Jul 17, 2017

Be prepared... For Kingdom Hearts 3, bub!

The shock of a Female Doctor (that wasn't Donna) took out the wind about the Rumors of Scar being infused with an Adamantium Skeleton. But seeing that the Will Smith as Genie Rumors ended up being true (blegh!) This Rumor sounds a bit awesome... Sure, he's not Jeremy Irons, but Hugh Jackman could pull off a Scar... John Oliver is going to be Zazu... This may be a bit interesting, but to be honest, I don't see WHY the Lion King is being redone in CGI.

You've got a friend in Sora...

A Toy Story World... Game is Finally coming in 2018... If after 13 years of waiting, that god damned duck hasn't learned to heal me, I'll kick him in the dick!
George A. Romero has joined the dead dead... I know that George A. Romero dying would lend itself for a nice Living Dead reference, but the man just died. I can't make a zombie joke even if he was the one who made Zombies before they were cool...

Martin Landau has passed away. Mission Impossible's Man of a Million Faces... (that's 999,994 more faces than Man-e-faces) has passed away. I remember him, not from Ed Wood, Mission Impossible, or Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow, but

He played Scorpion there...

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