Jun 18, 2018

Storm Collectibles REALLY wants to rape my wallet...

We knew he was coming, but SC dropped this pic on Facebook...
Holy $500 glasses that need to be broken, Batman!
But wait, there's more... SDCC is getting another ninja...
We know how this goes... Another Klone ninja review, but this one may have a bit more personality and not be Black Scorpion... also, behold the birth of the Mortal KOMBAAAAAAAAT!! Tag for the House of Rants.

Shao Kahn is coming soon... TBH, I'm hoping we can at least get through the kast of 1 and 2 with UMK3 being the Ultimate (pardon the pun) goal.

It came from the Toy Chest: I'm Birdman! No, not Harvey Birdman...

I am talking about Michael Keaton's Vulture... without a Michael Keaton head (which is like the biggest missing opportunity in the universe)
Adrian Toomes: High Flying founding member of the Sinister Six. Classic Spidey Villain (Cinematically speaking we're a Kraven and a Mysterio from having AN iteration of the Sinister Six founding members... Even if it took multiple Spider-men.)

Vulture's wingpack is articulated... taking it into consideration in addition to the figure's articulation as well. Vulture posseses normal ML articulation WITHOUT The wingpack. With it, he gains a few extra PoAs.
It's not prefect, but functional enough.

Paint and sculpt:
The figure LOOKS LIKE VULTURE wearing the helmet... shame we don't have a Keaton head... This is where fans do what the companies won't. Seen some Custom heads on the internet (likeness varies between customs)
Did I mention that his wingspan is huge?

The figure is impressive, but it needs a bit of an oomph...

Seeing that this wave is a massive dick move. You get a wingless Vulture and his wings are the BaF... you'd expect zero accessories... well you're wrong! And right at the same time?
Really, all he has is a flight syand that can hold the wingpack WHILE VULTURE IS GROUNDED...

Toomes gets a 3.67 as his final score. A better flight stand and a Keaton head would have knocked him out of the park... I can finally remove this guy from the list... one down a buttload of items to go... most of them Marvel Legends.