Jul 14, 2017

Super7 supercast #4 the rant

After a series of hiccups with bad audio, Super7 finally released their fourth Supercast...
It has very little info on MOTUC that has been discussed before.

Here it is if you want to see the video. Long Story Short: they;re on the docks waiting to be unloaded and checked by customs. We should be getting them Theoretically speaking in the next few days...

Now I'm going to tackle the elephant in the room.


I could do a bunch of rants, because they have delivered plenty of material. Especially the issue with the packs not being resealable... This I am NOT HAPPY ABOUT but it's not a deal breaker to me. The part that bugs me the most out of this issue was that they did NOT inform us about that in a timely manner. (a lie by omission?)  That whole not telling us about the lack of resealable packaging was a dick move. One that shouldn't be repeated.

Lack of paint apps in Ram Man, while it sucks, it's not the end of the world for me.
First: The issue can be fixed even with a bit of the cheapest paint available... That's like $1 and a few minutes to add a little drybrushing to the armor and it's fixed. It's not like having to swap forearms and repaint skunk lines on him or reconstruct an exploding crotch. It's 1 out of 5... Sure, that's a 20% margin of error. So far, the other 4 look nice. Maybe He-Man's hair looks a bit darker on the pics online, but can't tell for sure until I get them in hand... Which leads me to the next point.
Second: We don't have the figures yet, so we can't truly judge them. There have been figures that look better or worse than the pics once we have them in hand.
Third: Ram Man was already the WEAKEST of the Ultimates release. Even if he had gotten a super paint job, it wouldn't help that he's simply the Matty Ram Man in different colors. No new accessories, (a New Fishing Rod would've made him tempting or a third non squinty eyes head.) seeing that they had to make new molds in some instances.

So, the Ram Man issue isn't that big of an issue to me. We SHOULDN'T have to paint the figure, but after so many Matty Figures missing paint apps, (Stinkor got Toy Blue molded weapons without any paint apps, Blade lost paint apps from proto to final figure just to name two from the top of my head.) or figures with wrong colors, or sloppy paint apps that need a fix... it's not a huge deal to me. (Mileage may vary)

The delays ROYALLY SUCK... I'm not going to pretend they don't. The thing is that the Explanations given for them are PLAUSIBLE, not to mention that this is Super7's first attempt at the big leagues. Even the big bad Mattel choked on their first try... A SINGLE FIGURE was delayed for months and when it came out it had defects in assembly, reversed shoulders, not to mention a horrible paint application on He-Man's face. Super7 may be biting a bit more than they can chew right now and they're learning the ropes. I am willing to give them a chance. I'll see how this batch of figures works out and how the Classics and Filmation batch works. It wouldn't be fair to pass a full judgment if I haven't gotten more than one order.
 If the QC on the figures in both orders is mostly satisfactory (Ram Man so far is the only one on less than stellar) and the second batch (Classics and Filmation) Shows up in a timely manner, then Kraff be praised! The current delays were a fluke... If the Figures are subpar in QC and Delays become as normal as they were in 2016 with Matty, I'll 
and join in with pitchforks and the whole Matty Destroyer shebang... Now that I mention the whole Matty Destroyer thing, that's another reason WHY I'm giving them a chance. They are a new company, so the anger, vitriol and negativity caused by Neitlich and his replacements is not needed here. If they do mostly well (since nobody's perfect) then I'll praise them. If incompetence becomes the norm, I'll have no choice but to complain.

I was patient with the new Matty team, had my reservations because they were Scott's underlings, Digital River was kept in place, there was no overhaul at Matty... Well they were axing sections of the site if that counts. With Super7 it's a new team, a new company, so they get a new chance without the Matty Baggage. It's not about being an apologist or anything... I just want to be fair in my judgment.


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