Aug 11, 2015

The Karg Odyssey

Mattel cannot make a Karg Figure because of some Rights issues with the movie and the only movie figures we can have in Toy Form are Blade, Saurod and Gwildor. I mentioned that there COULD BE Hope that he can be made in the theoretical not MOTUC 2016 line that we now know as The Collector's choice.  Could does not mean they WILL.

I weighed in my options. I decided to Butcher a figure into a Hybrid Version of the Comic Book Karg with the Movie Version... Kinda like What Mattel would have done for the Vintage Line.
A True MOVIE Karg Custom would have been WAY Beyond my Skills (and Budget, seeing that Zombiehamma's Karg Head is in the $40 range).

*warning: this rant has been IN progress for months, due to the time it took to get the items AND ME Getting enough Free time to work on him.* 
(roughly since the end of April until Today)

The Chosen Figure was Geldor, because:
A) getting a Geldor online was cheaper than other base figures.
B) Geldor's loincloth looks a bit like the Comic Book Karg.

I got myself a Third Party Cast of the Palace Guard Armor in Black to complete the Armor on him. I also got a King Grayskull Cape for the Movie Look. A Weapon Pak Trap Jaw Hook completes his hand... I think I may need to use a dremel to adjust the armor for the cape to fit. This assumption is based on the 2 posts to hold weapons on the back of the armor.

The Karg Head is the Mystery Third Shapeways Item of my second MOTU Shapeways showcase created by Freeman's Mind Toys.

While there is a more movie accurate head available, I purposely chose this head BECAUSE it fits with my plan of making a MOTUC Version of a theoretical "Vintage Karg".
Similar to how 80s Gwildor Kinda LOOKS like the Movie Gwildor, but without having the tons of Movie Details, FMT's Karg Head has some very Vintage MOTU Toy notes on it. Perhaps it was done to avoid issues with the movie rights owners (seeing that Shapeways allows people to literally mass produce these heads in a way that no sculptor can match by doing the heads by hand.) or 3D Printing still can't allow the level of detail that a Completely Accurate Karg Head would need. (If a 3D Printed more movie accurate Karg head shows up, I may get it... Unless the price is too high.)

first paint attempt.
Armor's colors were edited
by computer as a test.
As I write this I'm still thinking: Should I keep the weird Movie-inspired Gold, or should I just go Full Black like the comic. I already Glued the TJ Hook on his left hand to be more movie inspired (and to make him a bit more special since Trap Jaw, Fisto, Jitsu, Roboto and Hurri Hordak all have special Right hands).

The first Attempt at gold looked too gaudy. The gold was too bright and looked off. I removed the paint and sanded the joints (dremeled the harder plastic on the shoulder discs and some torso areas to reduce paint rub.) Primed the figure in black and then tried dry brushing the same gold paint mixed with a bit of gunmetal. Looked a bit better. From some angles it looks black, but from others it looks kinda gold.

The hair on this Karg head is as detailed as the Filmation heads.  I had to do some scratches on the head with a blade to give him some sort of extra detail to make him blend with Classics a bit better.
Completed Karg
Now that I have all the pieces painted and assembled, I can see the resemblance to Karg a bit more. The Armor and cape work great with the body and no dremeling involved. (aside the head since the 3D Printed head needed to be dremeled to fit on the neck.) The caster had modified the back piece. The cape is sitting on his shoulders with no assistance. The head movement is non-existent due to the hair and cape getting in the way, but I'm not going to have Karg move his head a lot anyways. (I may use blu tac on the cape to help it stay.)

For the moment Mattel won't make a Karg yet, so the Custom can survive a few more years. Down the road, I may get an updated Karg head. I think Mr. Freeman was going to do an updated head (that is more accurate to the movie version) available through a Caster, but I don't have all the details at the moment. If this happens, I'll upgrade. I definitely believe that I WILL give him a Palace Guard Blaster so he can have a weapon.

Now Late September/early October cannot come Soon Enough for the Saurod review where I'll be able to have ALL THE MOVIE EVIL WARRIORS TOGETHER!!!


  1. This is really cool Crespy- I'll point out though that this was my older version and I have the much more complete version you've seen since that I'll provide you with free once it's ready and back to me.

    1. Cool beans! I will update for The Karg Odyssey 2: Electric Boogaloo when it happens!