Jun 27, 2017

Ra's al Ghul will have some joy in referencing Batman now...

How does Ra's al Ghul refer to Bruce Wayne?
Detective... And what's the Least that Batman is in movies? I'll give you a hint... Detective...
So, the Director of The BATMAN is working on his movie with Captain Butt-Chin, former best friend of Matt Damon into making a more Noir Movie for Batman...

Sums up my reaction... and No, I will not talk about the rumor about the Directors of the Han Solo movie being fired for pretty much making Ace Ventura in space...

Back to Butt-Man...
A Detective Film Noir is something unexpected in the Superhero genre...

Having a movie where Brucie is forced to follow the trail of clues to find the supervillain is a stroke of genius...

Sure we've had a bit of CSI-ing in some of the Batman movies, but it's been kept to a minimum in order to move the plot forward.

It will have action, cause you don't bring Deathstroke if you're NOT having action... But now it will have film noir elements... Holy crap! This is shaping to be one of the best Superhero movies... Please DC/Warner don't screw this up!!

Why I believe the SNES will be the last of the "Classic mini Consoles"

It's rather obvious if you think about it... The Past two Classic Mini Consoles have been the NES and the SNES... The next one, IF it were to happen is a mini N64... we're entering the 3rd Dimension.


A lot of stuff with Rare, which is now owned by Microsoft... and one of those is a certain licensed game that WILL NOT MAKE the list...

Licensed games are a pain in the neck due to rights and stuff... No Star Wars, No Bond, No Superman64!! That last one was a joke... Laugh!
Speaking of Rare, Banjo, Conker, Perfect Dark, etc. are highly unlikely to make it...

We won't see M games in it, due to the lack of ANY Mortal Kombat or any other M game in the SNES Classic. So no MK Trilogy, or Resident Evil 2 on the theoretical N64 Classic.

Not to mention Game size... I mean the NES Classic had 30 games and most NES games are mostly a few kb in size... The SNES games are mostly about 1.5 to 4Mb in size and the console "can only handle" 21 games...

So, how many can it hold?
a PS1 game is about 600-ish Mb... The N64 max capacity is 64Mb. It really depends on what hardware Nintendo is using for these mini consoles. Wouldn't be surprised if the SNES Classic is using literally the same hardware as the NES Classic and they only switched the emulator and ROMs.

So, let's see now what a theoretical 10 game N64 Classic would look like:
Using only the TOP Games, No Licenses, No Rare Games and rated from K-A (the E back then) to T

-LoZ Ocarina of Time
-LoZ Majora's Mask
-Super Mario 64
-Mario Kart 64
-Super Smash Brothers
-Star Fox 64
-F-Zero X
-Paper Mario
-Pokémon Snap
-Mario Party

As you can see on this list: It's LITERALLY FIRST PARTY GAMES... This was when Nintendo began to slip from Number One Woohoo! to Second Place... Both the big N and SEGA were getting their asses kicked by the Playstation. The Nintendo 64 was "Rare's console" aside the Big N, rare was the only one who consistently delivered GOOD GAMES... don't get me wrong, those 10 are really good games, but celebrating the N64 WITHOUT Golden Eye or Perfect Dark, due to the Bond License issues feels wrong. No Shadows of the Empire, or any other game NOT Made by the Big N feels a bit wrong... (and yes, I'm still sour on the No Chrono Trigger thing on the SNES...)

Also, I don't see anyone else jumping on the Mini console Bandwagon... they just simply are releasing all their games on Mobile

Jun 26, 2017

SNES Classic is happening...

That was rather expected... $80 2 Controllers and 21 games... You have to beat Star Fox to unlock the Unreleased Star Fox 2.

I made a list of 31 games to add to the potential SNES Classic, let's see how I fared vs the Official Release. I hate sharing from Polygon as much as I hate Craptaku, but they have the Official List.

-Super Mario World (I had Chosen All-Stars + SMW)
-Super Mario Kart 
-Super Metroid
-Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past
-Super Punch-Out!!
-Street Fighter II Turbo (I had Chosen Super Street Fighter II)
-Kirby Superstar
-Super Mario RPG
-Final Fantasy III (VI in Japan)
-Contra III
-Castlevania IV
-Kirby's Dream Course
-Secret of Mana
-Donkey Kong Country (I eliminated DKC from my list due to Rare being involved with the game)
-Megaman X
-Yoshi's Island
-Super Ghouls n' Ghosts
-Star Fox
-Star Fox 2 (Unreleased)
OK, Star Fox 2 was really a Curve Ball. Kriby's Dream course? WHY!? I know it has decent scores on gaming sites, but Really? Kirby Superstar, I get, since it's like 8 games in one. But why choose the inferior SMW, when All-Stars + SMW would've been better. DKC was a surprise for me, but a welcome one.

Now there is a glaring omission on this list. This omission is UNFORGIVABLE...
This game is an amazing game. It's THE BEST SNES GAME MADE BY A THIRD PARTY... To this day, just listening to the main theme, I still get goosebumps...

I know this clip is from the PS1 Port, but it conveys a summary of the awesomeness that is Chrono Trigger.

Jun 24, 2017

Han Solo was saved from being a Comedy...

Yup, you read right... The Directors who left/were forced to leave, depends on who you ask... were making a Comedy out of the Han Solo movie. The dude Playing Han Solo complained about it to Lucasfilm and they went and replaced the director with

Yes, Little Ronny Howard is Directing...
Sure, he may have done The Grinch with Ace Ventura as the titular character, but he also did the Dan Brown movies with Forrest Gump playing Robert Langdon.

This inspires me some hope, if I'm allowed to be honest. This is one of the "anthology side stories" that I'm interested in seeing. Bobba Fett would be interesting. As much as I love big bad Daddy Vader, I think that we do not need ANOTHER movie of him... We already have 7 movies of Darth Vader. As long as we don't get Jar Jar: a Star Wars Story... I'm cool

My only issue is Star Wars oversaturation and fatigue, since we can now do "side stories" Heck we can even go to prequels BEYOND the prequels and telling stories from Knights of the Old Republic. No, it's not a reference to the PC game.

Jun 23, 2017

Maybe the 4th Time is the Charm?

20th Century Fox WILL NOT surrender the First Family to Marvel... You know...

Yo On an outer space adventure, dey gots hit by cosmic rays. da four would change forever in da most fantastic ways. nahh need ta fear dey're here! Just page da four, Fantastic Four! Ya' dig?

After the Enormous Success that was Fant4stic...

Fox decided that they WILL Try again...

This time, they're going to look at Disney's The Incredibles as a source.

Here's a novel idea: Look at the Classic Comics, and Fantastic Four Cartoons... Except the one where Johnny Storm looked like Benimaru Nikaido... Hell, The Roger Corman Movie is the most Fantastic Four, uh, actual Fantastic Four Movie ever made.

I have an issue with this statement:
Apparently this new take will focus on telling the story through the eyes of the children of Reed and Sue Richards, Franklin and Valeria Richards, but Human Torch and Thing will be present as well. 
Yeah, no... That would be way too Incredibles or even worse...

Spy Kids... and yes, That specific scene was chosen on purpose for obvious reasons.

It COULD be good if... wait... they have the writer for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, the Lego Batman movie, and Beetlejuice 2?
Oh, boy this seems like very hit or miss... Leaning too much towards comedy could make this the next

 I'm afraid, VERY afraid...

Jun 22, 2017

So, guess what SONY intends to do with Venom?

Right out of the bat they're gonna ruin Venom...

First Movie and they want to push Carnage into the scene...

I WATCHED Transformers 5 to erase the bad taste of this...

My first reaction was:

Sony's Spider-Verse can work well if done properly... You have Spidey, right, doing his hero thing... His sequel could involve Black Cat... Spidey could have the black suit on this movie and it ends on Eddie. Venom is born and they do their bad guy thing until they are arrested and eventually decide to become a Lethal Protector. Before fully committing to the Lethal Protector thing, Silver Sable and the Wild Pack could be on the hunt for Venom, who now is an anti-hero vigilante. the real villain is The Life Foundation, who happened to hire Sable to get Venom for them with plans to create a survivalist army of symbiotes. After the Wild Pack and Venom defeat the symbiote army is what gives Eddie the purpose to become a hero. Now the "Big Event" is Maximum Carnage, where Spidey, Venom, The Wild Pack, Black Cat, and hopefully a few cameos from the MCU (preferably CAP) have to battle the super deadly Carnage. BOOM!

Going Straight to Carnage cancels the possibility of sequels for Venom.

Jun 21, 2017

So, I saw the Last Knight...

I'm already hating myself for paying to watch a Bayformers movie at the Cinema... Supposedly, this was Bay's last movie, so as a Good Riddance to Michael Bay, I thought it was a good idea... I mean I saw The F8 of the Furious. OK, the budget cinema I went to didn't have The Mummy, so Instead I chose Bayformers 5 instead of watching WW a third time. Seems like the Universe doesn't want me to see Tom Cruise running from mummies. Won't do a play by play review because that would mean multiple viewings and once was more than enough... Did I mention spoilers, cause Spoilers ahead...

I missed out TWICE!! on the Fred Wolf Style TMNT By NECA... and other stuff

I understand the massive Cock-blocking by Playmates and all that, but seriously, the NECA Store, but seriously!?
If I'm logged on to PayPal 3 Minutes Before the sale time, it's meant to be so I can avoid any Logging on to PayPal issues. I go to the NECA Store. I click on the add to cart then to the check out... The Log in to Paypal window pops up and by the time it goes through to accept I had logged in, SOLD OUT!!

Sure, I have the Mirage Turtles that I repainted in Vintage Toy Colors, but THOSE WEREN'T MY TURTLES!! Mine were the Fred Wolf Cartoon Turtles and I never saw Playmates' take on them in my neck of the woods, and the Figuarts are expensive AF... This set, while a bit costly, had the turtles, Shredder, Krang, AND FOOT SOLDIERS!! but...

Now for some slightly more light-hearted news... Mattel will open the Vault and get rid of some old stuff...

It's nice that they're doing some clearing of stuff... For like the umpteenth time... They cleared stuff on Matty, the Mattel Shop, Gamestop and they STILL HAVE stuff for the Vault!?

 The One thing that bothers me is that damn Logo... I know that this may give some validity to Neitlich's bitching about me. But after 8 years of Mattel getting a bad name in the collector world, I DO SEE The Vault as a nice thing, but man, that Logo... The Graphic Designer who did it must have a twisted sense of humor or KNOW about how collectors see Mattel... Look at that Logo and tell me that it totally doesn't look like a Butt-plug... In fact I googled a picture of a Butt-plug to suprerimpose the Logo... I did resize it a bit in order to fit the proportions of the actual butt-plug... If I kept it in the proportions of the actual logo...

I KNOW it's kinda meant to be a shield but those wings atop the M  totally makes it look like a Butt-Plug.

Jun 20, 2017

The Wait for the Ultimate MOTUCs is making me a bit dull...

This isn't really a complaint. but aside Horde Trooper(s) the wait for MOTUC something is kinda killing me... I mean I BOUGHT ON EBAY A Loyal Subjects Teela from the Target Wave just to HAVE A TEELA... and because there are no Targets in PR... Theoretically speaking, the Figures should begin to ship in 10-11 days. Then I'll get my four, they'll come out of the Toy Chest and Silence for a few months... It doesn't help that there aren't that many games to draw my attention and distract myself while waiting...
Oh yeah! Tappers of Grayskull has a She-Ra mode... That I can't play since I changed phones and I previously had deleted the game...

Roughly two weeks to FINALLY see what Super7 is cooking...

In two weeks we shall see what Super7 is truly capable of... Will it be the final blow to my Arch Enemy? or will he be Vindicated? Time will tell, but really, I need something to rant about... Otherwise I'll become dull...

Jun 19, 2017

Odds and ends: DC Weird things or something... and other stuff

Jaden Smith made a new video... Directed by Rrrrrrrrrrrrrico from Hannah Montana... Wait... Did I just pull off a Hannah Montana Reference?
I'm so sorry... If I were DC and Warner Bros. I'd sue the hell out of the Pinkett Smith clan.

Clickbaity Clickbait is Clickbaity...
So, Gal Gadot is earning $300K for WW... and Clickbaity article is claiming sexism cause...

and a 'Nita reference!? Better make a Mattycollector reference to have the irrelevant trifecta~

Gal Gadot initially signed on for three movies, which have already been covered by Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman, and the upcoming Justice League. She revealed in 2014 that she was paid $300,000 per film, a figure that isn’t wholly unusual for superhero blockbusters. Chris Evans earned $300,000 for Captain America, and Deadline reported in 2013 that some of the Avengers earned $200,000 for The Avengers due to their multi-picture contracts. Meanwhile, Robert Downey Jr. leveraged his star power to the tune of $50 million.
Despite those examples from Marvel Studios (which is famously draconian about its actors’ contracts), this situation carries a whiff of Hollywood’s gender pay gap. Why? Because according to Forbes, Henry Cavill earned a sweet $14 million for Man of Steel, including box office bonuses. As he pointed out last year, “I’m not just doing this for the art.”
No, just don't... It's NOT gender pay gap... Your Marvel comparison shows the real reason...
OK, so Chris Evans, whose IMDB Page  has him in 27 gigs BEFORE being Captain America and 2 of those are The second cinematic attempt at Fantastic Four. All that still netted him $300K for Cap.
vs Robert Downey Jr. with 65 gigs BEFORE being Ironman on his IMDB page... So, RDJ had WAY MORE STAR POWER right out of the bat than Chris Evans.

If we do the same thing with Gal Gadot and Henry Cavill we can see that he has a bit more than Gadot.
Cavill's resume... from IMDB 15 roles before Becoming The man of Stool... One of them was in the highly acclaimed series: The Tudors.

Meanwhile, Gal Gadot has 13 gigs before Becoming Wonder Woman according to IMDB. 4 of those were on Israel, so not that accessible to American audiences and if dubbed, Gadot's acting range wouldn't be fully seen. 4 of the other gigs were playing Generic Eye Candy on Vin Diesel's Carvengers movies...

Which Everyone saw for the action and they cared about Dominic, Brian and Letty. (played by Michelle Rodriguez)

Not to mention that Cavill also had 12 years of acting experience on his belt compared to Gal Gadot's 9. Cavill had a LOT more Leverage compared to Gal Gadot. NOW that she has Wonder Woman as a notch on her belt, she has MORE LEVERAGE when negotiating for film roles.

While Hollywood CAN BE super sexist (casting couch IS real) trying to pin sexism to Gadot's lower pay is a load of crap.

Carrie Fisher's toxicology report was released... It ain't pretty. She had an issue with drug addiction and struggled through her life with it. I will not make any jokes, or snarky remarks here... just letting you know that it was released.

Jun 18, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest: Ni Hao Ranma!! again

It's been ages since I've seen this...
I know I made the Shampoo Review a while back... This time It's for a toy that COULD, theoretically speaking be used as an accessory for Shampoo... It's a Tech Deck BMX.

But Nefty, that's not accurate to Shampoo's bike?

I KNOW, but they had it for cheap and why the heck not? I men, the Tech Deck Boards and other Generic Finger Boards worked Wonderfully with My NECA TMNT... So, why not try a Bike for Shampoo? I know it won't work with ML, WWE, MOTUC because those figures are too darn big.

So, here's the deal... DON'T Buy it... It doesn't work. I has to do some Camera magic to make it kinda work, but Shampoo's too big for the bike...

Heck, even Young Link is too big for the bike...

The bike is obviously too big for the Joes and I don't have any Joe Scale figures available to measure it.

I mean it kinda works as a bike, but not as a prop for action figures like the skateboards.

The only thing they are useful for is their intended purpose, to look like a massive douche at a table pulling off tricks on a bike, because you suck far too much ass to do it on the real deal... Leave the bike tricks to the experts or to videogames. At least I can buy the Skateboards to use as props for figures... Also, that's not me on the video...

SONY saw the light!!

This is the only intelligent thing I've kinda read about Amy Pascal... (who is in my facepalm worthy dumbasses list... She ranks a lot higher than a certain self-proclaimed spiritual guide of playthings... that I just love to mention since he loves/hates the attention I give him.)
but back to the main topic at hand.
In relation to Spider-Man and Venom this is what Pascal said:

Both movies will now take place in the world that we are creating for Peter Parker.Pascal explained. “They’ll be adjuncts to it, they may be different locations, but it will still all be in the same world. And they will be connected to each other as well.”
 I'm taking this with a grain of salt... This IS Amy Pascal after all... The Genius behind Paul Feig's Ghostbusters and the removal of Ivan Reitman from the production of that movie...
Also, this is SONY...

Did I mention Topher Grace Venom? Sony gave us that... Now it's Bane Venom, but if Van Wilder worked for Deadpool, maybe Facehugger Jockstrap with a funny voice can work for Venom...

But IF Spider-Man IS STILL PART of Venom's Origin, that's a good thing. We don't truly NEED a LOT of involvement FROM Spidey for a Venom Movie. Just having Spidey as part of the Origin AND maybe some intervention at the end... Of course the sequel should be rather obvious...

Jun 17, 2017

15 things that "Should be cut from FFVIIR?" Really?

Somebody at Screenrant is bitching about Final Fantasy VII Remake... Here's my reaction to that list:

15: Genesis
I know Genesis is FAR from perfect, but the reasons given are rather lame:
"I don't like him so take him out!" is pretty much what this person is saying. Thing is that Crisis Core embedded Genesis into the events "5 years ago". He's also at the end of Dirge of Cerberus, so he's Kind of around. Not to mention that he lends himself to another NEW side quest.

14: The Optional status of Vincent and Yuffie.

No, God please, no...
The idea of having Optional characters is that They're OPTIONAL... If I wanna get Yuffie BEFORE leaving to Junon is MY prerogative. If I wanna wait until "Disc 3" to get both of them is MY prerogative. In each instance I play the game I don't always get them at the same point. Sometimes I wait until Disc 2 or 3 to get them. What Squaenix should allow is for them to have scenes within the game IF they're available as characters... Like say: you have Yuffie with you by the time you meet Jenova for the first time (I'm betting my ass that this time THAT will be a cutscene.) If Yuffie is in your party, then she should have a reaction to that.

Heck! Maybe they should have different reactions depending on WHICH game you pick them up...
Like say on FFVIIR-3 when Cloud and the Team decide to fight Sephiroth at last, Yuffie *(or Vincent) could comment on their reasons to fight... Let's use Yuffie as an example.
you pick her on game 1 (assuming Game 1 = PS1 Disc 1) and she remarks about Aerith being one of her reasons to fight or something.
If you pick her on game 2, her dialog is related to the summoning of the Meteor threatened Wutai and her duty as the Single White Rose of Wutai is to stop him.
If you pick her on game 3 she could act a bit of a Sephiroth fangirl (he's super kawaii aside for the whole killing everyone for Mommy thing) before deciding to destroy him due to his wicked ways.
Vincent can comment on Hojo, Lucrecia, and his failure depending on the game that Vinny joins. I know it's more work, but it would be well worth it... Better than being forced to get Yuffie at a point you normally DON'T Get her, like say on the way to Cosmo Canyon from Gongaga. Or getting Vincent of "Disc 2" when you usually get him on "Disc 1".

13: Wutai:

Bitching about one of the most annoying sidequests makes sense... Sure, it puts the breaks on the game and ramps up the difficulty artificially, like BotW's Eventide Island, buuuut... If Yuffie were Mandatory as suggested in point 14, THIS is where she would be made available. But really whining about a somewhat challenging quest? I find the WEAPON  battles more annoying. This is starting to sound like: "This is too hard, change it!"

12: The Pleasant Planet 
DO YOU EVEN FINAL FANTASY VII: OK, so Kalm was rather Calm... (Before Crisis shows a darker side to Kalm) Fort Condor shows a messed up side of Shinra trying to destroy the nearly extinct Condor because it roosted atop the reactor. Junon shows how the people in the lower part of town are in far worse shape than the town up above... Like a Midgar Jr. the two Corels... (The Original Corel is the Gold Saucer Prison while New Corel is that junky slum at the foot of the Tram to Gold Saucer. Then we have FREAKING GONGAGA!! and Nibelheim...

11: Schizo:
OK, so what's the whining now? a Not so difficult boss battle? The heck!? Because it's a Random Creature and not a Shinra this, or a Jenova that? So, climbing a cave that practically no one has entered in ages can't have a big assed monster living in it? Really? No...

10: Supernova animation:
How about this for an option: Skip button... I mean the FFXV Summons have it, I think Sephy could have it as well... But EVERYONE in their right minds wants to see an updated version of Supernova...

9: Hojo's Bizarre Adventure:

Just for the pun...
The idea is to show how AMORAL Hojo is. I mean the guy experimented with his unborn son... (I wanna believe that he raped Lucrecia, because it fits Hojo's amoral character) Having him attempt to "produce a suitable Cetra hybrid" by having a Lion/dog thing rape Aerith is a very blatant way to show his lack of morals... not to mention that inter species breeding of incompatible creatures like a human and a Lion/dog creature wouldn't have worked AT ALL!

8: The Placement of the Snowboard game:
Really? He's going to bitch about the Snowboard game? Let me guess? Aerith's death being too important and it's jarring to have a Snowboarding mini game so close? I mean it's not like we had an over the Top Death a little while before Aerith when Cait Sith made a Dramatic Heroic Sacrifice shortly before Aerith kicked the bucket... FFVII is prone to do that. They hit you with grimdark just to flip around and give you something crazy, over the top and ridiculous... I swear if Cloud in drag makes this list, this douche deserves a Fisto Bangkok...

7: Chocobo Breeding:

Are you trying to suck the fun out of the game? Experimenting with Chocobos was half the fun. Sure the Zeio Nut was a bit hard to find, but if one was looking for Enemy Skills, then hunting Goblins would yield some.

6: The Hidden Secret Cinema:
So, the reward for venturing somewhere you would normally NOT return to after getting Vincent on "disc 1" but instead make it MANDATORY!? This is starting to sound like this dude is lazy as heck...
The Revised Edition might give you some Genesis... Be careful what you wish for... I think this should be expanded upon and have Cloud, after he becomes whole again to react to Nibelheim AND the Shinra Mansion to unlock the quest for memories, riding all the way to The spot near Midgar where Zack took his last stand.

5: Carry Armor:
Many fans want it out? Dude, stop lying so much... YOU WANT IT OUT BECAUSE YOU ARE A WHINY LITTLE BITCH! "You have to win the battle with one party member?" Bitch, do you even Ruby WEAPON?

4: Hojo's Beach Party: 
The fact that Hojo takes enough time to act like a perverted old man at the beach with all those girls keeps us trying to figure out what the hell is going on... This is one of those Levity moments in contrast to when we meet Hojo earlier and he was trying to play God by mating a Lion/dog thing with a woman. the Cringeworthy lines with VA will make this scene more bizarre and funny.

3: The Terrible ending:
Bitch do you even FFVII?

0:48 mark... Bugenhagen says:
"Meteor, Weapon, everything will disappear.  Perhaps even ourselves." The Ending was reflecting on those lines... We see the moment Holy tries to stop Meteor and fails, but Aerith comes to the rescue with the Lifestream... Then 500 years later, Nanaki takes his nanakids to see Midgar. Later on the events of AC and DoC were added, but if an ending is added it would have to be Post DoC and that may feature your 15th point, you moron!

2: The Slapfight:
Again, this is another quirky element to contrast the Heavy nature of events. Weapon attacked Junon, AVALANCHE is trying to escape via unconventional means. Tifa somehow managed to escape execution and is stopped from completely escaping by the Head of Weapons Development of Shinra. Now taking a page out of a Telenovela, they duke it out. Instead of a traditional boss fight we get something different.

1: Cait Sith's Scottish Accent:

Final Fantasy is KNOWN for taking names from cryptozoological beings, or Mythological...
In this case Celtic Mythology... Where are the Celts from? Exactly...

TL;DR version... The writer at Screenrant sucks... Hates all the quirky elements in FFVII (Surprised that Cloud in Drag and the implied rape didn't trigger him) and hates battles that force him to think.

Jun 16, 2017

Remember when Konami was a good thing?

But it seems that Konami's pissed that they are #10 in The Top Tens, uh Top ten worst gaming companies? Remember how they banned Hideo from getting his award for A Hideo Kojima game... Or how they put employees to work as janitors as punishment... Well, Konami has gone to the next level of dickery:
Blacklisting Ex Employees to the point that their Health care is denied.
That's like a Super Saiyajin God tier dick move.
Paired with not being able to use their years at Konami in their resumé...

-It seems that you have a 10 year gap between jobs. Care to explain...
-Yeah, about that I can't say WHERE I was working.

That's a massive dick move. If any media asks for interview, the big bad Konami will sue their asses.

This could scare potential new employees, as well as punishing those who went with Hideo...
Konami is starting to sound very Italian American Stereotype from about a hundred years ago.

Also, the Bastard offspring of MGSV is coming in 2018... Kuck Fonami...

Jun 15, 2017

BTW Pretty much everything has been delayed... PS4's 2017 looks very crappy...

I mentioned a while back that Red Dead was delayed to 2018. FFVII Remake has been delayed to god knows when. Kingdom Hearts 3...

You get the idea. Oh yeah! Spider-Man

Delayed until 2018...

Delayed as well...

Are we getting Anything!? A Dissidia game? Eh...
MVC4 is still slated for the September 19 release...
I'm not falling for a Nintendo Switch, so there's pretty much nothing for me in current era gaming until Next year... Should I revisit a few PS1 Era games?

Is it me or is everything being super delayed... Don't mention vs 13...
Getting back at videogames and now they're making me quit... WTF!?

Jun 10, 2017

The Late on Purpose Review of Wonder Woman

The review was written on June 1st, but for spoiler reasons, held back until today.
There will be spoilers for Wonder Woman...
right after the Jump!

Quahog has lost their mayor...

Adam West has passed away after a short battle with leukemia.
What can I say about Adam West?
We all Batknow him because of his Batrole on a certain BatTVshow where he played Batmillionaire Bruce Wayne who was also

Since we're talking Batman... Spike, Roll the clips!

But Adam West became quite popular in animated shows by playing a parody of himself...

Seriously bummed about this bit of news... hopefully, Mr. West rode the Batpole one last time to the Batheaven.

Jun 9, 2017


Thundercats will be incomplete! Mattel's a bag of dicks!
Warner Brothers also sucks! Who'll be blamed by Scott?
Buncha Buncha Buncha  Buncha Douche!
Bucha Buncha Buncha Buncha Douche!

We have the terrible bit of news that Thundercats will not receive the Classicized Treatment by Super7... WB said no...

Not cool, Flynn... That douchy move is almost Neitlichian.
Sadly, Mr. Flynn's reaction to that seems almost like some sort of mockery...

In any case, Warner Brothers seems to have given the Master License to The Loyal Subjects who are currently high on my bitch list because they're trying to OutNECA NECA with their piss poor QC and unhealthy obsession with releasing the same 5 figures in different repaints.

Seriously, Mattel could've EASILY finished the Core Cats and Mumm-Ra as a final thank you for supporting the sub and pulled a NECA by having an Online Only Final Offering of Cheetara, Mumm-Ra the Everliving and Tygra.

But for a more positive bit of news...
The Return of Faker preview is here!! Enjoy!

Jun 7, 2017

It Came From the Toy Chest: White Power

Oh, come on! I've been doing the WHITE POWER... Ranger joke for ages. I often post the White Power... Ranger song. Me NOT DOING IT when Reviewing the WHITE POWER... Ranger would be a disservice to the already beaten up dead horse that is this joke.

So, White Ranger... He's the Green Ranger after he lost his power to a Candle... Zordon made a new Power Coin to use footage from a Sentai Series that wasn't adapted to Murica...

and here's the original unaltered version of WHITE ranger tiger POWER...

and as you can hear the original, you can see how easy it is to pervert...
Two Tommys made Kimberly way too happy...

Now let's get to the Ratings Part:

Same issues as Green Ranger... I think they share Torsos, but the Black and Gold Armor Limits the Arms range of movement.
White has a Hinged Neck on a swiveling head. no ball joint here, apparently. Double joint elbows and knees, ball joint shoulder with bicep swivel. a pseudo Revolver joint on the wrists. (changing hands scares me a bit here as well.) Ab Crunch, waist swivel, ball jointed thighs and a rotating thigh... Kinda like the Toybiz ML Black Widow thighs. Boot cut and that strange ball jointed ankles that newer Hasbro Marvel Legends Figures have.
JDF is ready to face "The Punisher"

Paint and Sculpt:
There are a Lot of new pieces here: Especially the arms, belt, head, and boots... Heck, Even the shoulders are lacking the Mighty Morphin Shoulder pads. There are no issues with the paintjob.


Don't worry Saba. Kimberly is my beard.
I only love you!
Here is where Tommy falls flat... Green Tommy had 2 sets of hands, the sword of darkness AND The Dragon dagger... White Tommy only has Saba. No Megazord pieces, no Tiger Zord, nothing!!


 White Tommy gets a 3.5 as his final score. Bandai got a bit lazy here... Freaking Tommy HAS VIRTUALLY NOTHING... You shouldn't swap hands with other rangers because his pegs are slightly incompatible with past figures. He feels like a huge rip-off, but Tommy Oliver... I'm done with this line... Unless we get a Lord Zedd, Goldar and Rita, that is...
Not interested in reissues with weapons.
Aside a Black Dino Thunder Ranger, Bandai of America has nothing
that interests me on their Legacy Power Rangers line...

Jun 6, 2017

Anime getting Live Action Remake...

I think it's time to blow this scene! Get everybody and their stuff together... OK, three, two, one, let's jam!

Yes, Cowboy Bebop is getting a Live Action Adaptation...
Cue the first reaction!

Why are we so apprehensive about this at the House of Rants?

or that the guy who wrote MAX Steel is working on this?

I mean, I remember when Spike Spiegel was supposed to be:

Now, here's the thing: This HAS THE POTENTIAL TO NOT SUCK. It's a series, not a movie, which allows to the characters to be fleshed out. In the right hands we could have something as beautiful as the anime... I'm just leery because past adaptations to other anime... I hope it doesn't suck...

In any case... See you, (Live Action) Space Cowboy...

Possible new She-Ra Animated series coming... No He-Man in sight...

Spike!! Roll the clip!!

I thought this project had died... This was the reason She-Ra stuff was unavailable to Super7 for a while... If this project is a go, then POP fans are screwed out of MOTUC/Club Grayskull POP...

If this project is a go... I know I said it already, but to emphasize... Spike! Roll the Reaction clip!

This scares me a lot... not only because of the toys but the lack of He-Man and making She-Ra be completely independent from MOTU...
As a fan of both MOTU and POP, separating both branches is a horrible idea. Especially if the rock Band idea is still floating around idiots' heads...

I am Adora, He-Man's Twin Sister... Literally, the first words from the intro. To have She-Ra, you NEED He-Man! I'm not saying that He-Man NEEDS to be in every episode, but that Princess of Power is KEPT as part of the MOTU Mythos. (Like the original show did)

About this young lady, I've got nothing... All I know is that she played Lucinda on Sofia the First...

Part of me wants a She-Ra show, but a stronger part of me fears it... Let's wait and see how this develops...

Jun 5, 2017

It Came from the toy chest: CAWs are no longer exclusive to videogames pt.4

Roman Reigns is here with his Special Ops set...
Which is Basically Roman Reigns in Futuristic Riot gear with alternative Cybernetic Arms and a gas mask and Helmet...

Literally the same as past Caws.
Right out of the bat I must point out that THESE FIGURES have a LOT LESS Articulation than the elite Figures. No thigh cut, ab crunch, single joint knee, no bicep cut... They're like the Basic figures for kids. but semi modular parts.
3.0 They are great for standing around, but these ain't WWE Elite figures, so poses are limited...

Paint and Sculpt:
It's odd, but Roman Reigns doesn't suffer as much from missing paint applications... Maybe the cyber arms being molded gray without a silver wash can be mildly offensive, but he has plenty of silver accents to break down the green. As with other figures, the sculpt is functional, but not amazing. He doesn't look a lot like Reigns to me... He Kinda does, but is not as recognizable as say, Stone Cold.

Tattoo sheet
Stun rod
Extra Cyber Arms
Extra Gas Mask wearing head
5.0 for Reigns here... It's rather obvious that he's a deluxe figure and here he shines...

Roman Reigns gets a 3.83 as his final score. He's not that bad... It's just that he's Roman Reigns...
Also, ML Warlock arms seem to fit the Caws...

Jun 4, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest: Asian Yellow Ranger Is Racist

We all know Zordon is racist... Making the Black Ranger Black and the Yellow Ranger Asian, but let's talk Trini or Aisha, which depends on Which Tommy you use for your set.

Yellow Ranger, After the Sabretooth Tiger, one of the Two original Rangers NOT Having a Dinosaur as their "Spirit animal"... There's not much I can say about the Yellow Ranger aside that she helps complete Megazord...

Let's get to the ratings part shall we?

Yellow has a Hinged Neck on a swiveling head. no ball joint here, apparently. Double joint elbows and knees, ball joint shoulder with bicep swivel. a pseudo Revolver joint on the wrists. (Theoretically speaking, changing hands scares me a lot more than the male figures here.) Ab joint is different to the males. Instead of the ab-crunch she has a ball joint, waist swivel, ball jointed thighs and a rotating thigh...Totally like the DCUC thighs. Boot cut and that strange ball jointed ankles that newer Hasbro ML have. Unlike Pink, Yellow has no skirt, but that's because the Japanese Yellow Ranger was a man. But since these are American toys by Bandai America, she gets the female torso.

Paint and Sculpt:

The Sculpt, aside the head and crotch is virtually the same as Pink. Pretty much the same thing I said about Pink AND the male MMPR figures applies here. The bigger boobs (with incredibly tight fitting outfit that separates each boob properly) and shoulder pads throw off the design. UNLIKE PINK, her belt is in the appropriate White Color.


Here is where these figures always fail. Useless Megazord part and the standard blade blaster to put in the holster. No extra hands, or weapons... Rumor has it that these guys will be rereleased with their weapons...


Yellow gets a 4.0 as her final score... Slightly better than Pink, due to the Belt being the correct color.
Now I have a Complete Megazord... Without his Sword, because the geniuses at Bandai thought that making a Translucent Jason or Rocky for SDCC was the perfect way to get the sword... The problem with the line is All these Megazords and NO Monsters for them to fight... I Kinda wish we had gotten extra hands, their power weapons, or even second unhelmeted heads...

Still trying to figure out Which Tommy I'll display...
Yes, I have both Tommys... He will come out the toy chest soon!

Jun 3, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest: CAWs are no longer exclusive to videogames pt.3

What? Yeah, I ran out of CaW themes... By the time of Here Comes the pain, they just cycled through themes...

It's either that or make a Fred Durst reference from Just Bring it!

but yeah, let's talk the somewhat MOTU-ized Stone Cold Steve Austin... So much leather... He looks more like an Outlaw Rio Blast would be chasing down the Starband. Also, I see a little Mr. Slave in the look that Stone Cold has...

Literally the same as past Caws.
Right out of the bat I must point out that THESE FIGURES have a LOT LESS Articulation than the elite Figures. No thigh cut, ab crunch, single joint knee, no bicep cut... They're like the Basic figures for kids. but semi modular parts.
3.0 They are great for standing around, but these ain't WWE Elite figures, so poses are limited...

Paint and Sculpt:
Same issues that plague other figures plague the Texas Rattlesnake. Lack of paint here is not as offensive as other figures, but there are plenty of parts that are obviously missing paint. The Sculpt is OK-ish with the parts needing to be accurate doing a functional job. Not perfect but passable.

Decal sheet, chained hook weapon, vest. 3.0 Like Sheamus, Stone Cold is a basic figure so he has less stuff by default.

SCSA gets a 3.33 as his final score. I blame the less than stellar articulation and lack of paint applications on the figure. With some parts from the Rocker Set (would need to get 2 of that one) I could make a Custom Skeleteen with that figure and Stone Cold...(Not a 100% accurate Skeleteen though...)

Jun 2, 2017

Fidget Spinners: the rant.

The latest craze: Fidget Spinners... Everyone needs to have one...

Here's the thing... They are kinda NOT MEANT FOR EVERYONE... These are meant to be for people with anxiety, or who are prone to have a lot of nervous energy. You know, the kind of people who often click their pens when they're nervous/bored/stressed, etc. THEY are the ones who NEED a fidget spinner.
I tend to be a bit fidgety and I'm not a fidget spinner owner, yet. (and probably never will... I'm more of a Fidget Cube kind of guy.) but crap like this is what ruins the Fidget Spinner for people who need it.

This turns it into a "toy", which makes it a no-no at school and certain workplaces. The idea is to spin it with one hand as a background action, while you focus on a more important action. This kind of usage, I'm OK with... doing juggling tricks with it, nope! It ruins it for those who need the energy output to focus in more important matters. In part that's why I'm more partial towards the cube.

Jun 1, 2017

Wait... A Saint Seiya Movie is happening?

Hit it Spike!

Saint Seiya is getting a Live Action movie. 
There seems to be an American movie company working with Toei Animation and ARGF.
It'll be directed by  Tomasz Bagiński and Saint Seiya's creator gave it the OK...

The cast will be international... Good...
Jake T. Austin is supposed to beSeiya...
Alex Pettyfer would be Hyoga
Remy Hii would be Shiro
Godfrey Gao would be Ikki
Mackenyu Maeda would be Shun

You can see why I would be very cautious about this... I have hope, but I'll err on the side of caution.

Not Marty McFly got a ticket for Speeding on a DeLorean...

And yes, he took it to 88MPH...

and here's the serious... Stuff he saw...

Let's face it... Pretty much EVERYONE who has seen BTTF WANTS to take a DeLorean on a spin and reach 88MPH. doesn't matter how slow the car is, you KNOW you wanna hit 88MPH and you know the rest. But he was unlucky enough that he was stopped by a police officer. Can't blame the officer, for the guy was speeding, but at the same time, 88MPH, on a DeLorean...
That's like wanting to ride a TransAm on a purple tinted desert.
Maybe a little Huey Lewis could've helped the guy avoid a ticket...