Aug 11, 2015

Ugh! The Neitlichverse is making me sick Pt. II

Part One of this not rant took my fan continuity through the timeline until The New Adventures era started. Part Two may touch on the rest of the timeline. I'm still thinking if I will touch the Son of He-Man aspect of the Neitlichverse, or change it radically.

I want to explain how some things work in my fan continuity before I do the rest of the timeline.

Sword of Power:
The sword of Power is not a normal weapon. By that, I mean that the sword in its purest form is an Energy construct, or the raw power of the universe when it was created.
While it WAS CREATED by the Trollans (well, more like reshaping that raw power in a manageable form), it wasn't intended to be used by Trollans. That was why He-Ro was chosen as the Wielder.

When He-Ro uses the blade, he uses it as an Energy Blade in its purest form. When He-Ro dies, the sword seems to have vanished. When Grayskull finds the sword, it presents itself to him as a magnificent sword, of the finest steel. As Grayskull wields the sword, he learns the nature of it. Hence the splitting of the blade in two halves.

The splitting of the swords that destroyed the Horde and Protected Eternia became legends.
Many made copies of what they thought the Holy blades looked like. (Splitting Gar swords, etc.)
Throughout the span of Eternia's long history of war, many warriors wielded these half swords. Some were unaware that their trusty weapon was one half of the legendary sword. Others were sworn to protect the half sword with their lives. The reason for this is that each half kept the shape shifting properties of the original blade. (this is to allow for the different versions of the sword to coexist. In my case, I use a repainted Staction Vintage looking sword for KG, while I use the Technosword for Adam. Now if I could get casts of She-Ra's 200X sword... This also allows me to use some shapeways weapons, like the Alcala Power sword for Oo-Larr, or the NU52 sword for uh, Wun-Dar? No, King He-Man... He gets the NU52 sword...)

NONE of those who wielded the half blades could unlock the sword's power. Not even the Descendant of King Grayskull and Legendary Hero of Prophecy. This was because NONE of them have wielded the Full sword since King Grayskull.

The half swords have another trick up their sleeve. a bit of the essence of their wielders stayed within the swords. Because the swords were not whole they could only absorb bits and pieces. (combat techniques, spells and other combat related things.) The exceptions were He-Ro and Grayskull. Because they wielded the FULL Blade, the swords kept more of their essence locked inside. If someone in the far future wields the NEW Sword of Power and the Sword of Protection, he or she may be able to channel some of He-Man or She-Ra's abilities too!

Techno Swords:
The Techno Swords are the answer for Adam and Adora to use the full power until their blades are not bound to Grayskull. The Technoswords are not purely technological in nature. I'd say they're 30% Technology and 70% Magic (to Duncan's chagrin) The Metal for these comes straight from the original two wielders of the actual Sword of Power. Then they were magically imbued with some of the essence of the original users. The techno shell surrounding each half is basically an emulator of the other half. The bits of essence from He-Ro and KG is what completes the circle. In the Sword of Protection's case the Stone of Protection enhances the bond of Metal with soul, which explains why Adora can do some stuff that Adam cannot do with his blade.

Transformations: (Adam to He-Man, Adora to She-Ra)
We know that Adam and Adora tap into the Power of Grayskull when transforming. It's obvious that Adam's biggest source is King Grayskull, while Adora's is He-Ro. As explained above, the Emulators have something to do with that since one uses Metal that was imbued with more essence of He-Ro, (staff and armor) while the other uses Metal from Grayskull's other weapons.
In Adam's case, when he was a teen, the Sorceress used an ancient spell to help disguise Adam's appearance in order to protect the inexperienced He-Man from being attacked at his weakest...
Seeing that Skeletor did not know of Oo-Larr's death, The Sorceress disguised Adam as the He-Man who fought against Skeletor when she was simply Teela'Na.
As Adam grew into the Hero of Prophecy, the disguise began to fade away until Adam and He-Man were one and the same. This idea is a justification to why people don't realize that Adam and He-Man are one and the same.

She-Ra's case is slightly different. The radical change from Adora to She-Ra comes from her thirst for redemption. Hence the whole White Dress and gold attire. (That also explains the pretty princess long hair.) The wings on her helm come from Zoar. The cape from He-Ro.

Serpent's ring (Ring of Serpos) and SMAA:
The Serpent's ring is one of the many "presents" the Un Named One has given to his heralds in order to do his bidding. (For the Horde, we got the Nanite Techno Virus, which razes worlds in order to dig out Star Seeds.)

This Artifact is one of the ways the Original Snakemen King (King Hssss' father) had to create new servants. It also served as a key to summon the Unholy beast Serpos. The Viper Tower would be the door. Serpos, would raze the world of opposition until the UNO could harvest the Star Seed of that world.

After the fall of Grayskull, the Snakemen became almost extinct and what little of them was left went underground. There, the Snakemen discovered that those who were not PURE Snakemen and were converted via the ring could actually mate with either snakefolk or humans.

I think that's enough for items that may have needed explanations... Now let's try and tackle New Adventures.

New Adventures of He-Man and She-Ra:

-Skeletor had been hunting for Hordesmen and gathering additional information on the Horde for years until he reached Denebria. There he defeated an army of Former Hordesmen who decided to take over their sector of the Galaxy in their own name instead of the Horde. Feigning defeat against their Leader General Brakk (called General Flogg behind his back due to his use of an Energy Flogger.), Skeletor guided Flogg to do his bidding. His first target, Primus, home of the Tri-Solar Galaxy's Starseed.

-Adora, appointed Guardian of Eternia and Etheria helps keep the peace in both worlds with the aid of members of the Eternian Heroic Warriors, the Etherian Heroic Warriors (the former Great Rebellion) and her husband, Bow.

-He-Man arrives to Primus and meets the Galactic Protectors in a grand parade celebrating the arrival of He-Man, known throughout the Galaxy as an enemy of the Evil Horde. Master Sebrian, Leader of Primus and father of General Darius takes He-Man as his guest. Adam reveals his identity to Sebrian and asks of him to keep it a secret, in order to be able to move around Primus without drawing too much attention to himself. The Primian sage agrees with the proposition.

-He-Man and Skeletor cross paths on Primus for the first of many times.

-With the Arrival of He-Man, Skeletor wrests control out of the Space Mutants from Flogg and carries out a vendetta against his nephew.

-Adora is forced to retire from heroics during the time of her Pregnancy. Glimmer becomes Godmother of Adora and Bow's child (Dare) and Adora becomes Godmother of Adam and Glimmer's twins, Abelle and Kaine. Teela erases the memories of the Children from Adora, Glimmer and Bow in order to keep them protecting both worlds.*
I am drifting from the Neitlichverse when dealing with the kids. The reason I added a few more to the story is simple: The Mattel story has a huge issue. If He-Man HAS the Power and is still young enough to fight, then WHY IS HE ON THE SIDELINES? There needs to be a real reason for him not to fight. Having his flesh and blood be the next big bad would make sense. He-Man would be unable to physically fight the son he failed. I'm using the following line of reasoning: He-Man would hold back when fighting Family, My guess, is that He-Man is able to fight Skeletor BECAUSE he believes that Keldor can be saved and that his "evil" stems from Demo-Man. Adora's time as Despara stems from Horde "brainwashing". Now, by having HIS SON be a villain, Adam's own conscience would make him step aside. That's not thinking about the PR nightmare for Mattel by having He-Man beat up children.

-The Tri Solar War reaches an end when Skeletor finally finds Horde Prime's location and abandons the Tri Solar Galaxy with an obviously pregnant Crita. Flogg takes back control of the Mutant army and accepts a peace treaty with the People of Primus.

-He-Man returns to Eternia once he finds out that Horde Prime is headed there.

-He-Man, She-Ra, Skeletor, the Heroic Warriors, the Evil Warriors the Mutants AND Galactic Protectors take on the Gigantic Horde Prime. During the Battle, He-Man saves Jitsu's life.

-At the cost of many warriors' lives, including Bow's (who died heroically protecting his wife.) Horde Prime's Gigantic Exoskeleton is destroyed, revealing the true form inside.

-Skeletor, He-Man and She-Ra take Horde Prime on their own and order their troops to fall back. Horde Prime unleashes his power on the Twins and Skeletor.

-Using arcane magics, Horde Prime Purges Demo-Man out of Skeletor, mortally wounding him. As he was dying, Keldor confesses to He-Man that he CHOSE the path of evil willingly and not under the influence of others.

-Horde Prime focuses his attacks on Adora and summons from deep within her psyche the Despara part of her and gives it a physical form. Now She-Ra has to battle her worst enemy, herself.

-With She-Ra distracted, Horde Prime attacks He-Man. Not being able to keep up with the enraged He-Man, Horde Prime Forces the Generator of his ship to Overload, with the ship being so close to Eternia, the explosion would destroy the Planet.

-A warrior in Purple, who calls himself Spector enters the battle and using a Cosmic Key tries to pull the ship out of  Eternian Space. As both She-Ra and Despara II realize Horde Prime's strategy, they join He-Man in the battle.

-As Horde Prime is killed by the Twins of Power and Adora's fears made flesh, the Generator explodes taking He-Man, She-Ra and Despara with it.

-With the seemingly death of He-Man and She-Ra Teela raises the children on her own. She uses various magics and creates false worlds for the children to grow. (Dare is raised on the Vine Jungle, echoing Oo-Larr's upbringing and the filmatiopn concept for Dare, Abelle and Kaine are raised on Eternos by their parents.) Glimmer returns to Eternos to act as Queen Regent.

-The swords return to Grayskull and Teela keeps them in the chamber of power.

-News of the death of Adam spread throughout Eternia and some of the former forces of Skeletor begin to rally under Jitsu to keep peace on the Dark Hemisphere, while others rally under Evil Lyn's command.

-Crita gives birth to a girl, named Keldra after her deceased father. Evil Lyn decides to use Crita and her child as tools to bolster her armies. While Crita is not interested in war, conquest of Eternia and all the hullaballoo, she tags along in order to have a place to stay on Eternia. Evil Lyn senses a small magic potential within Keldra.

-Two years after Keldra was born, a Mysterious Time Traveler gives Evil Lyn her long lost child, Keldeen: Son of Keldor. Evil Lyn senses some strong arcane magics at work and she peers into them.

-Evil Lyn begins to train Keldra in magical arts. As soon as Keldeen is old enough he begins training.
Due to Keldeen's Bloodlines with strong connection to magic, he quickly surpasses his half-sister. Keldra decides to focus her talents elsewhere.

-The light Hemisphere sees another decade of peace.

-Kaine is the first of the Children of Power to break through the illusion. He awakens his sister and cousin who are all deeply confused to what is going on. Teela promises them an explanation in due time... She allows the children to explore Grayskull, since they are the Castle's heirs.

-Dare finds the chamber of the swords. Both he and Kaine are drawn to them. Before they can touch them, Teela teleports them out of the room and commands them to NEVER go in there.

- A dazed and confused He-Man appears out of the Sword's room. His reappearance lifts the spell that made everyone forget about the children.

-An Angry Glimmer reaches Castle Grayskull and is shocked to see her husband alive. She is distraught with Teela for hiding HER CHILDREN for years. They decide to spend the night at Grayskull in order for everyone to catch up with everything.
(Adam's hellish years in Horde World trying to locate Adora without his sword. Glimmer's life as regent and preparing the Children for the real world aside what little Teela did prepare them for.)

-Kaine sneaks into the Power Chamber and takes the Power Sword. Determined to keep the power to himself, he decides to kill his sister. A restless Dare wakes up and sees Kaine sneaking around the Castle. The moment Kaine tries to kill his sister with the Power Sword, the Sword of Protection materializes in Dare's hand and he uses it to protect Abelle from Kaine.

-During the commotion, Adam wakes up and sees his nephew and son fighting each other. When he steps in to stop the fight, Kaine strikes at him with the Power Sword. Adam is able to stop the sword, but not before he is scarred by his son. The Power sword emits a bright glow that scars Kaine and gives him a Skeletor-like visage.

-Teela uses her magic to try and undo the Mark on Kaine, but to no avail. Adam, Teela and Glimmer end up arguing about Kaine's fate. Teela wants to kill him. Glimmer wants to take him home, and Adam wants to keep him in Grayskull. Kaine overhears them and escapes Grayskull through the Subternia gate towards the Dark Hemisphere.

-Once Adam realizes that Kaine is gone, he prepares to search for him, but a Cosmic Enforcer stops him with a warning straight from Trolla.

-Adam retreats into the chamber of Power and forges two new swords with the aid of Kayo of Primus, Light Hope and the Wise King of Dragons, Granamyr.

-With these new swords**, Adam trains Abelle and Dare in the ways of the Power. When the day comes, they will wield the actual swords.
**=NOTE:The new swords forged by He-Man can tap into the Powers of Eternia and Etheria, due to the Eternian and Etherian Blood running through the Children's veins. These Swords were specifically made to tap into BOTH branches of the power, but with a couple of failsafe measures. The Transformations will not last longer than a whole day and require an equal amount of downtime. 

-a masked Kaine reaches Snake Mountain and seeks an audience with Evil Lyn. He beats up various henchmen and Fights Keldeen to a standstill. Kaine mockingly christens his second cousin as Skeleteen. Ironically, he was easily defeated by Keldra and her tricks... not to mention Kaine's overconfidence. With Kaine's face revealed, Keldeen has an idea to rename his group the Sons of Skeletor. Kaine dubs Keldra Skullatrix and Kaine decides to call himself SkelThor. Keldeen is chosen to become the leader, because he is the son of Skeletor, but Kaine becomes second in command since his appearance is the closest TO Skeletor. Keldra only tags along because in her words, "eh, whatever."
This sets up the pieces for the newest game of control over Eternia:
On the side of good we have the Heroic Warriors, with Adam acting as mentor. He will fight if given no option, but he will NOT physically fight against his son, or cousins.
Dare and Abelle are basically the He-Man and She-Ra to Adam's Randor.
The new Heroic Warriors aid some of the remaining Heroic Warriors from Adam's time.

On the side of Evil we have:
Jitsu's Marauders: While they do not venture to the Light Hemisphere much, to honor a truce with He-Man; they are still evil warriors and will attack ANYONE who wanders into their lands uninvited.  While Jitsu may have a beef with Evil Lyn and the Sons of Skeletor. he may help them for the right price.

The Sons of Skeletor:
This is where Skeleteen, SkelThor and Skullatrix rule. Skeleteen wants to Rule Eternia, since he believes that he is the real heir to the throne. SkelThor wants to take the Power of Grayskull for himself and step out of He-Man's shadow. Evil Lyn acts as consigliere to Skeleteen and is secretly plotting to betray Kaine when it suits her.

The idea is to have this 3 way war for Eternia while adding characters and some different twists, like Abelle and Keldra becoming friends after being captured by a non-key character... (I'll say Nepthu for teh lulz) and I mean REALLY good friends to the point that when the factions are not at war, they hang out together.

Eventually She-Ra would Return to warn Adam about the coming of Gorpo: Herald of the Unnamed One.

-Final Battle All vs UNO.

Now about the Kids and the Power:
If you notice All of them have an Eternian Parent and an Etherian Parent. I have previously mentioned that the Power coursing through He-Man and She-Ra went beyond Castle Grayskull's and became the powers of Eternia and Etheria. The children having parents from both worlds allows them to tap into BOTH Power Sources... The reason for this is simple: Justifying Variants.

For Dare it's simple since the TWO Eternian Armors have been designed. The Filmation look would be his Default Eternia Power Look, while the Ginger NA He-Man is the equivalent to the Battle Armor.
For his Etheria Power looks, I thought along the lines of taking Elements from She-Ra's armor. For his default look the main Inspiration WAS the DC She-Ra. The Speed Update (or the Equivalent to Flying Fists/Bubble Power) would be the Snipe Armor. As you can guess his weapon would be a Golden Ninjor Bow.
Inheriting Bow's accuracy PLUS the strength and speed of She-Ra makes Dare able to pull off shots that would be impossible for mere mortals.

For Abelle, I am a bit stumped on the visuals for her Etherian Power Modes and one of the Eternian Power modes. I have an idea of a more feminine version of the Ironman Pants He-Man look for her "Strength mode".
Her Etherian looks should take some cues from her Mother's side (Glimmer and Angella)

Kaine the Fallen son of He-Man now calling himself SkelThor has absorbed SOME of the Power of Grayskull when he was branded with the Gray Skull mark. This gives him the ability to summon alternate Armors like his father, aunt and Great Uncle.
The shadow Armor can withstand damage
and SkelThor can focus his dark light powers
into shadow blades that pop out of his
wrists. Think Marvel's Wolverine.
The only Armor I thought of at the moment is vaguely inspired by the Movie, but not enough to raise any copyright alarms.
He too should get new Armors to compete with the Family.
Same thing for Skeleteen (whose Armors are based on Skeletor Armors but with 90s XTREEEEEEM! on them.)
and Keldra (whose Armors should be Tech-Based)

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