Aug 1, 2015

Top 25 Repaints/variants with little new tooling that could be made in MOTUC.

The 2016 Power Con debacle and my theoretical 2017 ideas for PC were the basis for this rant.

This will Exclude those 3 Items, seeing that An Alcala He-Man and Skeletor were mentioned in the past Rant and a Cardback Ram Man. Also the top criteria is not necessarily your top criteria, but the criteria of the entire staff of the House of Rants... Namely, me and my non-writer assistants who may or may not be real people...

None of these are coming, but it's an idea of what COULD come if we were to rely on Repaint or some creative parts reuse...

Battleground Fisto:
He is here because we know of the Fisto Issue where not all Subscribers received A Fisto.
He's 80-Something percent the Standard Matty Fisto with a few changes:
Paler Complexion and Bright Red Hair to match his 200X look. His entire Palette would be 200X inspired.
The Not New Tool pieces would be:
-Chooblah Loincloth to match the 200X Look with his belt.
-SA He-Man Left Bracer
-Batros Boots with He-Man Feet.

Meched-Out Mekaneck: (Placeholder name for a 200X Mekaneck)
This replaces the Blastic Vintage Mek and gives us a body for the possible SnakeMek head.
Basic torso, Hordak Flat Abs
Different parts would be:
-Man-E-Faces Shoulders
-Icarius Arms
-Man-e-Faces hands
-KG Loincloth
-Blast Attack Thighs
-Vikor shins, boots, feet.

He-Man Triumphant:
Take the Normal He-Man Paint his loincloth and boots Brown, paint his bracers and belt gold. His armor in Metallic Blueish Gray. His iron cross in BRIGHT RED. Add the Scar via paint on his left eye. Add a Bright Red Carnivus cape with the gem painted gold.
Toss in the Laser Head as a second head with the scar on his left eye painted.

Battleground Ram Man:
Ram Man in his 200X Repaint colors (Gold armor as seen on the It Came From the Toy Chest review video) Mini Comics Ram Man would require a new body to make it justice.

Great Unrest Mer Man:
Vintage Mer Man.
Vintage Head, Kobra Khan forearms and boots in vintage Colors.

Anillis Kur: (UK Horde Prime, Bio justification: Younger HP before using the T-O virus to transform.)
He'd reuse only the 2nd HP Head and the Cloak. (the Horde Insignia reduces accuracy, but looks badass, and keeps the cape in place.)
Normal Body on him with Grizzlor Boots and feet
-Plundor Loincloth with Cy-Chop belt
-NA He-Man bracers and hands

Birth of Castle Grayskullman:
GITD CGM with the paint washes done in GITD Green paint.

"Ambrosia" Whiplash (200X look):
Ceratus body, armor, loincloth, tail, legs whiplash's 200X head, hands and 200X Battle Spork.

Elder Lizardman:
There was a brown Lizard Man with white clothing on an episode. Easy Repaint of the Lizardman we have.

Ultimate Etherian Hordak: (Placeholder name)
Yes, this will be a Failmation Hordak 2.0 with the same level of Fail on the head and cowl. But it should get BOTH Arms removable AND the BS Hollow Torso. (the Right Arm being removable would also lend itself for the Hurricane Accessories.) This of course would be a "large item" due to the amount of stuff it would come with.

Spirit of He-Ro:
Clear Yellow Plastic reuse of He-Ro... And yes, the color yellow is chosen on Purpose so we can have a Stoplight Themed Spirit Party.

Martial Arts Faker: (Placeholder title for a Flying fists/Terror Claws inspired Faker.)
Basically a meld of TC Skeletor and FF He-Man... Probably use the Marzo left hand for the Claw and TP He-Man's Right Fist for the Flying fist. (If he was an 80s figure he's have the same action feature of being able to swing his arms as punching or scratching.)

Snakemen 2 pack:
Plain Repaint of these snakes would sell. Makes Hssss' army seem more diverse... I'm leaning towards Blue and Red Snakemen (Elmo and Grover)

(Insert catchy name here) Tri-Klops: (The 200x Repaint with pants and shirt)
To spice up this TK Repaint I suggest:
Vikor's loincloth
Vykron's Tanktop Armor
Geldor Boots and shins
He-Man Feet
Vikor's right bicep

Masks of Power Prince Adam:
Basically a Pantsless Adam in a blue vest.

Ice Adventure Teela:(Place Holder name)
Basically a Point Dread Teela torso, with Traditional Teela arms and legs (BGEL forearms) painted as if she's covered from head to toe in a white and ice blue clothing. Add a BGEL Cape to complete the look. (Works well for customizers since it gives you a decent base for Illumina... Nudge nudge wink wink and all that.)

Tufos: (Making a new character from the bios based on a Repaint.)
Stratos with Carnivus hands and shins, Flipshot boots with Oo-Larr Feet and KG Loincloth.
The armor and wings on Stratos would be painted in colors similar to Sky Strike Stratos from 200X.
The beard on the Stratos head would be brown as seen on the MYP Cartoon.

Snake Armor King Grayskull:
Same as SA He-Man but his Torso would be flesh tone and the right thigh, shoulder and bicep would be the Normal naked arms.

Ambrosia Buzz-Off:
Buzz-Off torso/wings with Ceratus shoulders, Kobra Khan Forearms, Buzz-off Claws, Normal thighs, Evil Seed Shins and Dactus feet. 200X B-O head.
Roboto 2.0:
Corrected shoulders, Blast Attak forearms and hands, 200X head, new paintjob on legs, horde trooper feet.

Ninja Warrior's Onikage: (Demon Shadow Technique)
A Translucent Black Ninjor with red eyes... Good for armybuilding a la Naruto's Kagebunshin no jutsu.

Horde Apprentice Keldor:
Keldor with Red Hordak Armor. Red and Black 200X sword. It's a nod to the Horde Apprentice Skeletor concept that has been floating around for a while.

Vykron's last Stand:
A Replacement to the Blastic Vykron in Barbarian mode. For the other modes, you'd need the basic Vykron.
New not new pieces would be:
The King Hssss Abs and Extendar's crotch connector with the Vykron loincloth. the Peg on Hssss' abs should be molded in red Plastic for obvious reasons.

Zombie Trap Jaw: (Mini Comics Trap Jaw)
Basically, Trap Jaw with the He-Man legs and the Tri-Klops left arm. painted in mini comics colors and using the Filmation Gun... (Bio justification: Skeleteen revives him for reasons...)

Invisible Glimmer:
She could make herself invisible in the cartoon, so Clear Glimmer is a go!!

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