Mar 24, 2019

Dora Croft is real...

I can't believe that I'm saying this but I want to see the Dora the Explorer movie.

Little Dora is a mini Lara now...
Also, Boots is none other than Machete...
Dora: Benicio stop swiping, Benicio stop swiping, Benicio stop swiping!!
Boots: Chinga a tu madre, puto zorro!
Swiper: What the hell?

Also, Luis is in this... yes, that Luis, Ant-Man's friend with the stories... but Danny Trejo is freaking Boots...

Veganism: The rant...

No, I'm not going vegan, but lately I've been trying to reduce my meat consumption, even if my motives aren't exactly Noble...

By that you're probably thinking:
"Nefty is pretending to be Vegan in order to get into some girl's pants."

You'd be partially correct in your assumption. There is a girl. Yes, I'm trying to ensure that this relationship becomes something serious. And yes, I want to get in her pants, but that is not the point. The point is that I'm not Jason Momoa or Channing Tatum... so, I have a disadvantage in the looks department... Luckily, my dorkiness and social awkwardness are endearing to her.
But the problems lie at times where we have to eat.

I love meat. It's flavor, texture, aroma. Sometimes I don't even use salt and pepper, just meat and flames... as in an actual fire and small meat cubes getting the outside seared and the insides juicy pink. Sometimes I use 3 skewers at the same time while cooking and end my sentences with: bub!

But for the sake of not making her feel awkward, because I know that she's a bit uncomfortable when having her veggie burger, I'm eating a real burger with cheese and bacon... like it happened on our first date... So I'm trying to go for meatless alternatives a bit more often. She says she's OK with me eating meat... I only need to brush my teeth and rinse twice before any kissing. So, not exactly OK. I mean she's NOT preaching me the whole "Go Vegan save the world"dogma. She simply doesn't like the taste of meat and she's not trying to "convert people". But she has friends that are Vegan and as an omnivore with a predilection for meat and dairy, I don't want to put her in an awkward situation with her friends.

Sure, there might be some slight interests in improving my nutrient intake, but it's mostly for a girl... this time.

I have dabbled in attempts to go vegetarian before. The first time was when Mom was following a fad. Everyone at home was forced to become vegetarian cold turkey...

She lasted a week. We all developed a slught aversion to soy AS a ground beed substitute

The second time was in college, but the same two problems that plagued Mom the first time reared theor head once more:
Affordability and Taste.
4 Veggie patties cost almost the same as getting a pack of  6-8 pre-made beef patties.
And let's be real... no veggie burger can co pare to a true burger...
Enter  Impossible burger comments.
I can only get those from Dave & Busters... I just found out we have one of those that serves impossible burgers.

So far  only meatless substitute *I * find passable is facon. It doesn't taste like bacon, but the taste is enjoyable. I orefer it on salads over real bacon... the worst? Milk substitutes. Nut juice isn't milk. I find it horrible to drink on its own and with cereal... blegh!

So, yeah... TASTE is an important factor. If you're going to eat it, you might as well enjoy it... For people who enjoy the flavor of meat, attempting to reduce their meat intake with vegan friendly alternatives is a bit harder.

The second one is cost. IF tasty vegan alternative foods were cheaper than actual meat, I'd buy more of it due to cost effectiveness, but so far, it isn't.
I tried the Watermelon steak and no. It's not an acceptable substitute to steak... but cayenne rubbed watermelon  slabs are to die for!

Lentils, chick peas, and beans are a "no go" for me. I'm Puerto Rican... I practically  eat these nearly every day with rice. And when you're 30 minuted watching netflix and chill then you give her that look... no, not the let's pork look... the I just ripped the nastiest fart in the universe and it didn't make a sound... Now I got a pillow to the face and a look of absolute disgust... beans, beans, the musical fruit and all that. There is still a lot of stuff that I have to try, but the main factors are taste and cost... the third factor is ease of preparation.

I can make a meatless risotto that is decent, but risotto requires a lot of attention and is nit cost effective. A couple of dishes I've seen require risotto levels of attention and being brutally honest, I'm a bit lazy in the kitchen... Sure there are days I can spend 6 hiurs preparing a sauce and making a damn good home cooked meal. But mist of the time it's something like this:
Eggo + toaster... once it's  warm, syrup... the end.

But Veganism's biggest enemy is Vegans themselves... not all vegans mind you, but you know which Vegans I'm talking about. The ones that made the stereotype a thing.
I KNOW that there are certain advantages in eating more vegan dishes. BUT the militant approach creates resistance. The dogmatic approach of become vegan or you're literally Hitler will make more people say "Seen Kyle" than " holy crap, you're right!"

I'M trying to reduce my meat consumption BECAUSE of a person I care about. She didn't try to actively "convert me." *I* am choosing to not eat as much meat, so when I'm with her, I can eat and/or cook meat and dairy free stuff. A little compromise for the sake of the relationship. I may fully quit meat in the future, but the future is not set, so we'll have to wait and see. Had she been all militant, I would've lost all interest in her and not be interested in trying a more vegetarian approach to my life.

Sharing recipes of great teasting vegan meals yields better results than calling people murderers, rapists, etc. Seriously, stop validating the stereotype.

Mar 23, 2019

With the X-Men home, who should be MCU-ized?

If I wanted to go the short route, you akready know the answer...

If we start with the Original 5 (Angel, Beast, Iceman, Marvel Girl, Penis) then, we'd need something that calls back to the original costumes. But at the same time pop, because we don't want the Singer biker suits again.

For Cyclops the inspiration for his costumes should be the X-Factor blue and white costume, the Jim Lee Costume, and the Astonishing costume.
I see him starting with a yellow and blue outfit based of the blue and white costume, which would be the base design for the OG5. (Minor alterations for each member) like say, Cyclops having the outfit in Blue and gold with a red trim on the X. Once graduated, Cyclops's outdit should be the Astonishing suit, minus the skull cap, with the Jim lee Belts and bomber jacket.

For Iceman his "first class outfit" is similar to Cyclops, but instead of blue and gold it's blue and silver with gold trim on the X. Very important:
No skull cap. Once he graduates, he forgoes the uniform and uses whatever he's wearing, seeing his ice armor covers his body... but for the mandatory Suited up X-Men scene, he'd wear basically a wetsuit similar to his first class outfit... and a pink Hawaiian shirt unbuttoned, because screw the rules.

For Angel, his outfit would be light grey (closer to white) with the blue X and gold trim.  His outdit has a half face mask with a golden trim on top. (The "halo")
 Once he graduates, he uses the iconic red and white outfit. No skull cap.

Beast gets an outfit similar to Cyclops, but in blue with black on the X and gold trim. The only huge difference would be the black Wrestling trunks on the outfit. And that the suit would look tattered at the forearms and shins.
Once graduated (and furry) Beast uses a blue and black Wrestling singlet and a lab coat. (I want to go full trunks, but this is a little compromise with the FX people.

Marvel Girl gets the same outfit in green, Gold and blue trim. Once she graduates, she gets the Jim Lee Costume, but some of the piping on the costume has subtle references to the Phoenix suit.

If we were to go with a more modern roster, skip the first class suits, and go for the graduate suits.

If we were to add Wolverine a more "Military" version of his outfit could work... maybe taking elements of the tan and Astonishing outfit.  Mask is OBLIGATORY. Can be justified by claiming it has retractable lenses to protect his more sensitive eyes and ears from things like Flashbangs. Also has a built in comm that works at frequencies too high for normal humans, but Logan can pick them up.

If we were to add Storm, well... Jim Lee Costume with some piping that makes reference to her black and gold outfit from the 70s.

Civilian clothes... yellow jacket and shorts... nothing else is needed.

Gambit: trenchcoat is obligatory. And approximating the Jim Lee Costume is a must.

Rogue would be a tough one... and the outfit choice would depend on whether they do Carol or not.
If Rogue starts in the Brotherhood, then civilian clothes reminiscent of her 81 suit. If she absorbs Carol, then a Cap'n Meh Vel-ized Jim Lee Rogue Costume. If she obtains her flight and strength from someone else, then the Red and blue outfit from the early 00s.

I'm not going to do this with the F4, since the answer is classic suits.

I want a 1:12 limited GI Joe line

I mean, next year is the 35th anniversary of the famous GI Joe: A Real American Hero. So, how about celebrating that year with a Unique line that celebrates all the glory of GI Joe, but at the same time it won't replace any past or future lines. Joes have been 12 inch dolls, 3.75 inch figures 8 inch figures... How about 6 inch figures? (As a limited time complement to a regular Joe line)

I can hear the 3.75" fans groan collectively. I know you guys are the backbone of the Joe fandom. That's why I've mentioned this to be a LIMITED line.(Also, I honestly don't have any idea on how to resell the same core 20-something characters yet again... So I went with the different scale gimmick. If TG fans can live with the MPs and the multiple scale retail releases, Joe fans could bear a limited line based on A-C list Joe characters. Just picture Snake Eyes fighting the NECA TMNT (or the SH FIGUARTS)
Or Captain America and Sgt. Slaughter double-teaming Serpentor. OK, that last one you can do in 3.75 inch scale... just let me be able to do it in 6 inches...

So, here's the characters I'd put on that line. I'm going with the ML approach 6-7 figures + BAF per wave. I'll try to have the 7th figure to be an Army Builder.
Sgt. Slaughter: usually he ends up as an exclusive of sorts and a pain in the ass to get . By making him a BAF he still has some pain in the ass factor, but is still attainable.

Serpentor: Seems fair that the Perfect conqueror made out of the DNA of many conquerors is meant to be put together.

Wave 1: Sepentor: (6 figure BAF)
Cobra Commander  (Helmet)
Snake Eyes
Dr. Mindbender
Lady Jaye

Tomax/Xamot being the "army builder" in a way makes sense. Since Hasbro would most likely make most of their unique pieces removable add ons and removable hands would allow for us to switch the wrist accessories and their sash/belt could have the pauldron and neck guard sculpted in one piece so, that's a switchable item if done right. Just have an extra head for the other twin and done.

Wave 2: Sgt. Slaughter
Cobra Trooper
I wanted to have Cobra trooper as a BAF but that would've been a bit of a dick move.

Wave 3 General Hawk
Storm Shadow
Quick Kick
Baron Blood
Crimson Guard

Wave 4: Blowtorch
Spirit Ironknife
Cobra BAT
I know BLOWTORCH!? and yes, He's there because of Porkchop sandwiches. I know there's plenty of other characters to deal with...

Theoretical SDCC Set:
This one will be the biggest DIC(k) move... it's based on the DIC series... it would be a 6 pack
Cobra Commander, Destro, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow,Duke, Baroness all in their less than stellar DIC attires...

There you have it a theoretical 5 wave (if we count the SDCC variants) celebrating the GI Joe ARAH 35th anniversary.

Mar 22, 2019

It's official: Mickey now has Fox...

The X-Men and the Fantastic Four are home now. The cool thing is they are home... the scary part is fitting them in the MCU... Fantastic Four can be added in a post Avengers world with a few tweaks. (We could use the Negative zone  as a source for their powers.)
Like say, have a flashback of a younger Reed and Von Doom working with Pym on an experiment to enter the Quantum Realm WITHOUT shrinking. The outcome has Pym shitting down the project thanks to Reed noticing errors in Von Doom's calculations. Doom's bruised ego makes him swear revenge on Pym and Richards. Years later both Richards (now working on the Baxter Bldg. For Franklin Storm) and Von Doom (now crown Prince of Latveria) attempt their Quantum realm experiment.
Richards and his crew, Become the F4 we know. (This being told via narration and maybe a few flashbacks to save time.)

Von Doom on the other hand actually reached the Quantum Realm, but his portal was unstable and it exploded... creating a minuscule scar on his face... (and tossing him through time and Space.) With a mildly temporarily displaced Von Doom, him getting caught up with the age of heroes, he decides to become a Hero and save Latveria, then the world and becomes Doctor Doom.

For the X-Men, I still stand by my, they've been around for some time, but not available for Fury.

For something even scarier, casting the characters... especially Doom, Wolverine, Xavier, Magneto... Hopefully they won't stray from the source material... also:
Do not pick Kit Harrington as wolverine!!!
I don't want Bitchface Jon Snow ruining X-Men for me.
Also, if The MCU X-Men are going to tackle the Phoenix Saga.. add Space and at least more than 1 movie...
Holy crap, thw next Thanos could be... Onslaught!

Mar 21, 2019

We MAY HAVE a He-Man...

Finally... some news that isn't "we're working on it!"
We have a name possibly attached to the role of Adam/He-Man...  some dude named Noah Centineo and I don't like him. He looks wimpy... nice for Adam,  bad for He-Man.
No idea who he is... he's appeared on some Disney Channel stuff and some movies I haven't seen...

Am I worried? Let me think... YES!!
Also, there's a leaked video of him doing the 5 knuckle shuffle... and I don't mean the John Cena kind. Have fun ladies and gents who are attracted to men...

But being serious for a moment here. It's nice to have some bit of news, but this amounts to nothing. THAT December deadline is getting closer but we're getting nowhere with the movie. I think that the soonest it will be happening; if this keeps going along might be at best 2020.

I honestly have no faith in this project and I smell a turd bigger than Trank4stic.

Mar 20, 2019

Neon Genesis Evangelion: the rant

I recall mentioning me postponing watching Neon Genesis Evangelion, due to my depression a while back. I was able to obtain a copy of the series and I have been watching it... Man, it hasn't aged as well as I remember.

There's the Voice acting, especially, the English dub, that sounds bad. Everyone seems to be overacting... Aside whoever plays Ayanami, whose character is what K-Stew and Reeeee Larson have tried to play and failed. The pacing has always been a problem with NGE. If you're looking for straight up mecha action, you will be disappointed. The main focus of NGE is the effects of traumatic situations on depressed children and everyone around you is an asshole. Those first 7 episodes are usually a bit hard to get through... after I realized that I have WAAY TOO MUCH IN COMMON WITH SHINJI... yogurt sxene included. (I can admit my own weaknesses and IF I was in his shoes, my actions throughout the whole seroes might stray very little from the official paths)
Many times I had to pause and cry for some good 10 minutes, because the show opened up some wounds in my heart.

The show feels a bit dated now, since we passed the dates of the events in the series and feels a bit awkward.
But despute it's flaws, it's still enjoyable.

Mar 18, 2019

Bear Grylls Choose your own Adventure show coming to Netflix

This April, YOU CAN BE BEAR GRYLLS!!! or at least guide him on a Choose your Own Adventure type of thing...
And here's a preview of it:

Or at least how it would go at the House of Rants. Because let's face it, Bear Grylls is popular because he drinls his own pee.

So far thw only drawback of the show is that there won't be dramatic Bear is dead choices... Please let me have a drink my own pee choice in every epiaode.

You vs Wild will be available on April 10... My pee is ready!

Larry DiTillio has passed away

Masters of the universe fans know his name since he was one of the main writers of the original He-Man and She-Ra cartoons. As the title says he passed away recently. He was the creator of Granamyr... having flashbacks of the it came from the Toy Chest, Granamyr (the red one died... still have a green one unassembled)

DiTillio also worked on Beast Wars...
News of DiTillio's passing were delivered by a She-Ra writer... the dickhole who made Spidey make a deal with the Devil... JMS... also, fuck SyFy... they still claim Noelle Stevenson created She-Ra AFTER ALL THIS...

My condolences to the family and to fellow fans of his work.

Cap'n Meh Vel ruins the MCU...

This rant has nothing to do with Brie Larson and her activism. This is all about the wrong decision of Roman Reigning Carol Danvers in the MCU  (and the mainstream comics to an extent.)
No, it's not "because she's a woman" . Like I stated before, literally 1 sentence before the previous one: it's all about of pushing a nobody as the face of the MCU, when we have other characters that are WORTHIER than Carol.

Let's talk about Carol herself... No charisma. In fact her body language (guess we could blame Brie Larson here as well) has her looking down in everyone. As if she was superior to everyone in the MCU. No, really, she talks down to everyone on the movie and looks at them with some sort of comtempt or disdain. How can you rally your heroes behind a person that looks you as if you were excrement? Or a "pink retarded monkey" which is a actual kree insult towards humans. Not to mention that she hasn't done ANYTHING heroic in the MCU... to plamet Earth, she's a thief (stole a bike and clothes), a thug, beating up that old lady... her heroic acts were for an alien race. Where was she when the Chitauri attacked, Or Ultron, or when Thanos's minions attacking New York?

She also suffers from the "Superman problem"... a virtually unbeatable character that it's hard to write. The only difference is that Superman is a likable fellow, whose heart is his biggest superpower. MCU Carol doesn't have that. Even her Endgame appearance in the trailer showcases her biggest problem. She just stands there defiantly and looks at Thor with disdain. That's it. Kevin Fiege already said she's the strongest character in the MCU... Why would we need Avengers if we have her?
Hell, even in her own movie the stakes were low... being a prequel, we KNEW She would win because the Tesseract would remain on Earth... and Ronan didn't blew us up. And the threat of his return is pointless, since he died in a dance off. Not mentioning the ease of beating Yon-Rogg.

Now Disney (and Marvel) are hellbent in Roman Reigning Danvers.  RDJ's Stark worked because despite Stark being a massive dick, RDJ made sure he was a likable dick. Especially when paired off with Boy Scout Rogers.

If Hemsworth were to stay as Thor, he could work as a face for the MCU, BECAUSE he is likable. Even ScarJo, who I can't stand, could work as leader, seeing SHE WAS THERE SINCE THE BEGINNING!! Not to mention, showed humanity. Then we have Wanda, who is also a Gem Powered Human (hopefully her Homo Superior origin can be reinstated, now that Disney has X-stuff)

And last but not least it kind of feels like she's a fanfiction character being shoved into a story that she doesn't belong in. I know she's an existing character in the comic spot in the whole MCU storyline she was nowhere to be found until she suddenly appeared. And now this character that appeared out of nowhere, is retconning everything she's the whole reason the team is called Avengers and is going to be the new leader of the Avengers after Cap and Tony kick the bucket... I loved that Captain America the Second Avenger movie...
Also, how can Carol be the "first Avenger"  when SHIELD had Ant-Man and the Wasp so, she's the "4th"... bad writing is bad...

Mar 16, 2019

Gunn returns for Guardians of the Galaxy 3...

He was fired a while back due to some "offensive tweets". Now Disney rehired him. This is rather odd. The comments in his tweets were "edgy comments" making jokes about touchy subjects.

It's a curious thing... Was it an honest decision by Disney in accepting Gunn's apology? Or, was it a pre-emptive measure to protect the MCU after the Lukewarm reception to Cap'n Meh Vel...
"But Nefty, it made a buttload of money!"

So did this... are you saying that THIS IS GOOD? And even the RT reviews, once you read them, many of the OBJECTIVE reviews give it a middle of the road average score. (I do specify objective reviews because the "OMG! I heart her!" Or the "SJW tripe" single sentence kind of reviews are not objective.
And with Guardians of the Galaxy being some of the most entertaining MCU movies (not the best, mind you); Disney may be trying to use the "oh look, shiny!"

Based on Box Office Mojo's numbers as of the writing of this rant: the Cap'n made $9,248,435 on Thu. 14... compared to the initial $61,715,051 on the first day. That's an 86% drop from the first day. It has had some up and downs, but an 86% drop is bad... yet common. The thing is, that BAD WORD OF MOUTH can scare off viewers (Ant-Man and the Wasp had that situation...) The focus on Endgame, and now this almost feels like they're trying to shove Cap'n Meh Vel in Goose's Flerken maw.

I also have to wonder if no one wanted to touch the project after Gunn was kicked out... Or if Gunn's stint with Warner on Suicide Squad 2 had the mouse a bit scared...
The true answer is:

Money, money, money...

Please don't suck!

Friendship is Magic is ending... the rant.

Eeyup! MLP: FIM is coming to an end and it's about damn time! The ninth season will be the final one and will be starting this April. Well shoot that means that I still need to finish season 8. Being brutally honest it's being really really hard to watch season 8 for me.

The Friendship school and the focus on non Pony characters has actually turned me off from the show. Not to mention the horribly horribly bad character that is Starlight Glimmer once again taking the focus of the show.  then we have that the quality of the episodes has been going downhill for quite some time I would blame Starlight Glimmer for that. Well to be fair it's not just the epic failure that is Starlight Glimmer it's the effort to replace Twilight Sparkle.

The show was going stale... ever since Season 5, the show had been going downhill. At first I chalked it up to my pain regarding my Mom's death, but  half of the season was around when my Mom was alive and seemingly well. Then Season 6 brought forth my main problem: Starlight Glimmer.
I mean from dictator who ruled a town with an Iron Hoof to basically unravelling reality MULTIPLE TIMES just to prove her magical superiority over THE ELEMENT OF MAGIC... as in the living embodiment of Magic. Then all of a sudden she's a good mare and is being shoced down our throats more than Roman Reigns in the WWE. She even outsnarted Starswirl the Bearded.
Manufactured tragic past, everyone around her loves her, suoer skilled at something that outmatches characters that are insanely powerful in that area. Not going to call her a marey sue, but even Rey, Bella, and Carl Manvers feel she's waay too OP.

Ms. Sheridan gives amazing performances as Starlight, but the character is horribly written and is being forced to fit in with the plot in a worse way than Danvers is being shoved in the Avengers...

195 episodes (up to s8)... that is LITERALLY 3 series long... Most Western TV series are made with the 65 episode syndication goal. A vestige of the  era befire specialized networks with children's programming. Once FIM is over they could show the series one last time once a week and they'll have plenty to show for nearly 4 years (up to S8) without having to do repeats. Or nearly an entire year if they go 5 days a week.

Besides, it's  better to go in an OK note, than becoming a putrid shell of what it used to be... not going to say any names...

I am saying farewell to equines... NO SPIKE! DON'T YOU DARE...

Mar 15, 2019

Diorama pieces why aren't we getting many?

Before anyone says:
Orokana Nefty-kun, sonotame ni Nihon ni iku hitsuy┼Ź ga arimasu.
I mean here in the West. I KNOW that there have been backdrops made. (Recently saw a sewer one perfect for some radical terrapin shinobi.) I mean diorama pieces to make said backdrops and other playsets feel alive. I used to love Jakks when they made diorama pieces for their WWE figures and the Mii World stuff. I have been slowly amassing members of the SOS Brigade... no one will come out the Toy chest until Mikuru and Koizumi arrive. For the moment, I don't care about Asakura or Tsuruya, so I'm talking about the core members of the SOS Brigade. Which made me think... I can't simply display them on a plain background... I want to recreate the SOS Brigade Club room... Holy crap!, someone ACTUALLY DID IT!! They didn't make the Bamboo tree, but everything else is in there. Some stuff is from the figures, other stuff was bought and or made, but that spices up the display.

Or how about this for the Ranma 1/2 figures...
The backyard of the Tendo residence is the safest diorama to make since all the available fogures (and Genma statue) can be displayed with no real issues.
Angry female Ranma could be chasing P-Chan on the roof when Shampoo appears. Akane could be yelling at Ranma, while Genma holds a sign.

Now picture someth5ong for an Avengers lounge room. Couches, TVs, snacks. Cute little PS4s and XBOnes to have  them play. Maybe even a billiards table... no... Arcade and Pinball machines is where it's at! Could you imagine how awesome wpuld that be? But I digress...

But Nefty "there isn't a huge market for these"... Well, Little Timmy is not likely to buy these... He'd rather get Bray Wyatt, or Batman, than diorama pieces... If marketed to the Adult Collector, maybe there would be a chance... I just want cheaper alternatives than buying expensive Japanese Model kits or 3d printed props from Shapeways or etsy.

Mar 14, 2019

*Rumor* Mattel is making all of the Power-con stuff...

And I don't know how to feel about this. I mean, this is "big bad Mattel" making these, but being sold through BBTS... being insanely marked up due to "limited numbers" and being matked up a second time by BBTS.
Even with tgese mark ups the SB She-Ra doll is still cheaper than the first time it was sold...

I KNOW that Mattel COULD produce action figures, due to their owner status, but if this is true; doesn't it feel a bit of a dick move towards S7?

Take this info with a grain of salt... seeing it's a rumor...

Mar 12, 2019

Cap'n Meh Vel and other stuff...

No, Carol is not worthy of a full rant for herself.
Cap'n Meh Vel:
It's not a train wreck...
It's not great either...
The Skrull plot twist was weak... even if the Kree have been massive assholes in the comics for ages.
Brie Larson's acting range was reduced to a bad Kristen Stewart impression. Seriously, she's so bland here that Everyone steals the spotlight from her... making her a background character in her own movie.
It's a shame that the people involved with this took too much inspiration from Modern Era Fascist Carol instead of old school "Boston Rogue" Carol. The Stan tributes are the saving grace of the movie...

For a movie that is supposed to showcase the "most powerful Avenger" well... it gets a C... I mean a C-... don't mention Fury's eye unless you want the D (as in the grade not the OTHER D...)

Brie Larson was horribly miscast. Hell, even Anna Kendrick would've been a better option... Personally I'd pick Emily Blunt. Annette Benning is a great actress, but she wasn't Mar-Vell... Kevin Fiege's BS excuse that she needed a female mentor is BS.
There are plenty of badass women who have a Male Mentor... Katniss Everdeen, mentored by Men. The Bride, mentored by Men, Xena, mentored by Men... or in this case a Male god. Even freaking Rey was Mentored by Men. Mar-Vell could've easily be played by a man, as he should be. You could pick a not so huge actor for this role. I'd pick Mark Paul Gosselaar as Mar-Vell. (It's a sort of jokey nod to the 90s)

Also, I would've not tried so hard to act as if she was what the MCU revolved around.
Hopefully Carol will be touched in the sequel...

No, I won't "Have Mercy" on Aunt Becky... Getting into college is hard as Hell at times, mainly due to budgetary issues, the rest is academic prowess. To hear about celebrities using their power ( $$$) to facilitate access to prestigious Universities for their kids... read, BRIBES. I get the idea of parents doing what they can for their kids...

Dammit, Spike! I had been trying to forget that scene...

No, this can't be real...

A new Doom movie? And it looks like the Karl Urban one was renade by College students trying to show how to fix THAT Doom...

Mar 11, 2019

How I would've made Captain Marvel...

I haven't seen the Brie Larson movie. But, the whole Annette Benning being Mar-Vell bothers me. It's an unnecessary gender swap to appease non-fans, who can't stand the fact that a MAN is the source of Carol's powers. (Recently attempted to be retconned by having her mother be a Kree warrior)
Before I watch the actual movie, here's a rough idea of what I WANTED to see:

We start in the late 40s. After the events of Captain America: First Avenger, the Tesseract's energy signature caused a Kree scout ship carrying a small crew to make contact with Earth. Due to a malfunction on the ship thanks to a small skirmish with a Skrull ship near Earth, the Kree ship crashes in New Mexico. (Roswell incident)
The crew consisted of:
Mar-Vell, Yon-Rogg, Marie-Ell, and a 4th unknown warrior who died on the crash.
The US Government covers up the incident and they put Colonel Nicola Giuseppe Fieri (played by a Digitally retouched David Hasselhoff) as the main US-Kree liason.
Fieri, known by his Anericanized name, Nick Fury Sr. (Father of the Midern Fury) Begins a shaky relationship with the Kree. Utilizing Kree knowledge to improve American technology. Secretly experimenting with Kree DNA to create superhumans (and failing ).
While Mar-Vell and Mari-Ell are more interested in aiding the Earth to defend itself from the impending Skrull Menace, Yon-Rogg is interested in returning home and forgetting about Earth (or the backwoods planet full of "retarded pink monkeys"... actual term used by a parallel universe Mar-Vell to refer to humans.)

The Skrulls, secretly aided by Yon-Rogg attack Area 51 when both Mar-Vell and Mari-Ell fight the invaders. Dubbed Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel, They are struck by a weapon which weakens both Mari-Ell and Mar-Vell. (Both were trying to protect a young Soldier... Ms. Rambeau)
Mar-Vell taking the brunt of the blast was saved by merging with Rookie Agent Wendell Vaughn. Mari-Ell was weakened and amnesiac. She wandered off and remained MIA until her memories returned in the mid 80s.

The new Entity, known as Quasar staves off the invasion of the Skrulls. Fury secretly obtains Wendell's DNA and combines it with the unknown "Kree soldier" (who in reality was a being from Titan.) to create a Kree/Human Hybrid duo of siblings (Genis and Phyla Vell).
Wendell leaves Fury when he discovers the Babies and "disappears". Taking the name of Rick Jones, he locates Mari-Ell, now Marie Danvers in Boston . Her memories as a Kree Champion return to her after Carol's powers begin manifesting. This (roughly 40-minutes long flashback sets up the action occurring now in the mid 90s)

After an encounter with a Skrull agent (while Carol is wearing a black swimsuit based on her Warbird outfit... she was at a pool party) Mr. Jones dubs her Warbird and gives her a Kree Champion outfit.

Yon-Rogg attacks Earth in hopes to destroy the blemish on his military history. He encounters the planet's defenses to be pathetic, until Quasar and Warbird intervene. Yon-Rogg has the upper hand and Quasar goes full Captain Marvel in an attempt to stop Rogg. Mar-Vell falls and before being killed by Rogg, he clangs the Nega Bands one last time as he summons his Clone Children from Area 51.  With the help of Mari-Ell, the Vell children and Carol defeat Yon-Rogg.

Mari-Ell takes Mar-Vell's body with the Vell childrenback to the Kree homeworld with Yon-Rogg to clear Mar-Vell's name and to keep the Earth as a neutral territory on the Kree-Skrull war. As Carol watches her mother and her allies leave, a black man brings an old white man in a wheelchair. It's the Furys. Fury Jr. (SLJ digitally retouched) can't believe that the Skrulls, Yon-Rogg and all the stories were true. Carol deduces, the old man is Fury Sr. He hands her the receiver to the "Space Pager" as he suggests to follow her mother. And if the Earth is in peril, Jr. would call her. As Danvers leaves, both Furys discuss if they should go to Westchester and talk with the Professor or visit Senior's "friend" in Canada now that the Pyms and the Vells are out of the board. Fury Jr. Decides to sebd Coulson and Parker to New York and the Furys would go ti Canada.

Movie would be 2:20 in length. Just to give it enough time to create a grudge between Rogg and Vell, while making you care about Carol.

Mar-Vell's importance is cemented and why it's significant when she ascends from Warbird to Captain Marvel.

I tried my best to keep the Ms. Marvel era just to echo the difference in the comics (how old school Carol had a different personality from Modern Carol)
Personally, I would've preferred to have 2 movies. One to set up the Kree-Skrull war, Mar-Vell's journey and the second one be Carol's journey... but the mouse wants to shove Carol ASAP for Endgame.

Ah, yes, the white Fury... Seeing that SLJ would be too young for WWII, making him Nick Fury Jr. Made sense, seeing the comics have 2 Furys. I chose Hasselhoff for a simple reason... He already was a Nick Fury. Sonce pne pf the themes here is passing the baton to a next Generation, mirroring the passing of the CM title with the Furys.

Quasar, I had to combine with Rick Jones in order to have a nod to the dynamic between the Vells and Rick, not to mention adding Quasar.

I added a scene with a nod to the famous Warbird outfit, simply because it's the version that has made her an icon...
It was the first suit that wasn't derivative of Mar-Vell. It was the outfit that she spent most of the time appearing as a guest in other books.

The references to the X-Men are for 2 reasons:
Foreshadowing the coming of Mutants
And Foreshadowing a key Element of Carol's life...

Mar 10, 2019

Shenmue 3 trailer dropped and it's amazing*

I need to point out that there is an asterisk next to amazing...

The asterisk is there for a reason:
*= Remember that this is an indie developed sequel and it's not being handled by a big studio with a AAA Game budget. You can't expect a Red Dead Redemption 2 style of trailer for a game with a much smaller budget. Not to mention that Shenmue's art style has never been hyperrealistic. Just look at Goro, Chai, the Crate Guy from Shenmue 2, so... you get the idea. The one thing people CAN BE worried about is that the clip still says not final. Nearly 5 months until the game is released CAN put a bit of anxiety on people. The trailer captures the Shenmue quirkiness pretty well.

To expect a game on the same level as RDR2,  or Yakuza is putting the expectations waay too high. Shenmue is not a game for everyone... it's an acquired taste. One that is being released at the worst possible era for it.

Mar 9, 2019

Will Smith is out, Heimdall is in... and other stuff.

Idris Elba is now Deadshot. I can live with that. He's a great actor and is very likely to make people believe he's Floyd Lawton and not playing himself.

I often criticize Will Smith, for being a bad parent, a bad actor, or being absolutely cringy in blue... but I'm right about Elba being a much better actor for the role.

Katherine Helmond, who most people my age remember her as Mona from Who's the Boss? Has passed away. I think she was in Everybody Loves Raymond... Yup, she was Raymomd's Mother in Law... Her castmates remember her fondly. Obviously, I shall give my condolences to friends and family.

Really? This April? Cobra Kai returns for Season 2...

Now if I can find a way to see the First Season... Last time I tried, Not available in your area blocked me from watching...

Mar 8, 2019

It came from the toy chest: She can be ANYONE you like...(X)

And chances are she'll kill you of you're of no use to her... I'm talking aboht Jennifer Lawrence and Rebecca Romijn formerly Stamos... Did she take the O'Connell from her husband... the guy with the roaches?

I'm talking about Mystique... Shapeshitrer, assassin, mutant... Blue... forgot terrorist! (And Rogue's "mother" but she's also Nightcrawler's mother)
Reference to the
J-Law Mystique

Mystique fares normally here. She is on one of the standard female bodies. The only thing really hindering her I think ulation would be the good part of her tunic which is a separate Piece.
Reference to the
Rebecca Romaine Lettuce

Paint and sculpt:
As already stated, Mystique is on a normal female body so there is nothing to write home about in that area. Her face and  skirt these are the important pieces. She has this sexy angry look to her. But from certain angles it kind of looks like she wants to speak to the manager. The skirt piece... there's something off about it I can't quite put my finger on it but here is one of those few instances where I kind of prefer the toy biz figure out bit better here. I mean only the skirt piece because in everything else the Hasbro figure is superior.
Into the spare parts
Drawer until we
get a Lilandra.

Mystique has a golden gun a golden Tommy Gun, a shape-shifting  Rogue head, and A Lilandra head.
The Tommy Gun is Hammerhead's and the gun is Black Widow's.
The Rogue head is a repaint of the already existing head of Rogue from the Juggernaut Wave but repainted and a half Rogue half Mystique color scheme.

The Lilandra head is the biggest tease ever because we are getting Charles soon but no Lilandra. Methinks she might be revealed at SDCC time.
Rogue vs Carol...
My money is on Rogue.

Mystic gets a 4.33 as her final score she's a decent  figure. I'm not going to lie but Hammerhead's gun is clunky as hell and her skirt piece can be a bit annoying! I'm seriously considering gluing that thing just to keep it from dancing around.
Iceman: Remember when we were a thing?
"Rogue": Back when I was Uncle Jesse's girl... I mean Sookie Stackhouse!
We don't talk about that.

Top 11 things you can do instead of watching Cap'n Meh Vel.

I cannot support this movie... Not because of Brie Larson's stupidity. (No, Carol CANNOT lift Meow Meow, much less Mjolnir, she isn't the Strongest In the Marvel Universe... Thank goodness for The Sentry... or Hulk, or Thanos, or Jane Foster... Much less beat DC's greatest Hero, Kal-El) Not to mention that the Southern Belle of the Xavier School for Gifted Students (X) kicked Danvers' ass so hard that little Ms. Marvel ended up in a coma.
The reason is that Marvel's pushing her harder than Vince McMahon pushes Roman Reigns...
She was a C or D-List character (depends on who you ask and when you ask. Right now I see her as a C-lister.) She got her powers, lost her powers and memories, regained memories, regained powers, went to space, came back, lostpart of her powers, saw a fictional universe where she didn't suck, became a pseudo lesbian man-hating third waver and a fascist... Guess which version we're getting...

So, aside from piracy... (which is a no-no) here's 11 things you can do that are much better than watching Cap'n Meh Vel.
I honestly should have called it movies to watch instead...

11: Watch and reenact The Room... yes, the Tommy Wiseau film:
I know, The Room is awful, cringy, and painful to watch... just like Brie Larson attempting to pull off a convincing superhero.

10: Watch Green Lantern while getting a root canal:
Root Canals suck... Green Lantern sucks... but it's the closest to a DC version of Cap'n Meh Vel... at least Ryan Reynolds is entertaining...

9: Watching Ghostbusters  (2016) as you wade in an inflatable pool full of slime... naked:
We need to get all that slime in every crack and let it dry out, so it becomes a pain to remove... You'll probably feel less dirty about this than supporting Cap'n Meh Vel.

8: Watch Scott Pilgrim vs the World:
It has Brie Larson and she's just as insufferable, but in less doses. I could've said Kong: Skull Island since it has her, Samuel L. Jackson, and a CGI Animal who steals the show. Hmmm!

7: Watch Suicide Squad and have a shot of vodka every time Will Smith acts like Will Smith instead of Floyd Lawton:
Suicide Squad sucks ass, but you'll be drunk enough to enjoy Jared Leto's performance as the Juggalo Prince of Crime.

6: Read the Twilight saga and the 50 shades series... Replacing the 50 shades names with Twilight characters:
OK, this one isn't a movie... closer to 8 if you're lazy or allergic to books.

5: sleep:
You know keeping it simple and saving money. And as adults, sleep is sacred.

4: Get some steaks and grill'em:
If you're vegan, which you'll tell me in the comments, gimme a tasty vegan alternative to Steak recipe... I heard about grilling Watermelon rubbed with steal seasoning... (my lack of willpower makes me eat the melons raw...) I honestly want to try some vegan alternatives to steak. If the alternative pleases my tastebuds and my wallet, I might go for the vegan alternative. Please, avoid the preachings about morality and all the other stuff. I just want the recipes from people whp have actually eaten them.

3: Play videogames:
You probably have a game or 10 in your backlog... I know I have. Currently doing Dream Drop Distance HD...

2: Do any chores you have put on the back gburner:
Especially if married... You know to make your Significant other happy and not mad at ya...

1: Watch Alita: Battle Angel:
It's a far better movie with a far better female protagonist. Besides, the Post Credits movies have already been spoiled... I COULD spoil them, but I won't...

All jokes aside, if you want to watch it, be my guest... just wait a couple of weeks until the cinema can get a bit more money per showing.

Do I want Cap'n Meh Vel to fail? Yes... Not because "she's a woman" but because the character is not worthy of the preferential treatment she's getting. The movie could be awesome, true... but since they are using Post-House of M Carol, I don't care much for the character... You know the confident and charming Rogue THAT WAS Old School Carol Danvers. A woman who fought her way in a Man's world without being a total ass...

But if you really want to see it and enter the murky waters that even I won't enter... Be careful Matey! (We are not responsible if you make like Jack Sparrow and get caught. )

But seriously, what are the vegan alternatives to steak...

Mar 5, 2019

New Adventures of He-Man night not happen under S7, unless they kno da wae...

Do you kno de wae? You need Demolition Man to find de wae...
Yes, Demolition Man...

Mattel made Demolition Man figures in the 90s and they were LITERAL REPAINTS of NA He-Man toys.
But I shall let a much more respected member of the MOTU Fandom show you proof... take it away, old Pixel Dan video!

This is not an official collaboration between PD and myself.

But yeah, kickboxing Spartan, Blast attack and Pboenix, Friendly, and Not NA He-Man John Spartan would make a decent Novelty wave by S7...

The MOTU fans would love them to repaint into NA characters.
Demolition Man fans would love them because Demolition Man.
And collectors of the bizarre wpuld love them because they exist and the originals were bizarre as hell.

MK: DotR Subzero has passed away...

Yes, that's right... Luke Perry has passed away due to complications with a stroke.

Luke Perry was cool enough to poke fun at himself.
Yes, that Sub-Zero was Luke Perry.

My condolences to the family...
No, I shall not make any 90210 references...
Shit! He was Cody's dad on Riverdale!

Mar 4, 2019

It came from the Toy chest: ULTIMATE Filmation He-Man

I won't do another who is He-Man post... I mean, if you ARE HERE, You probably know of He-Man...

First things first: I am in a love/hate relationship with this figure. What they did right, they did right... what they did wrong... they did wrong.

The rest of the review will be after the jump because one of my issues can only be explained by simulated erotic acts between action figures and I must make the warning visible and to reduce the chance of people inadvertently
Seeing an oozed He-Man that is not slime pit He-Man...

Mar 2, 2019

Super7 needs to pace themselves better...

The Filmation Ultimates, the She-Ra Club Grayskull wave have begun to arrive, we barely finished the 6 figure CG preorder and now... as in I just preordered the 4 Movie figures wave AND Conan... as an early birthday present that will arrive a couple of months too late. Snake Mountain is in May... not counting the Power-con stuff and it's already too much.
I'm worried that too much in such a small window may make people pick and choose... I skipped the She-Ra wave, I only preordered Weaver, Stratos and Adam through BBTS and I may drop that preorder... got the movie figs, because they are a big Screw you to Mattel and my favorite reader... ohai Scott!
That's just sticking to 7 inch MOTUC or CG figures.  That's not counting the Voltron, Toxie, TMNT, the 5 inch stuff, etc.

Speaking of Power-con:
This time they are going straight through BBTS for the preorder for non-attendees.
Sadly, this means that BBTS is buying at a high price and reselling a bit higher:
Slamurai + Snake troopers: $209.99
Quarter assed Slime pit He-Man: $69.99
Footlong SB She-Ra: $64.99
And the preorder window April 8 to Cinco de Mayo... (May 5)
Also, that's for the Customers of the Americas... The European reseller hasn't given their prices.

Feb 28, 2019

No Fresh Prince on Suicide Squad 2

I can't believe this! There must be someone on Heaven or Hell listening to my prayers. Allegedly, scheduling conflicts is why The douche of Bel air is out... I'm glad he's not doing this. Mostly because I wanted to see Deadshot not Will Smith.  Everyone knows that in movies that are not so serious Will Smith plays Will Smith The Fresh Prince version. With Smith out of the picture they could recast the character hint: get rid of Jared Leto as the Joker as well.

Personally if I were to replace that Deadshot I'd use Michael B. Jordan as my first choice. But with every passing movie all I can think of is that DC should reboot everything and start from scratch.

The Turd of KH3 was an incomplete game...

And Squenix wants to milk more money out of us through paid DLC... There will be some free DLC too, but Didn't they learn from their colossal mistake?
Yes, I'm talking about Noctis and friends going on a roadtrip... IF they add Final Fantasy people and stuff to it, I might be interested... at the right price, of course.
While I DID enjoy the Spidey DLC, I belive that a JRPG shouldn't have to rely on these for MAIN story stuff.
Additional adventures that do not add to the main story, sure, but hiding chunks of story behind an extra paywall is bullshit.

Now Nomura has a chance to fix his greatest mistake...

Raiding Hot Topic
Silver Haired Momma's Boy
Raidimg Hot Topic
Silver Haired Momma's Boy

It's not a Kingdom Hearts game until you jam a Keyblade up Sephiroth's ass!

Feb 27, 2019

Lines that I would like to see MOTUC-Ized...

Mattel teased us with Thundercats and a couple of DC Characters in MOTUC Style. Super 7 is doing Turtles, Toxic Avenger, and Everyone's favorite Barbarian played by Arnold the Evercumming!
Well, here's a list of Lines that I would like to see in MOTUC style...

Think about it... The second most popular cartoon of Rankin Bass' Action Cartoon series... #1 being Thundercats and #3 being Tigersharks.... Here all I would ask for is The 5 Hawks, Stargazer, Monstar (both versions) The core members of the Mob (Windhammer, Molecular, Hardware, Yesman, Mumbo Jumbo, and Melodia)

Dungeons and Dragons:
This one is a short set... the 6 kids, Venger, and the Dungeon Master.

Disney's Gargoyles:
While a Full line-up would be cool, we at least need to have the 6 core Gargoyles, Eliza, Demona, and Xanatos. (S7 could later do Stone repaints for the 6 Gargoyles and Demona)

I'm using the Weismuller Call, since it's the Iconic one, but Tarzan does not need to be tied to any version... But just bring Tarzan, Jane, some Jungle Beasts...

Same Principle as Tarzan would apply here... Core characters... or at least Zorro... (Potential for custom Etherian Rebels is rather nice) Also, holy crap! I forgot that Doc Ock was Zorro's Dad!

Robin Hood:
This would complement the Princess of Power Side quite well...

Other than that it would be Monsters (Not specific to any brand) but bizarre creatures from Myth and Legends... Wait... This is giving me another idea...

Clash of the Titans:
The Real one, not the 2010 turd... I need some Bubo, dammit!!

Feb 25, 2019

It came from the monkey fighting toy chest: Monday to Friday Samuel L. Jackson

He and Grey Gargoyle are the only items from Cap'n Meh Vel that I will buy (According to Cheese Larson, my money isn't needed for anything Cap'n Meh Vel, because I'm "not the target audience").
*Tigger warning: Since this review is based on Samuel L. Jackson, expect some coarse language... mainly variations of the term "Motherfucker"*
Grey Gargoyle because of Iron Man needing a villain and Samuel L. Motherfucking Jackson because, Motherfucking Samuel L. Jackson.
Who is Samuel L. Jackson?

Wait, apparently, I'm supposed to be talking about Nick Fury...
Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD...
This Fury is a younger version of MCU's Fury, who is based on the Ultimate Universe Fury... who is based on Samuel L. Jackson. That's why I just describe Samuel Jackson.
SLJ:Say 'Meow' again, I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker, say meow one more Goddamn time!

Fury is built on the suit body... previously seen on Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and Phil Coulson. It's standard Marvel Legends fare.
Paint and sculpt:
Like I said Fury is built on the suit body, so if you have suit figires, you know what to expect. In the paint department he doesn't fare that well. Sloppy paint everywhere especially on his torso; his shirt, the holsters they all have Sloppy paints. Hell they didn't even paint his neck to reach the shirt neck and it kind of looks like he has a white undershirt. The passage is at the likeness to Samuel Jackson is pretty good he kind of looks like Zeus from Die Hard 3.
SLJ: Tony! Where's my supersuit!?
Stark: Really? An Incredibles Reference?

 build a figure piece
Goose the cat
Fury gets a 4.17 as his final score. He's actually a pretty good figure and I honestly got him because it's Samuel Jackson Circa Die Hard 3 era. Otherwise I wouldn't have gotten him.
That Title belongs to Monica Rambeau a Woman of Color!
Stop motherfucking culturally approriating things that belong to people of color, you overprivileged cracker!
Carl Manvers: but mumy Go Fund Me!
SLJ: Don't make me call Rogue, or that Motherfucker Marcus!*

*: Marcus is the guy who raped Danvers in order for him to be born... he literally is. Motherfucker...

Feb 23, 2019

LeBitch says Space Jam 2 is a go!

And I STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT it should not be made.
Space Jam is a product of its time. Just like Home Alone, it doesn't make sense in this era.
How RELEVANT are the Looney Tunes right now? Exactly.
Why does LeBitch James keeps insisting on this?
Chasing that Jordan ghost most likely. 
This movie shouldn't exist, but here we are.
They would need an even MORE CONTRIVED reason to get an NBA player to play with the Looney Tunes. Rehashing the plot from the first movie is a horroble idea, so how can they generate a Need for an NBA player.

They can't make a Space Jam 2 without acknowledging Michael Jordan's greatness and that he has retired from Basketball... ignoring Jordan will be a VERY BAD choice...

LeBron isn't ALL THAT. We know about his failures, tantrums, and choking at the last minute... LeBron cannot win in the climax, because ot would break thhw suspension of disbelief.

But LeBitch wants to be more like Mike than Lil'Bow Wow...

Feb 22, 2019

SUPER7 TMNT characters that I'd like to see:

Apparently, S7 will be doing toon based TMNT figures... NECA as well... which means we might get similar competition like ML and Diamond Select... the thing is that S7 might be reusing MOTUC pieces for their line, while NECA is 100% new tooling with odd repaints...

So, for the sake of filler, let's see what eleven characters that aren't the turtles, Splinter, April, Shredder, Rocksteady, Bebop, Foot Soldier, and Krang that I'd like to see... Seriously Flynn, consider a Foot Soldier multipack.

11: Mousers:
Yes, I said Mousers in Plural. Remember my nick TMNT MOUSERs? Well I want  for the MOTUC Scale TMNT.

10:Baxter Stockman:
Since the line is based on the old Toon, I mean the Fly Baxter...

I Gwarwantee  that the gator voiced by Pooh will be on the list.

8: General Traag and Granitor:
I know, these are Two characters, why are they in one spot? Would you do Rocksteady without Bebop? Tokka without Rhazar... alsp Krang needs some support that isn't voiced by Uncle Phil.

7: Tokka and Rhazar:
You can't split this two either, but there is a sinister reason to add them... spare MOTUC Parts... new furry monster buck = Beastmen army builder..

6: Carter:
Yes, a Red Sky era character... I know that this era is polarizing, but his Mutant form is somewhat MOTU-ish, so to soften the blow in a MOTUC Compatible TMNT line and make the characters feel less jarring, Carter is a decent addition. Switch a few pieces and a repaintlater, youcan make a generic villain for MOTU as well.

5: Casey Jones:
Most incarnations of the Turtles have a Casey Jones. Here he was a minor character, BUT most of us HAD a Casey figure as kids, and I kinda want that nistalgic feeling again of owning an 89 Casey.

4: Rat King:
I could honestly save a lot of time by saying: the Turtles in time roster but Rock&Bop wearing their normal outfits and I could easily call it a day. But, wanting the Rat King is a multi-continuity thing, since he plays an important role in multiple versions.

3:Zach the 5th Turtle:
If it's based on the toon, we need the annoying kid sidekick mandated by the studio.

2: Lotus Blossom:
Let's face it... she's totally NOT Karai... and shouldn't be used as a Karai substitute... Yes, I'd use her as a Karai substitute.

Yes, I had the toy and I would like to see what magic the 4Horsemen could pull off with him.

Honorable mentions:
I had the toy as a kid and a big bull man has a lot of potential for funny pics.
I didn't have the toy, but he goes well with Groundchuck...
-Mutagen Man:
He begs for ooze... and yes, I also owned the toy.
-Chrome Dome:
He was shiny... I remember the very shiny toy that looked cool!
While NECA is doing the Real Slash (aqua turtle black banana) I have a soft spot for Toon Slash.
He looks somewhat MOTU-ISH, So that's good for me. Also, I have Carter on the list...

Feb 21, 2019

Whatcha gonna do when Thoramania runs wild on you?

No, you're not having technical difficulties.
Chris Hemsworth, better known as The Mighty Thor, is going to play the Hulkster in a bio pic based on Terry Bollea. 

But with Chris Hemsworth as the Hulkster, brother!
I need to hear Hemsworth saying:
Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you, brother?

The Vic Mignogna issue... a rant

I had been avoiding this for a little while... the internet is choosing sides and all I see is a witch hunt.
Mignogna lost his job at Funimation and other gigs... He has been removed from various conventions because of Twitter "accusations". I've seen a couple of them, and if what they state is true, then this is a matter that should be discussed IN COURT. There, if enough evidence is presented agaonst Mr. Mignogna, then, he should be punished to the full extent of the law

This whole Twitter vigilantism is what I'm against. What if, what if he was innocent and some of these "accusations" were misunderstandings... His last name sounds Italian and Italians are a bit touchy/kissy compared to folks with more British and Northern European ancestors... if Mignogna is innocent, is it fair for him to have his reputation tarnished because of online rumors? If he's guilty, screw him and let The Law take care of him...

The creepiest thing is the comments from certain voice actors... They have dostanced themselves from Mignogna and stated that they have known for quite some time of his behavior... Let that sink in for a little while.
These people have claimed that they have known of this behavior FOR QUITE SOME TIME AND THEY DID NOTHING!!!
If we're raking Mignogna for this behavior, why not take with him those who enabled, aided and abetted this behavior in the first place. Sean Schemmel has known of this behavior since the last 9 years... food for thought... if Mignogna is this "sexual predator" and his fellow castmates KNEW about it but did nothing... aren't they JUST AS BAD for not stopping Mignogna and his "predatory ways"?

Allegedly, Mignogna has lawyered up and is Likely trying to go to court... if so, good. THERE is where this should be settled and the accusations should be fully investigated for the sake of Justice.
If Justice is with Vic, then, may those who made false accusations be punished to the full extent of the law.
If Justice is on the Accusers' side, then Mignogna should be punished to the full extent of the law.

Feb 19, 2019

Disappointment thy name is Mattel!

Toy fair came and went... We saw a lot of awesome reviews from most toy companies... and then there's Mattel. They did show a couple of Jurassic Park dinos that might be cool Brachiosaurus I'm looking at you. (GIGANTISAUR CUSTOM MOTUC DINO ANYONE?)

But do you know what boy band did not get any toys at toy fair?
Noelle Stevenson's pop cultural appropriation of She-Ra...
Allegedly, they are coming "this fall".
Season 1 toys will begin to show up by the time Season 3 out of 4 will be aired.

But Nefty, don't you hate the new She-Ra?

Indeed, I do loathe and despise this abomination, but if kids like it, then they deserve toys... because 20-somethings from Tumblr don't buy toys or comics... look at Cap'n Meh Vel whose comics have been cancelled nearly 2 times per year.

Seriously, not even a role playing Sword of Protection with light up runes? What the Hell, Mattel?

DCUC's final line-up is a tribute to ToyBiz 1989 Batman...

The only new She-Ra product is a Power-con figure and it's from CLASSIC She-Ra...

Feb 17, 2019

Finally a Decent Western Anime Adaptation!?

Battle Angel Alita might have broken Hollywood's anime curse... yes the movie isn't perfect but it actually works. It's not a one-to-one copy of the animation and manga but like I said it actually works. I know I kind of repeated myself but it needs to be repeated we may have finally beaten the Hollywood anime curse.

The plot of the movie more or less follows the plot of the Manga and Anime having Alita being found by dr. Ito being repaired becoming a hunter killer and eventually a motor ball player. But I don't remember much of the anime aside the original video animation I saw in the mid-90s.
This movie brought back some of those memories from the 90s this movie brought back some of those memories from the 90s and brought forward some new experiences at the same time.

I honestly don't want to spoil you the movie even though the material that's based off it's over 20 years old. Also the movie does strong female characters right on like a certain movie that's going to come up soon.

Alita's not simply a Powerhouse. Yes she's physically strong but she has flaws, weaknesses,that she overcomes and that's where true strength comes from. Also the interviews are about the movie, the process of making it, nothong about agendas or politics... something really refreshing on a movie whose main lead is female.
And their "PR stunt" was give an amputee girl a pair of prosthetic hands. Way different than Brie Larson promoting a Go Fund Me for girls to see Cap'n Meh Vel.
I bring this up, because the movie that has been promoted about helping young girls is "begging for money to fill up theater seats"... it's not about helping girls, but for a business to exploit girls for money. Meanwhile, Alitais promoting the movie BY ACTUALLY HELPING ONE GIRL by giving her some tools to compensate for her disability.

Yes, I'm punching UP at Cap'n Meh Vel, because everyrhing about it is a sham. Hell, I'd rather watch Dumbo than Cap'n Meh Vel.

Hasbro REALLY wants to rape my wallet...

Marvel Legends a plenty... we got X-Men and Avengers galore... Want a Spider-Man? I got 20!
Better stop with the little mermaid references...
A 3 pack of Magneto, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch...
Amazon exclusive. Already preordered by moi.
Boom Boom... pink outfit! Yes!!
Cannonball with blast effect. Hopefully, he has spare legs for non blasting displays.
Non-Disco Dazzler... All I can think of is X-Men, Welcome to die!!

While FA Wolverine does little to me, the Classic Hulk is something we NEEDED!
Bye bye ToyBiz Sinister...

Wir haben alle andere Augen. Yes, it's a reference to the cartoon... but he comes qith a cutlass... ToyBiz might be replaced...
No, freaking way! Silver Samurai!!!
Did we complete the Children of the Atom roster?
Nope... we still need a smaller Sentinel and Colossus...
Juggy is the same as the BaF minus the belt but has a torn helmet and an alternate Marko head...

There are some movie figures, but screw those...
Goldblum, Luis, Phantom... Iron Spider with the waldos, zendaya...

Did I mention classic comic book Thor?
Julia Carpenter!!! Yes,yes, yes!
Classic Mac Gargan!!!

Morris Bench the Hydro Man!! In his civilian outfit!
Suck it, ToyBiz!!
With 6 arm Spidey, it was obvious that Doppelganger would come sooner or later.

There is also a Black King Emma Frost, and an Iron Doom coming to Walgreens...

Power-con wants to rape wallets...

I am well aware of the "smaller runs = more expensive figures" explanation. That part, I understand. I even agree to it TO AN EXTENT...
I am PISSED about how horribly wrong one of the reveals is...
I won't comment much on the 12 inch She-Ra doll with rooted hair being cheaper than the actual MOTUC figures...

I am saddened that I will have to skip them all...
But the 3 pack is anazeballs!
The snake troopers having the same head in similar shades of green is a bit disappointing.
Other than that, these are awesometastic!
Slamurai being a Ninjor repaint isn't that bad...
Dangflabbit! They gave him the 200X Sy-Klone samurai head... Why do I have to have non-toy priorities!?

This is a thing that exists. I'm not excited about it because it's literally another She-Ra 12 inch doll... the only positive is that now if a person owns the previous one, now they can have both Adora and She-Ra.

What did I say many years ago?
Not to be a surprise item... check!
Not to be a translucent reissue of He-Man...

Single carded maroon vest Adam would've been a better option.
The Golden Karg...
Or this figure in GITD plastic...

Feb 16, 2019

Crom! Super7 finally did it... Toyfair reveals.

I don't have a pic of it for now... but pre-order for Snake Mountain will be on May... after tax season... Okay...
The William Stout Collection is the third COLLECTOR'S CHOICE wave.
We get:
Repainted CC Karg...
Chiquita Banana Skeletor
This almost screams end of teh lien... well... even if the line ends with them, Super7 MAY STILL get a bit of my money...

But wait, there's more!!
Toxie!! In Motuc scale!
Also there's this:
The only way we can top this is if NECA Shows Bebop and Rocksteady...

Oh, they did AND Behind them is the Target exclusive  (dammit) retail releases of the 87 TOON TMNT figures! Same as the past boxset that I couldn't get...

Both NECA and Super7 will be doing TMNT... Hory shet!

Snake Mountain $600 with a 6 month payment plan...