big Adventure. Right out of the bat, I got to say it... Take it away Rainbow Dash!
The movie was good, but not great...
Spoilers will be given. Back away of you don't want the movie to be spoiled for you...
You sure you want the spoilers?
Last chance to back away...
There's no turning back now...
Are you ready?
Let's jam!
*funky Cowboy Bebop theme*

So, the movie. We start with Twilight Sparkle freaking out and feeling inferior to (Useless) Princess Sunbutt, (Useless, but socially awkward) Princess Moonbutt, and Princess Mi Amore a Cadenza... Who is also useless. Twilight wants to abuse the powers of the other princesses to please Sia in her concert. Sunbutt says no. Twilight is disappointed by this and the rest of the Mane 6 cheer her up with a song ending with a Mega Party Cannon shooting a jumbo cake that lands on Twilight. Sia's bodyguards seem familiar. Then they get invaded by forces from the best thing from Wolverine Origins. The force captain of the Evil Horde is an unicorn with a broken horn and a hedgehog version of Luis from Ant Man. The Storm King, (Sabretooth/Hordak) wants the magic of the 4 princesses to power up a staff to rule the world. They capture 3 out of 4 because Derpy saved the world. (After the S7 attack on bronies, why is the movie a love letter to them? Mixed Signals Hasbro) They need to the Queen of the Hippos... And the Mane 6 comment that Hippos can be Hungry Hungry... Well played Hasbro, well played. Pinkie basically moves the plot forward when they find what I can call the MLP version of Mos Eisley. There they find the love child of Han Solo and Puss in Boots who kinda helps them/betrays them in a very Lando Calrisian way and with a song. The Mane6 end up in an airship full of Pirates who lost their Mojo. Rainbow Dash helps them to get their groove back and accidentally makes a beacon for the bad guys to find them.
One makeshift balloon later, the Mane6 reach the Hippogriff city and my disappointment begins.
The Mane6 were in distress and called upon the sea ponies... WITHOUT ANY SHOOBEDOO SHOO SHOOBEDOO! How can you do Sea Ponies without doing a callback to that song? Blasphemy!
Anyway, the Sea Ponies at Hippogriffs in disguise... The Hippogriff queen turns Twatlight Waffle and friends into sea ponies. Twatlight tricks Pinkie into befriending the Sea Pony Princess as a distraction in order to steal the pearl of McGuffinton... If I didn't know Twatlight I'd say that move is out of character... But knowing the character, the move feels a bit too forced to generate artificial conflict. Twatlight's plan fails and the Mane6 are deported. There Twatlight blames Pinkie for her failure. The rest of the Mane6 try to console Pinkie, while Spike sees Twilight being kidnapped by Force Captain Tempest.
We get Tempest's back story. Sabertooth gets the power of Grayskull... Or the Equestrian version of it. Not Puss in Boots Solo gets the groove of the rest of the Mane6 back and with the help of Zoe Saldana's bird pirates, they attack Canterlot and rescue Twilight.
Tempest gets a change of heart and saves Twilight at the last minute. Twilight saves Tempest and everything is awesome. Sia gives her concert.

It wasn't bad. It was OK. Some of the conflict felt forced. Also a LOT of the issues would've been solved quite easily IF anypony would've remembered that Fluttershy has enslaved a god. Various bronies were questioning Discord's absense after I left the theater. (BTW on my showing the Bronies outnumbered little girls 13:1, but screw bronies, amirite Hasbro?)
I want to give it a 9 out of 10, but I can't. The movie is barely an 8. The new characters were basically props to sell new toys. The whole Sea Pony section screamed BUY OUR TOYS! a bit too loud. I almost felt Hasbro pointing their Oozinators at me in that section.
If you're not a hardcore fan of Friendship is Magic, the movie is not for you.