Mar 23, 2017

Amy Schumer is no longer Barbie... YAY!!!

Celebrate good times, come on! What? It's known that I'm not a fan of the Schumer Barbie.
I mean, the woman is known for stealing other people's jokes... Not to mention how slutty she is.

But in any case this probably has NOTHING TO DO with Mattel's stock plummeting as Hasbro's is doing great. (Mostly due to the change of hands that the Disney License did from Mattel to Hasbro) and the Failure of Max Steel had nothing to do either.

Sure, Scheduling Conflicts... And I'm next in line to play the role of He-Man... Let's be honest here:
Amy Schumer's latest special has received a lot of bad reviews (and no, it's not just an "alt-right" attack.) There have been former fans of Schumer who have found her latest special not up to snuff.
So, she's not that Marketable anymore. Then we have Mattel not doing that well financially, that they can't afford ruining their Flagship Brand to a "SocJus" Experiment... Remember that BARBIE is the villain in the Schumer Barbie movie. Villanizing their own brand would yield no profit for Mattel.

Mar 22, 2017

Power Con Exclusives: the wallet rape is real...

Before anyone thinks that this is a negativity filled post, STFU! The title is a reference to the previous post about the Reveals AND that the Power Con stuff was going to be expensive...
2 3-Packs, smaller production run, Super7 being smaller than Matty...
Straight out of Val Staples' mouth... or fingers if we wanna
get Technical about it.
Here's the DL on the Power Con Exclusives.

The Important bit of info is this:
For ONE 3-pack, we're currently looking at $204.00 for everything (MAP, figure, shipping, fees, etc), which averages out $68.00 per figure.
But if you order one of EACH 3-pack (or two of one 3-pack), we're currently looking at $326.00 for everything, which averages out to around $55.00 per figure.
And the more you order, the more it continues to go down per figure. So if you compare to last year, even with the crazy cost of international shipping, the price has fallen per figure.

I kinda knew it would be expensive... What I didn't expect was that SOME OF THAT INCREASE involves using a fulfillment center to send the figures... (Hopefully it won't be as bad as Digital River) Apparently, Val hurt himself and can't pack the figures himself. No issue with that; I'm just explaining WHY he's using a fulfillment center now.

It's expensive... Well, that is if you're an International Fan... these prices are for the International Fans... Fans within the USA (and Hopefully Puerto Rico) will have lower prices... Especially for 6 figures where 3 are super mega ZZZ-Listers... This is going BEYOND THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL... The other 3 are mini comic variants... My fear is that Val ends up being stuck with tons of The Snakemen trio...

Speaking of the Trio... SOME of the nitpicks were fixed...

Whore Roar: is now Terroar... The Black Trap Jaw Parts got Silver Accents now... I kinda wish that they had gone with a Different Color... Patina Green with some rust accents would have been nice... The black hand is no longer black! YAY!
Hot Shot: Lost his name due to the HasBro... and he got SLL Armor in Mint Green...

Lord Gr'Asp: Has now a Yellow Pincer!

The mini Comic 3 Pack has no changes so far.

Depending on the Price of them to the US/PR I might try to get them both... If not, Mini Comic Variant would be the one I get... (Regret not getting Red Beastman now...)