Jul 21, 2017

OK, Now I NEED to get MVC Infinite...

Still no X-Men or Fantastic 4 Characters, but someone has come back to the fray...

Yes, Spider-Man is back on MVC Infinite... I was a bit afraid with the Other Spider-Man game by Insomniac Games that we would be Webheadless in a MVC game...

Wait, was that a Tobey-Man Reference? Also, according to IMDB, Spider-Man is no longer Revolver Ocelot... nor Greg Brady...

The New Spider-Man IS NOT DRAKE BELL!! Is the New Spider-Man from the New Disney XD Spider-Man Series...

That voice is so familiar...

OK Now I NEED to NOT GET MVC INFINITE!! Nah, I'll endure Spider-Prompto.
I still think that the X-Folks and f4 will be DLC...

Jul 20, 2017

Mattel made me LOL today... and Chester Bennington is dead.

Remember the Mattel Vault? The one with the logo that looks like a butt plug?
Well, the Vault is now OPEN!!
a $25 Subscription for 12 months where you can get:
-$20 Quarterly rewards of $80+ Orders (not counting S&H, or Taxes where applicable)
-Free Ground Shipping and "early access to exclusives"

Are They Serious?
Sure they have a "Silver" Membership with no Fee and an "amazing 20% off on your First Order".

Wait, there's more!
Look at those Exclusives... That's how they appeared on my e-Mail... Not a Monster High collector, so I have no idea how "Exclusive" these ones are...

The Blackface Dark Knight Returns Superman and Gunmetal Black Armored Dark Knight Returns Superman ...
Literally Repaints, aside the Heat vision head effect for Supes.

I know they were trying to mimic the comic effect where Batman is Literally black except his eyes and teeth and same for Superman except his belt, shield and cape are the only non-black things...

Now from Lulzy to sad... Chester Bennington hanged himself. Last time I heard from Bennington he was bitching about fans calling Linkin Park Sellouts and that we should move on from Hybrid Theory. Yikes... How long until the fans get blamed for his death?

Now let's take an in-depth analysis at the Super7 MOTUC scale wave 2

Due to insomnia, I wasn't too in depth in the commenting on the Figures revealed with Super7 and now I'll dive a bit more deeper into them.

Wrap Trap:
The Horde Mummy from the Tom Arts Action Figure Digest. I think that's a 100% new tooled figure with only the interior parts being shared. Looks brand new Top to bottom and has potential for parts reuse for Possessed Skeletor from Super7's Three Terrors. That Loincloth can lend itself to be reused on Snakemen as well.

Karg completes The 1987 Movie Posse. He is in a Comic inspired colors, hence the black and blues, but all that delicious detail screams Movie to me... And that's all I need. He seems to be the one character with most reused parts, namely Thighs, Biceps and Right Hand. Everything else seems new, including the boots.

I already mentioned that he looks too Filmationy. The Energy Blast mentioned by Pixel Dan in the video is Dylamug's...
I'm hoping that the MOTU Masters of casting or 3D Printing can make a swappable horde insignia more in line with Classics for him. Mine will receive a silver and gunmetal drybrush to make it more Classics like. Hopefully the wiring sculpted on him will be soft plastic, because I'm afraid of it breaking like in the prototype if he falls. I wonder if his face will rotate on a dial, or if it will be interchangeable plates. or if he even has an action feature at all.

Granita: (Will be updated when pics of her are revealed)
Well, it's the final Comet Warrior. Right now the question is WILL SHE BE ABLE TO BEND OVER AND TURN INTO A ROCK? This completes a sub-faction of MOTU... No Meaty Orbs for Joe...

Now for the Filmation Folks:

Tung:I COULD keep him on a Filmation Display with the others, but since there is no Real Filmation POP, he will jump ship like Chokey the Artichoke, butler to the 200X Asparagus Carnage Evil Seed. This Tung will be an attempt of replicating the Snakeman Tunglashor that Hordak's science team made. His appearance being different comes from the Horde Scientists trying to splice some Human DNA to fill in the gaps from the decaying DNA from Tunglashor himself.

Like I said before, even if you aren't into the Filmation Figures, you NEED to get her. to replace Dem Wings Sorceress. I wonder how her wings will work. I'm guessing 2 sets of wings: Opened and close, like Mumm-Ra's Cape. Also she's detailed enough to pass off for Classics Sorceress.

He's one of Skeletor's Core Team... I KINDA NEED HIM, seeing that I also got Tri-Klops, Evil Lyn, Skeletor and Beastman... Still Missing Trap Jaw.

Best Part is that If the Greens Match you could swap this armor and head with MOTUC Merman and have a sorta Classicized Merman (The Gills could be an issue...) but this guy could also be a merminion.

Man-e-Faces: (Updated once we get pics)

Ah, Good ol' Man-e-Faces... Wait Theoretically speaking, his legs and Loincloth COULD BE REUSED FOR SONGSTER...

But back to Man-e-Feces, who is the first Non-He-Man, Teela or MAA Heroic Warrior to join the fray... OK , there's Sorceress, but she's always stuck at Grayskull, or in this case Mint on Card. The one thing that, theoretically, worries me is his action feature, since the Filmation version lacks the knob... We shall see once pics begin to surface.

Final Thoughts:
Super7 Knocked it out of the park... On Collector's Choice pretty much ALL THE FIGURES have TONS of NEW TOOLING... Without being backed by a $7Billion Toy Company. Mattel Couldn't even DO Dylamug and they're the $7 Billion dollar Company. Super7 a tiny company specialized on overpriced Hipster Crap that gives Toy collectors a bad name and I have to question who is their target audience, is making the MOTUC Figures people BEGGED Neitlich and Mattel for years.
"Oh no, we can't do Dylamug because of tooling budget would make him cost $50, but we can do the Nepthu who NO ONE EXCEPT ME Wanted!!" Super7 does what Mattel don't.

While there's some moderate Reuse on Filmation, the characters ARE HIGHLY REQUESTED and some people may double dip on Sorceress to replace DEM WINGS...

SDCC 2017 Dropped us a MOTUC Bomb!

Pixel Dan, being the MOTUC April O'Neil he is, got a scoop... One Hell of a Scoop!
Super 7's Wave 2 for MOTUC Collector's Choice and Club Grayskull...

Are you ready?
Apparently, it's 4Collector's Choice and 4 Filmation this time...
It seems that The Collector's Choice 3 are
Who looks a bit too Filmationy, but that's probably because he can slip into both line-ups.

The Horde Mummy, now known as Wrap Trap! (So many unPC jokes that can be made) Also I smell a possessed Skeletor from the Three Terrors to reuse some Wrap Trap Wrappings!

KARG!!!!! Freaking Vampire Pirate Tina Turner... Shame that my Custom must die... FREAKING KARG!!!!!!!

Filmation gets:

Charmander, Char! Char! I mean Tunglashor
I guess my reply says it all... Eh, this is so far the weakest one but mostly because I hate Charmander

Sorceress... Goddammit Nappa! Now I have to get this set to switch sorceresses...

Merman... I kinda need him...

Not shown, but hinted by card:
Collector's Choice has Granita
Filmation has Man-e-Faces.

And that happened too... Curse you insomnia!

Jul 19, 2017

First it was Gouki (who now looks like Simba) now it's...

in SFV Akuma is totally Simba!
Not from Capcom, but from SNK... South Town's favorite Crime Boss is hitting the King of Iron Fist Tournament...

Yup, THAT Geese Howard is Hitting Tekken...

My mind is completely blown... Street Fighter Cross Tekken Cross KOF must happen... Normally, I'm not much of a Tekken fan, but this is motivating me a lot to get the game.

On a lesser note since I mentioned the Simba/Akuma comparison... There's a new Fighter entering SFV...

Shame that Abigail was made in the 3D era... If SFV had been a Sprite Game, back in the day he would've been used as a base for some Marvel or DC MUGEN characters... Other than that, I'm whelmed... It's been a long time since I've touched SFV... It's a bit of a shame, though... I still play SSFIIT, so it's not me.

Jul 18, 2017

Odds and ends July 18, 2017

I wasn't going to keep on going with the whole 13th Incarnation of the Doctor... I believe it's a mistake doing it now, because it's blatantly obvious that this is Pandering to the SocJus crowd. Had this been done when 10 turned into 11, it would've made more sense, from a storytelling point. Also, doing it back then would have beaten the Tumblr campaigns.

"The Master did it" defense doesn't work either, BECAUSE The Master has also been Eric Roberts (as in Julia's Brother) and a Space Worm... Well, there's the precedent for the Murican Doctor and the Space Worm Doctor... Hell, if he can change age and gender, why not having a Female Teen as The Doctor... Like a Girl Version of Wesley Crusher!! Then we make her African Latin American cause SocJus points! This sounds ridiculous, well, a certain perennially offended feminist pop culture critic, who is known to be a bully pretending to be a victim... Yes, good ol' 'Nita! She hates the Female Doctor because she is HWITE...

It’s not as if you fix the “woman” problem, THEN the “race” problem, THEN the “queer/trans” problem, etc. It all has to happen in tandem.
I kinda have an issue with this tweet. The Doctor Married River Song... The Doctor is now a woman married to River Song... No longer a hetero couple. The Doctor was a man and is now a woman... Queer/Trans kinda checked? Since the Doctor is no longer male, then he's a woman... a trans woman and not hetero... that's 2 out of 3 sister... Also, Bill was black, woman, and gay, so Yahtzee?

But seriously, when even St. 'Nita of Sarkenjosh is against FemWho, the BBC dun goofed!

Now to wash off the bad flavor off, here's the trailer for The Disaster Artist!

If this is the story on how we got THIS:

I so want to see the movie NOW MORE THAN EVER... We all know how I feel about The Room. I kinda wish Wiseau would let the Cast of The Disaster Artist to remake The Room.

Transformers is getting a new series... and it features an odd voice cast.
We got Optimus Prime as Optimus Prime... and yes, I mean Peter Cullen...
Judd Nelson is Hot Rod once again... That insufferable friend of 'Nita, Hwil Hweaton is Perceptor, Worf is Fortress Maximus, THE Power Ranger is in this as well... The weirdest part of the voice cast is:

Freaking Dachie... Also this will be in the craptacular go90 service... but seriously, DashieGames?

I'm not gonna touch the stupid comment by John Boyega about Game of Thrones... Seriously, what's next not enough black people in Japanese works? I could've sworn I've seen black people in Game of Thrones... Also how many black people are in Star Wars?
Mace Windu, Lando Calrissian, Willrow Hood (Ice Cream Machine guy), Finn and that's it... Maz Kanata, while played by a black woman, it's a yellow alien, the Twilek Dancer, while played by a black woman, is a green alien... We all know Darth Vader is whiter than Powder, but he was voiced by James Earl Jones. So out of 7 Black Actors, only 4 are ACTUAL BLACK CHARACTERS... Why isn't he bitching about Star Wars? Hmmm?

Jul 17, 2017

Be prepared... For Kingdom Hearts 3, bub!

The shock of a Female Doctor (that wasn't Donna) took out the wind about the Rumors of Scar being infused with an Adamantium Skeleton. But seeing that the Will Smith as Genie Rumors ended up being true (blegh!) This Rumor sounds a bit awesome... Sure, he's not Jeremy Irons, but Hugh Jackman could pull off a Scar... John Oliver is going to be Zazu... This may be a bit interesting, but to be honest, I don't see WHY the Lion King is being redone in CGI.

You've got a friend in Sora...

A Toy Story World... Game is Finally coming in 2018... If after 13 years of waiting, that god damned duck hasn't learned to heal me, I'll kick him in the dick!
George A. Romero has joined the dead dead... I know that George A. Romero dying would lend itself for a nice Living Dead reference, but the man just died. I can't make a zombie joke even if he was the one who made Zombies before they were cool...

Martin Landau has passed away. Mission Impossible's Man of a Million Faces... (that's 999,994 more faces than Man-e-faces) has passed away. I remember him, not from Ed Wood, Mission Impossible, or Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow, but

He played Scorpion there...

Jul 16, 2017

Bad news everyone! Will Smith and Doctor Who...

Y'all know I have a beef with Will Smith... When he plays Will Smith in movies... Well, The Genie is now the Fresh Douche of Bel Air. Some dude I have no idea who he is will play Aladdin, and cyberbully pink ranger will be Jasmine...

This reeks of getting Jaden a job...

The Doctor now has a vagina... The BBC screwed up big time. Not because of Jodie Whittaker, but because they caved in to the Tumblrtards. Now the most unique Male TV Hero is no more.

As much as I dislike SOME of Moffat's writing, this speech shows what makes the Doctor Unique.
2 Hearts a Screwdriver and a Callbox... Not exactly the Tools a Male TV Hero would use.

Now, that the Doctor is a woman the second heart is redundant, due to the perception of women being more nurturing compared to men. So, we have an "empowered" woman who is riding the coattails of 13 men taking his codename and reaping on the benefits associated with that name.

Now Whittaker could do a magnificent job as a Time Lady, but with her now being the Doctor, IF the whole "FemDoctor" fails and the BBC TRIES to return to a male, they will unlock a shitstorm of Tumblrtards screaming Misogyny and the usual BS of how dare the BBC cement oppression by erasing an empowering female character (even if she was only a female character for 1-3 seasons out of the 50+ years of being a male character).

And the BBC provided this little bit of info...

and some of it worries me... but I'll just patiently wait until the experiment is over and they return to a white man...

Join me in asking the BBC for a Death Worm Morphant Doctor!
Mary Poppins returns is a real thing. Mary Poppins is getting a sequel... I'm calling the third movie now: Mary Poppins Forever and the awful fourth movie that ruins it all: Mary Poppins and Bert.

Jul 15, 2017

Spider-Man's Homecoming: The Rant...

Damn Zendaya, Damn Zendaya to Hell! I'm going to get the worst parts of the movie out of the way, so there will be spoilers... They are mostly centered around this:

She is NOT MJ and she never will be MJ! I REFUSE TO ACCEPT HER AS MJ!! Hashtag NOT MY MJ!!

OK she is "not" Mary Jane Watson... but she IS "an MJ" in the movie... She even calls herself MJ in it! No! Just No! Also she's there for the reason of being there. Honestly, you could take her out of the movie and very little is lost.

The second one is the Miles-ification of Peter Parker...
"Ned" was pretty much Ganke, Miles Morales' best friend (BTW Miles got a throwaway reference in the movie) That steals from Miles' "uniqueness" to the role of Spidey if they ever try to bring Miles into the big screen. It also diminishes Peter's "uniqueness" since they basically made him "white Miles".

Third: Vulture was, from a writing point of view,  Norman Osborn Part 2. Michael Keaton did an Amazing job as Vulture, but there were a few shades of Norman Osborn in the story... The going to the Homecoming Dance part of the movie was VERY Similar to the Thanksgiving Dinner scene from Tobey-Man.

Now the good:

Mmmmmm! Aunt May! What? She was Aunt Hottie in the movie... and the running gag about Aunt May being hot... Who would've thought that we'd be writing/saying Aunt May is Hot?

Tony Stank being Tony Stank... RDJ keeps playing the Massive Douche Anthony Stank and he keeps knocking it out of the park.

Stan Lee's Cameo...

Vulture: Sure, I mentioned that Vulture was Norman Osborn-ized, but I must reiterate that Michael Keaton DID an amazing job with the material he was given. I do like that Toomes was more of a Blue Collar American Villain trying to figure out what to do after the Government pushed him down the toilet and not being a 100% Norman Osborn rip-off.

Humor: There was plenty of it. Some of it was physical, some situational, some jokes were a bit forced... Most of them involving Eugene Thompson.

Tom Holland:
It's known that I love Tobey-Man 1 and 2 and that I'm not fond of Spider-Garfield movies... Also that Maguire Nailed Peter Parker but failed Spidey while Garfield Massively failed at Peter Parker but nailed Spidey. Tom Holland is a zen-like balance between these two extremes... He has the kinda whiny and pathetic Peter Parker from Tobey and he kinda has the humor that the Garfield Spidey pulls off. Perhaps one tiny nitpick is that spidey was sometimes the butt of some jokes a bit too much.

The hints at a Future Villain... It was an unexpected twist seeing a certain character having a small role in the movie and some hatred towards our Friendly Neighborhood Spidey... Perhaps this may mean our favorite mustachioed Journalist will show up for the sequel? If this villain is made, it WOULD BE an interesting choice...

Shocker was decent, for a minor role that is... Sadly, he never showed up in full Shocker Regalia... There was a Brown Jacket with Yellow Quilted sleeves, but not the full regalia... Please have the Shocker show up in full regalia in the next movie and dismissed as the minor villain he is!

It was a fun ride... Much better than Amazing, but in my biased opinion not better than Tobey Man 2... Sorry, but my love for Doc Ock trumps an amazing Vulture from Keaton.

Hey! Now that I think of it: We've had:
Doc Ock
all we're missing is a movie with Kraven (who totally should have been a villain in Amazing 1) and Mysterio... Dude, a Mysterio movie would be far trippier than Inception and Doctor Strange. We're 2 Villains Shy of having a sort of Cinematic Representation of The Sinister Six...

Did I mention that Zendaya Sucked Ass in this movie? Cause she totally did. I'm still crossing my fingers for her being a fake-out and having a real MJ or a Gwen Stacy to show up in the sequel.

Jul 14, 2017

Super7 supercast #4 the rant

After a series of hiccups with bad audio, Super7 finally released their fourth Supercast...
It has very little info on MOTUC that has been discussed before.

Here it is if you want to see the video. Long Story Short: they;re on the docks waiting to be unloaded and checked by customs. We should be getting them Theoretically speaking in the next few days...

Now I'm going to tackle the elephant in the room.


I could do a bunch of rants, because they have delivered plenty of material. Especially the issue with the packs not being resealable... This I am NOT HAPPY ABOUT but it's not a deal breaker to me. The part that bugs me the most out of this issue was that they did NOT inform us about that in a timely manner. (a lie by omission?)  That whole not telling us about the lack of resealable packaging was a dick move. One that shouldn't be repeated.

Lack of paint apps in Ram Man, while it sucks, it's not the end of the world for me.
First: The issue can be fixed even with a bit of the cheapest paint available... That's like $1 and a few minutes to add a little drybrushing to the armor and it's fixed. It's not like having to swap forearms and repaint skunk lines on him or reconstruct an exploding crotch. It's 1 out of 5... Sure, that's a 20% margin of error. So far, the other 4 look nice. Maybe He-Man's hair looks a bit darker on the pics online, but can't tell for sure until I get them in hand... Which leads me to the next point.
Second: We don't have the figures yet, so we can't truly judge them. There have been figures that look better or worse than the pics once we have them in hand.
Third: Ram Man was already the WEAKEST of the Ultimates release. Even if he had gotten a super paint job, it wouldn't help that he's simply the Matty Ram Man in different colors. No new accessories, (a New Fishing Rod would've made him tempting or a third non squinty eyes head.) seeing that they had to make new molds in some instances.

So, the Ram Man issue isn't that big of an issue to me. We SHOULDN'T have to paint the figure, but after so many Matty Figures missing paint apps, (Stinkor got Toy Blue molded weapons without any paint apps, Blade lost paint apps from proto to final figure just to name two from the top of my head.) or figures with wrong colors, or sloppy paint apps that need a fix... it's not a huge deal to me. (Mileage may vary)

The delays ROYALLY SUCK... I'm not going to pretend they don't. The thing is that the Explanations given for them are PLAUSIBLE, not to mention that this is Super7's first attempt at the big leagues. Even the big bad Mattel choked on their first try... A SINGLE FIGURE was delayed for months and when it came out it had defects in assembly, reversed shoulders, not to mention a horrible paint application on He-Man's face. Super7 may be biting a bit more than they can chew right now and they're learning the ropes. I am willing to give them a chance. I'll see how this batch of figures works out and how the Classics and Filmation batch works. It wouldn't be fair to pass a full judgment if I haven't gotten more than one order.
 If the QC on the figures in both orders is mostly satisfactory (Ram Man so far is the only one on less than stellar) and the second batch (Classics and Filmation) Shows up in a timely manner, then Kraff be praised! The current delays were a fluke... If the Figures are subpar in QC and Delays become as normal as they were in 2016 with Matty, I'll 
and join in with pitchforks and the whole Matty Destroyer shebang... Now that I mention the whole Matty Destroyer thing, that's another reason WHY I'm giving them a chance. They are a new company, so the anger, vitriol and negativity caused by Neitlich and his replacements is not needed here. If they do mostly well (since nobody's perfect) then I'll praise them. If incompetence becomes the norm, I'll have no choice but to complain.

I was patient with the new Matty team, had my reservations because they were Scott's underlings, Digital River was kept in place, there was no overhaul at Matty... Well they were axing sections of the site if that counts. With Super7 it's a new team, a new company, so they get a new chance without the Matty Baggage. It's not about being an apologist or anything... I just want to be fair in my judgment.


It Came from the Toy chest: PRCC2017 Statue of Egocentrism...

So, way back in the past, I mentioned that I ordered a 3D Printed Statue of Myself. Well, it Finally arrived and here it is in all its glory...
Now the real question I've been asking myself: Should I paint it in realistic colors, as in mimicking my clothes for real, or should I paint it in shades of Turquoise and green with some tan accents mimicking an Ancient Fortress of Mystery... Cause I'm totally putting the statue of myself inside Castle Grayskull...
Now if someone has the Decoder of Eternian Glyphs to their English Alphabet Counterparts, it would be perfect so I can make a plaque for my statue... Something something a forgotten Hero of Grayskull.

Now that I finally unboxed it... Grayskull colors it is... I'm mildly underwhelmed by it. I don't want to sound like I'm whining, but there are a few issues with the statue. I already contacted the company and my actions will depend on their reply. And they replied to me as I was writing this. The option available was to send it back and they'd fill in the gaps, which TBH, it's something I can do on my own. My message was more to let them know that a mildly flawed model slipped through. Cause, let's face it... That's too much of a hassle when I can do it... All these years of fixing Matty screwups amirite?

On the Statue...
When looked from the front you cannot see the main issue, which is mostly on the top layers, where the plastic fibers didn't cover some areas properly. These are the issues I mentioned above.
While I could Theoretically fix them, I shouldn't have to. A bad print is a bad print.
Also it's odd... It detected the armband for the con, my cellphone in my pocket, my wallet in my back right pocket, the Twilight Sparkle pin on my shirt but most of my hairline is MIA, my goatee is virtually non-existent. That 3D scan was a bit random...

As you can see, the Statue is 8 inches tall... Way taller than the Warcraft Medivh, which I gave a quick repaint yesterday. It is also taller than Filmation He-Man.
I'm testing some Air Dry Clay to make a Very Rustic Looking Guardian of Grayskull Skull on the shield. Hammered down by an inpatient smith... hence the lack of accuracy on it. I could be a cheap-ass bitch and use a foamy cut in the shape and glued in... Need to get foamy tomorrow...

It's kinda weird having a statue of myself gracing my MOTU, but They influenced my universe, I think it's nice to have a little tribute to myself in my display (not counting my custom Nefty-kun)

Jul 12, 2017

The Neitlichverse has suffered a "Valpoint Paradox"

German fans from Planet Eternia have their Ultimates in hand. They have shown the new Bios on their Facebook page.
 You can read the Bios and see the new changes made "via Scrollos".

The new "Bios" are supposedly penned by Val Staples, hence the "Valpoint Paradox" title in the rant. It's a Quarter ass reboot to the Neitlichverse, but the Neitlichverse is still canon but most of the bad decisions by Neitlich are undone... Merman still dies by Mermista's hand, Orko commits genocide, Castle Grayskull is destroyed, Skeletor is killed by He-Man and is revived as a Zombie by Despara then killed again.

I'm not sure if these continued adventures of the characters are wholly a Val thing, or if there are remnants of Netilich's atrocious writing... (face it Scott, you're righting is as awe full as E.L. James. type-O's are on porpoise) But Man, Val (or whoever wrote this) tried to Outneitlich, the Superkami Toyguru himself...

Let's do He-Man's bio:
The first part of the bio is a description of the character... The important part is where the Classics Story Continues:
OK He-Man, She-Ra, Dare, and Teela are the big bosses of Eternia. They have adventures, meet allies and enemies (all with their copyright or trademark symbols, cause Bios) Then Keldor returns... After dying by He-Man, returning as Zombie Skeletor and decapitated. Keldor recovered from Decapitation. Then Keldor tells He-Man that Castle Grayskull must be rebuilt. The Spirit of He-Ro tells He-Man that it can only be done if the twins surrender the power. Then they drained the Trollan Grayskull, the Central Tower in order to recreate the Castle. All this was a ploy for Keldor to take the power unto himself. Adam transformed into He-Man, became young once again and defeated Keldor...

Let's see what's wrong here: How does one recover from decapitation (I guess Keep Reading the Bios is an appropriate answer here)? Then having all the power from powerful places across dimensions (Trolla is NOT on the same dimension as Eternia) consolidated under one place is a dumb idea... Especially when Skeletor is the one giving you the idea. Why Keep Dare around when you have a rejuvenated He-Man? Seriously, this is as convoluted and nonsensical as the Neitlichverse. But I have 4 more bios to go through..

 Now it's Faker's Turn...
at a glance this one doesn't seem too bad...
A little of He-Man's essence got into Faker... (not in that way, you pervs!) and now Faker has feelings and emotions. He also got as strong as He-Man. He saved Dare from an assassination and purged all his feelings except anger. He fought Anti-He-Man AND He-Man before ending up in Anti-Eternia and becoming a slave for Anti-He-Man until he can return to serve Skeletor.

Unless we're looking at time like a Time Lord then his bio makes no sense... So Faker was acting like He-Man while He-Man was in space? He stopped the assassination of Dare because he had a bit of good in him, but he later fights Anti-He-Man and He-Man. Were all of them rejuvenated? Or was Anti-He-Man old and He-Man wasn't? But if time progresses in Anti-Eternia just like Eternia, doesn't that mean that Anti-He-Man has an Anti-Dare and there's an Anti-Skeleteen as well?

Let's take on Skeletor before I decide to facedesk!

OK, Z-Skeletor was decapitated and Skelcons took him to a temple (Skelcons have organized religion?) Skeleteen finds the corpse of his father and takes it to the cave where his grandma (Keldor's mom, Saryn) was slain... Forbidden ritual with Havoc Staff and the blood of Saryn that apparently it still gushes allows Keldor to be revived from zombified decapitation...

Keldor tricks He-Man into rebuilding Grayskull, but he is stopped by He-Man and the "reawakened" Heroic warriors... then Keldor disfigures his face to look like Skeletor again...

Again, overcomplicating things instead of tossing the Neitlich crap this makes things worse... Saryn is bleeding out for eternity and can be used as a Phoenix down for Skeletor. Revived Heroic Warriors. We now have Clamp Champ as MAA, A Robot with a Duncan AI as a MAA, now add Duncan himself as MAA...

Oh my Celestia I still have Teela and Ram Man to go!
So, Teela... She has to raise Dare as Sorceress of Grayskull... She made a Council of Elders using Spellcasters. She had The Goddess train Dare (if her exploding crotch allows it) She became unemployed as Guardian of Grayskull when Scott Neitlich blew it up... After that she did jack squat!

Why is everyone with Adventures post the Neitlichverse but Teela gets nothing?

Let's just deal with Ram Man...

Ram Man has some adventures, Copyright signs get tossed around, gets a Sidekick, we get Gossip about Ram Man fighting two amputees over Lady Edwina. Battle Cat asks Ram Man to go on an adventure...
IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!! and Ram Man changes tunics. After the Adventure he finds out about the Third Ultimate Battleground and the Destruction and Restoration of Castle Grayskull... So he meets the young again He-Man.

That RanMan 2 better not be Stanlan... also, seriously, Ram Man beat 2 Amputees for that Skank's sake? Really? Also, IN SPAAAAAAAAACE!! is a lazy trope.

There's not much I can say about this that I haven't commented above. If Val truly wrote these, I feel bad for him. He really is not as good of a writer to pull off something that would remove the foul aftertaste of the Neitlichverse. I know of him as a really good colorist, not as a writer.

The problems with these bios are similar to the Neitlichverse ones, where a lot of stuff was crammed into a small space. Sure the space is bigger here, but it still feels as if they are trying to put a story far too big for this medium. Instead of doing a well deserved full reboot, the Neitlichverse was kept intact but using bad McGuffins to "Fix the bad parts". Last time I saw a Quarter Assed Reboot this bad, Peter Parker sold his Marriage to the Devil.

Again, this is not an attack on Val or whoever wrote this. This is just a colorful reaction from a fan. We needed a full reboot, or at least having the bios be only the Top half. It makes me a bit afraid of the Classics when they get their bios...  Now if my shipping confirmation would arrive sooner...

Jul 10, 2017

Super7's official update on the Ultimates.

Super7 is a wee bit late with the MOTUC Ultimates. Many have brought their pitchforks and torches and are about to riot... To the point that they're wanting THAT doof in charge instead of Flynn. I understand why people must be pissed off. We PAID for them in November and all that...

Here's the e-mail that Super7 sent today:
Attention MOTU Friends and Fans!
At long last, the Masters of the Universe Ultimates figures are nearing the end of their journey into your hands!

The figures have made the long ocean trek to the Port of Oakland, where they are currently waiting to clear customs inspection. This process will take 3-10 days depending on the level of customs inspection they get assigned, and following that, they will go to our shipping facility to be sent, at last, to you.
To be fair, there was a strike going on, in addition of the 4th of July week being, well last week. And this e-mail should've come out Last Week, specifically on July 3rd, just to give us a heads up on the delays.

We expect to begin shipping orders to you beginning on July 20th (or earlier!), and for the shipping process to take several days to get the large volume of orders out to everybody. Shipping confirmations, including tracking numbers, will be sent out for each order as they are shipped.
It's a guesstimate date. I hope they ship sooner rather than later. People will bitch and moan about it being 20 days late, that's inevitable. "It" happens. Hopefully S7 will learn from this.
I'm supposed to get mine 3 days after shipping, so I can't wait to get them. I'll say 4-5 days just in case.

We cannot overstate how greatly we appreciate your patience as we built up our infrastructure and process around taking over the MOTU Classics line! Thank you again so very much for hanging in there. We are very pleased with and excited about these figures and can't wait to get them into your hands.
While *I* have been patient and more lenient than I was with Mattel, I cannot say the same thing about other fans. I've seen the memes, the comments and they are far, far worse than when I made fun of  Superkami toyguru.

We have also received some questions about the blister packaging for the Ultimates. Our original intent was to package the figures in a resealable clamshell blister. In the production of the figures, the original model for the resealable blister failed the packaging drop test in safety testing, and the factory was not willing to proceed without modification. At that point, creating new molds for a revised resealable package would have added 4-5 weeks to the production schedule, and we were already rushing to get these figures into your hands. So we made the choice to instead use a vintage MOTU inspired, heat-sealed blister package so we could avoid any further delays.

Sadly, I must side with the complainers on this issue. This is something that should've been told to us in an official manner ASAP in order to avoid issues. The promotion for these toys talked about resealable packaging. While I am an opener, I am a bit disappointed that the option is not there, but others who REALLY wanted it are WAY more disappointed now. I think they would've preferred a delay in order to get the packaging right. (There would've been complaints, but delays are easier to deal with than whatever can of worms this issue may open.)

Again, we want to thank you all once more for your support and patience, and assure you that your figures will be in your hands in the coming weeks. We love them and hope you do too!
Thank you again.
 You're welcome, now send my toys ASAP!! ;)

Jul 9, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest: Fidgety Stress reliever.

If you recall the most glorious day in my life... Saturday for Bison. I mentioned that I own a Fidget Cube. I just discovered that this is a Bootleg...
Well, I've been with it over a month and it's gotten a bit dirty... One of the pieces was a bit stuck so I used some plastic safe lubricants to make the parts move and apparently no matter how well you dry and remove the excess lubricant it left a small film layer that dust, dirt and stuff stuck to it. No, I'm not gonna post pics of my dirty fidget cube! I will review it though.
I'll use diagrams as a poor man's substitute.
Also, it's easier to see all sides with a diagram than with the actual cube.

As you can see in the diagram you have ALL the sides of the cube at the same time. This diagram will be the main tool I'll use to talk about each of the cube's functions. I must also mention that after a month of use and abuse... Like falling from an escalator, my cube is mostly functional. I'll discuss each side in a bit.

Starting from the further left side... Your left, as you're reading this post is the 5 Button side. It has 5 buttons that click when pushed and they pop out when you release them. Apparently each button has a different sound/resistance. Like a substitute to a clicking pen, I found myself using this side a lot when in high stress... The official name for this side is "Click". Me I prefer the 5 Button side as a name.

The next side is the Metal Trackball and 3 "Combination lock tumblers" or Gears. I prefer to call them combination lock tumblers since they remind me of my childhood when I spent hours figuring out my dad's combination to his briefcases... (He had one full of interesting material for a teenage boy... Teenage me regrets drawing clothing over all those ladies using sharpie.) The official name for this side is "ROLL" because you can roll the trackball or the gears. Not a fan of the trackball, but the gears are my buddies.

The next side is a switch... You flick it on/off or try to make it reach a state similar to that of Schrödinger's cat... Where it's neither on nor off. I find myself attracted to this side a lot when bored. The official name is flip.

The next side is a small wheel that you turn with your thumb. it has a small nipple for your thumb to latch on to and allow you to spin it. This piece didn't want to move on mine until I lubricated it. Now it spins. I rarely use this side because the spinning is awkward. It's official name is Spin.

The next two sides are my favorite and least favorite sides of the cube. I shall start with the worst being the one at the bottom. It's official name is "Breathe" and it's simply a small indentation in an otherwise smooth side with nothing on it. It's supposed to be kinda like a worry stone, but it does nothing for me. I guess that this works with people who already use worry stones as a means to deal with their anxiety with a multitasker instead of a unitasker.

The final side is an Analog stick... That's pretty much what it is. While using an analog stick on a videogame is more fun, I gravitate a lot towards it AND try to match my movements to it when walking around.

the beauty of the fidget cube is that I can do things with it in one hand, while I keep my eyes and main hand in action for work. I can use the cube in my pocket with no issues vs using the Spinner.

I cannot rate it as an action figure or a playset, but these are kinda classified as toys, hence the it came from the toy chest. While you CAN PLAY with them, I see them more of a tool to channel some stress and nervous energy in a safe way. I recommend it to nervous folks. It's way better than the spinners.

Lafayette is dead... and other stuff odds and ends 7/9/17

While True Blood ended many moons ago, that was one of Mom's favorite recent series. Her favorite character was Lafayette. (who was supposed to die in season 2, as he died in the secodn book; but his popularity gave the TV version a plot shield and outlasted his book counterpart)

Was a bit bummed to find out that Nelsan Ellis, who played Lafayette, had died. Heart Complications. My condolences to his family.

On a bit of more Positive news... Eight. Eight new Episodes have been confirmed for Castlevania: The anime. Only catch? We have to wait until July 2018 to get Season 2.

Actual Cannibal, Shia LaBeouf arrested for Public Drunkenness and disorderly conduct. I'd be drunk as hell if I was associated with the Bayformers...

All this because of a cigarette? Dude! You're Shia LaBeouf! You CAN PAY for your damn cigarettes!

Jul 8, 2017

A Condorito Movie? What in Tarnation!?

Latin American readers will know Condorito... He's getting a movie and it'll release in October. Now for the rest of you who have no clue what the hell is a Condorito, here's the short explanation.

Condorito is a Chilean Comic that is distributed throughout Latin America. It's about this Anthropomorphic Condor who lives in a (fictional) town with humans. I want to call it a slice of life series, but with very little (if not zero) continuity and all the characters being props for jokes. Each story is basically a joke full of double entendres and other gags that children may not get them, but adults will.

I'm asking myself WHY? as in WHY is this happening? but I AM GOING TO SEE IT... You see, I have a special connection with Condorito... well Had. I haven't seen a magazine in ages... but I'll elaborate. Ever since I was a small child, I used to spend my summers with my grandparents. They usually bought me Condorito Magazines, because they were cheap, entertaining, and they could also get some throughout the rest of the year and have various stacks when I went on the summers. Sadly they passed away many years ago... and you could kinda guess when I stopped reading the comics.

I saw a poster for this on Thursday when I went to see Spider-Man: Homecoming (review will be up in a few days... giving time for people to see it before I spoil it. Also, I had to sit through not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4! Trailers for Dunkirk... No, I will NOT watch it... out of principle. Had it had been 1 trailer, I would've watched it. 4 trailers made me say NO!! Don't care if it has Christopher Nolan involved, 4 trailers on the same day while waiting for 1 movie is way too much!

Jul 7, 2017

My condolences to Standor...

I just found out that Stan Lee is now a widow. His wife of 70 years, Joan Lee has passed away.
She was 93 years old. She also was in a Stan Cameo for X-Men Apocalypse. I only remember her for one thing:

Yes, she was Madame Web in Spider-Man: the Animated Series.
My condolences to Stan and her family.

Akumajo Dracula the Anime...

I was super excited about the Castlevania anime... I saw it a few minutes ago... I'm disappointed...

Jul 5, 2017

It Came from the Toy chest: Dare to be Pony!!

It's Cheese Sandwich... which is pretty much a Ponified Weird Al Yankovic... Who has a ton of connections to Hasbro in the past 30 years... I guess we could say that Weird Al is More than Meets the Eye...

The Witwickys, Weird Al, Tara Strong's voice, a G1 Transformers toy, REFERENCES!!

There you go... Pony Weird Al singing with the Pink... Ie Pie!!

Cheese Sandwich has:
Hinged neck (can also look left and right)
hinged ball jointed forelegs (in two different points of the leg)
cut joint on  the hind legs
ball joint on the tail.

It's Literally the same Articulation as Pinkie. No Pony curve here!


Paint and Sculpt:

The Torso, head, tail and biceps are new. Mostly because of the shirt. The paint on his shirt is slightly sloppy since it's yellow and yellow paint is a pain in the neck.
The tampo on his left eye is SLIGHTLY off... Only noticeable on hyper zoomed in pics.

Party Tank (Treads don't work. They have wheels embedded on them for it to roll out!)
3 Missiles (Boneless is one of the missiles) They fly over 3 feet in distance... Pretty good for a toy for "little girls"
Stupid Shield

Cheese Sandwich gets a 4.5 as his score. It's a great score, since it's completely unexpected. It's also a bit nice to see the Guardians of Harmony moving on to non-mane6 characters.

Jul 4, 2017

Revisiting Tappers of Grayskull.

Now with more She-Ra...
What can I say about the game? It changed a little bit ever since I stopped playing...
Tournament mode which I think involve forced Time Travel, Outfits for He-Man... Read Variants, Vykron, Vikor, Wun-Dar, etc. These are unlocked with tournaments or forking over real cash... Then we have She-Ra...


Wait, don't celebrate too much... It's pretty much Hard Mode for the game. You start with She-Ra from scratch and you level her up and get the standard Masters: Teela, Snout Spout, He-Man, etc. I think Mossman and Rotar are new. No Bow, Glimmer, Castaspella, etc. The enemies have Flogg, Optikk, Megator, Multibot and it's way underwhelming. The real difference is that with He-Man you start with 30 seconds for boss battles, while She-Ra only has 10.

I'll try to redo everything and see if the game is worthy of staying or if I'll delete it once more...


Jul 3, 2017

The Ultimates have hit another delay... Don't reach the pitchforks yet...

I am a bit miffed about the situation, but in all fairness... LOOK AT THE CALENDARS...
June 30th was a Friday... Tomorrow is the 4th of July, which is like the Most important day for the US of A citizens...

If a delay on customs happened it would delay things a bit since the first two days of July are on a weekend and Tomorrow Tuesday is a Holiday in 'Murica.
While the delay is understandable, the silence from Super7 is a bit less comfortable.

Facebook users took it upon themselves to inquire about the delays... Brian Flynn is now looking for feedback to make things better, while explaining the situation with the delays...
For the love of all things holy... If you're going to give feedback on how to improve things, let's try a polite approach first. He is not Neitlich and so far he has been open to suggestions and has tried to improve things as much as possible for a tiny company... Super7 is not Mattel. Mattel can afford to tell us off and cancel MOTU. Super7 cannot. Let's try and be as nice as possible with the feedback and see how things move on from there. I will do my part and say this: If the items hit a snag on customs and they are delayed, we should've gotten a simple E-Mail from Super7 stating something along the lines of:

Hey, MOTU fans:
We know you're a bit antsy to get the Masters of the Universe Ultimate Figures, we are too! The figures are so close we can almost smell them! Right now we're waiting for customs to clear our shipments in order to send you the figures. Due to Independence day being so close around the corner, things have moved a bit slower than we wanted. We know that waiting sucks, but please bear with us. This is a situation beyond our control and once it's cleared, we'll begin shipping your figures ASAP!
We're sorry for any inconvenience that this issue may have caused;
 This is Flynn's response to a post from a Facebook User on Super7's FB page. While it explains what happened; I believe it should've come up sooner and on an official e-mail instead of a quick reply on Facebook.

Hopefully Super7 will take this to heart and be a bit more transparent when issues outside their control pop up... Did you know there's a dock workers strike going on? Well now you know...

I said it before, I'll say it again. Delays happen, even the big bad Mattel was hit with those. Super7 is learning the ropes of making toys like the big boys. I'm not going to go all colorful, exaggerated nerd rage on them yet... In fact, I'm hoping I don't have to. They have a lot to lose if they fail... WE HAVE A LOT TO LOSE IF THEY FAIL... If S7 fails, Mattel shelves MOTU, possibly forever. I don't want that to happen.

Jul 1, 2017

Amy Pascal is the gift that keeps on giving

Amy Pascal is an idiot. I've said it before and I'll say it again... She's a bloody idiot!! Yes, I went British for that...
Well, If you thought that Carnage being the main villain in the very first Venom movie was stupid, well, Amy Pascal said: Hold my Beer and watch this!

This is turning Venom into deadpool...

You can't have a dark, gritty violent Venom

and a jokey venom...

at the same time. Then again, a Jokey Venom seems kinda wrong. As much as I love that SURF THE WEB! SURF THE WEB! clip, because of how stupid it is, that's not Venom.
I'm not saying that there cannot be humor in a Venom movie, but COMEDY should NOT be the main focus of the movie, ESPECIALLY since going for a Hard R-Rating... Much less if you're starting with Carnage (which is a horrible mistake)

Honestly, SONY should wait a bit for Venom, especially if the rumors about MCU Phase 4 and Spidey are true. Also, if Sony and the Mouse can make a Spider-Man vs The Sinister Six movie, it would be EPIC!!

Matt C. Kayser hits it out of the park AGAIN!!

If that name sounds familiar to you, then you have been reading the amazing fan novels from the Masters of the Universe: The Bloodline Trilogy.

I have commented on parts one and two in the past... Well, I just finished part 3 and...
Wow. 400+ pages of a more Mature take on MOTU that brought chills down my spine in a good way.
The Third and Final Chapter of the Trilogy takes an alternative look at the Powers of Grayskull WITHOUT the limitations of a mini comic.

As before, Matt took bits and ends from past continuities, even the Official Mattel Canon, (which, we all know I have a few issues with it...) and put it in a blender. You following me? Then that blender was put in AWESOMESAUCE MODE and prepared a delicious fresh new take to the Powers of Grayskull... *Mild Spoiler* Matt made DARE freaking awesome in his own way WITHOUT Diminishing the importance of the Twins of Power, which is a well known gripe of mine within the Official Mattel Canon. It's not an easy task to take from so many continuities (in some cases the continuities conflict with each other) and have the end result be a treat!

It's a refreshing feeling to be able to read a MOTU tale that feels mature, but without recurring to gratuitous gore, sex, profanity to make it more "Mature'. I still stand with what I said back in 2014

This piece of Fan fiction feels more in tune to MOTU than Mattel's own current canon for MOTU. 
 I really mean it. And I still believe that Mattel should venture into allowing up and coming authors to tell tales from their vast universe. Not only for MOTU, but for other of their own brands, like say Max Steel. While the Max Steel novels could be geared towards older children or younger teen (like say, the Harry Potter target audience back then) MOTU can be geared for Adults who grew up with He-Man in the 80s or in 2002... 8 year olds back then would be in their 20s now. They CAN take a more mature MOTU as an audience... This is how you keep the brand relevant. You make the occasional cartoon for the kids, maybe an animated movie or 2 along the lines of DC's direct to video movies, which are a bit more mature than their Cartoon Network shows. Then you release a novel every 2-5 years with stories about He-Man. You could do like full novels or an anthology of short stories chronicling the adventures of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Now bringing it back to Matt's Story. While He-Man IS GENERALLY the Protagonist of MOTU, this Trilogy was more a story about Keldor/Skeletor. The true Protagonist here, IMO was Keldor/Skeletor. Looking at the bigger picture, this story made me root for Skeletor in an unironic way... That different perspective, paired with a deeper look to certain characters: Keldor/Skeletor, Despara/Adora, D'Vann Grayskull made this MOTU story feel fresh. Making the Overlord of Evil be sympathetic enough that makes me forget my dislike for the "Keldor's Redemption" angle.

P.S.: Oh Hi, Matt!