Jul 23, 2017

Odds and Ends 07/23/17: Valerian, Flashpoint, N64, and Winter is coming

So I saw Valerian... It's based on French Comics that I have not read, so I can't tell How Faithful this is from the Source Material and the little I've read, well... it makes me think that the movie just took the name of the French Comic Characters and did a Bastard Child of The Fifth Element and Star Wars. It Stars that dude from Chronicle and The Amazing Spider-Man and a Discount Lindsay Lohan... The villain from Suicide Squad. Luc Besson, of the Fifth Element fame gave us a PRETTY MOVIE TO LOOK AT but I kinda felt like I took too many Valerian Root pills. I was struggling to stay awake during the movie. The leads were dull and wooden. Mannequin Skywalker never looked so good next to these two. The worst part was having to sit through a Rihanna burlesque number and that was the movie's highest point.

Seriously, this movie is like the worst part of the Prequels combined with The Fifth Element minus Ruby Rhod.

I used to think that Ruby was annoying, but after seeing Valerian, i miss Ruby so much that I'd kiss Chris Tucker if I ever meet him.

I'm Batman!! Get it... Bat...
Man... I'll let myself out!
Goddammit Barry! We're not even starting to get you into a movie and you want to go into Flashpoint? A Movie about The Flash, where The Flash isn't The Flash and we get Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Batman... Seriously? This is what happens when you try to cash into that Avengers money and you do things ass backwards...

I'm guessing Barry Allen is traveling in time all the time to see if he can speed up GRRM's work... Supposedly, Winds of Winter might come out this year... Also, GRRM is supposedly writing 2 volumes of stories about the Targaryen kings to be published in 2018 and 2019... How about stopping the massive procrastination and finish the God Damned Song of Ice and Fire first? It almost seems as if Georgie is stalling until The Many-Faced god comes to him...

Nintendo 64 Classic MAY be a reality... As stupid as it sounds. The Original site's article says CONFIRMED, but I'm taking this with a grain of salt. Nintendo only made a Trademark, nothing more. I already mentioned WHY I think a N64 Classic is unlikely, due to limitations of licensing and Rare being bought by Microsoft (and Rare was HUGE in the N64 era)

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