Jul 5, 2017

It Came from the Toy chest: Dare to be Pony!!

It's Cheese Sandwich... which is pretty much a Ponified Weird Al Yankovic... Who has a ton of connections to Hasbro in the past 30 years... I guess we could say that Weird Al is More than Meets the Eye...

The Witwickys, Weird Al, Tara Strong's voice, a G1 Transformers toy, REFERENCES!!

There you go... Pony Weird Al singing with the Pink... Ie Pie!!

Cheese Sandwich has:
Hinged neck (can also look left and right)
hinged ball jointed forelegs (in two different points of the leg)
cut joint on  the hind legs
ball joint on the tail.

It's Literally the same Articulation as Pinkie. No Pony curve here!


Paint and Sculpt:

The Torso, head, tail and biceps are new. Mostly because of the shirt. The paint on his shirt is slightly sloppy since it's yellow and yellow paint is a pain in the neck.
The tampo on his left eye is SLIGHTLY off... Only noticeable on hyper zoomed in pics.

Party Tank (Treads don't work. They have wheels embedded on them for it to roll out!)
3 Missiles (Boneless is one of the missiles) They fly over 3 feet in distance... Pretty good for a toy for "little girls"
Stupid Shield

Cheese Sandwich gets a 4.5 as his score. It's a great score, since it's completely unexpected. It's also a bit nice to see the Guardians of Harmony moving on to non-mane6 characters.

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