Jan 26, 2020

Uncharted movie delayed and He-Man is back to development hell.

That move was unexpected... and as Heinz Doofenshmirtz would say: By unexpected I mean completely expected!!
Yes, Sony has pushed back He-Man... again. Now it's officially TBD.  But then again, it's SONY PICTURES... the ones who screwed up Spider-Man TWICE! Then there's Ghostbusters 2016, Venom and the Upcoming Morbius.

While, yes, Morbius isn't out yet, the movie looks like crap.
And again, it's SONY PICTURES. If Amy Pascal is somehow involved, chances are it'll suck. But back to the original topic. He-Man has been delayed indefinitely.

What does this mean to the brand and Mattel?
Now the two cartoons will carry a lot of weight. He-Man add to an extent Mattel itself depend on them.  No pressure...

In a way I kind of understand Mattel cock-blocking Super 7... what I really don't understand is Mattel cock-blocking all the fans by "eliminating Classics". I'm pretty sure that fans would have bought classic characters based on the new He-Man series and She-Ra characters based on the new-look but in Classics style. The Origins line is not for everybody. Right now Mattel's only hope is that the origins line becomes a huge success with children.  because if the toy line fails bye-bye cartoons. As we saw in 2004 when the Mike Young Productions He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was cancelled.

Let's hope the Netflix rumor Rings true now because otherwise He-Man is in great Danger

Jan 24, 2020

Kojima's ego is getting far too big... even for Kojima standards

Now he wants to make Kojima Productions a Multimedia empire. The original article talked at first on Kojima's desire to not just make big games... translation: smaller, simpler games pay the bills that would allow Kojima to regurgitate his "genius" all over our consoles.

But to pay his bills, he wanta to branch out beyond games... or how his blind follower would put it: He's diversifying his creativity.

IT'S NO SECRET that he wants to be a Hollywood director. The whole making an anime series is a con to pad out his resume. Will he put all of his passion into it? I don't know...
His genius is akin to this:

And while making a string of homages to great movies works well for video games making a movie that references other movies is kinda like Family Guy... but without the humor. Also that's not mentioning the many times he oughta references himself and his past works.

But Kojima making an anime...
The Protagonist would be the related to the Antagonist. He'd probably have some sort of issue. Let's use depression, feelings of inadequacy just to have crippling impairment that will only be brought up at certain moments of the story. He'll be surrounded by a group of somewhat colorful characters that have a particular trait. Let's add some weird government conspiracy. Some weird genetic anomaly between the protagonist and maybe the protagonist's mom. The final episodes would be a huge Exposition dump with weird random visuals the protagonist ends up saving the world but at what cost...

 NOW I'm not sure if this is a Hideo Kojima game made into an anime or Neon Genesis Evangelion...
Did they already made Neon Genesis Evangelion so why would you want a Hideo Kojima copy of Evangelion when the original exists.

In any case we shall see...