Jul 20, 2017

SDCC 2017 Dropped us a MOTUC Bomb!

Pixel Dan, being the MOTUC April O'Neil he is, got a scoop... One Hell of a Scoop!
Super 7's Wave 2 for MOTUC Collector's Choice and Club Grayskull...

Are you ready?
Apparently, it's 4Collector's Choice and 4 Filmation this time...
It seems that The Collector's Choice 3 are
Who looks a bit too Filmationy, but that's probably because he can slip into both line-ups.

The Horde Mummy, now known as Wrap Trap! (So many unPC jokes that can be made) Also I smell a possessed Skeletor from the Three Terrors to reuse some Wrap Trap Wrappings!

KARG!!!!! Freaking Vampire Pirate Tina Turner... Shame that my Custom must die... FREAKING KARG!!!!!!!

Filmation gets:

Charmander, Char! Char! I mean Tunglashor
I guess my reply says it all... Eh, this is so far the weakest one but mostly because I hate Charmander

Sorceress... Goddammit Nappa! Now I have to get this set to switch sorceresses...

Merman... I kinda need him...

Not shown, but hinted by card:
Collector's Choice has Granita
Filmation has Man-e-Faces.

And that happened too... Curse you insomnia!

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