Aug 21, 2015

Variants that are REALLY NEEDED in MOTUC (not theFilmation sub-line)

Every once in a while I revisit lists of characters that could be made in MOTUC when new reveals arise, or if fan forums have heated discussions about certain characters.

My previous Rant about WMD Roboto made me think: The Collector's Choice sub is a smaller sub and that means reduced items... Variants will most likely take a back seat, but we kinda NEED certain Variants... I'm going to do a small list of Variants that we need in classics and justify them.

I'll do my best not to fill the list with multiple variants of the same character. 200X Roboto is not on this list because he is "the King Grayskull" to this list's "MOTUC" but he is VERY Important!!

Without further ado, here's the list of NEEDED VARIANTS AFTER 200X Roboto (That are not Filmation variants) for the MOTUC CC Line:

-DC Teela the Woman-at-Arms:
She's the Captain of the Royal Guard and she goes into Battle with a slightly armored Swimsuit... (and I am not talking about the Metal Bikini Teela) While it looks sexy as hell, it's impractical... But I must admit that in a weird way a fully armored Teela IS Sexy as hell. Not to mention cool looking. If General Duncan wears the Orange and Green, then Captain Teela should do it as well.

-Discs of Doom Skeletor:
Yes, I'm aware that the ONE SKELETOR I'm choosing is a New Adventures Skeletor... That is Precisely why he is here. DoD Skeletor was the version seen most of the New Adventures cartoon. That is the reason why he is here.

-Mini Comics Tri-Klops: (I call him Trydor E.Scope: Texeiran Bounty Hunter)
It's a different look for Tri-Klops, and we can toss in the Trik-Klops head and a second Tri-Klops head before he got the spinning Visor. If Mattel plays it smart they could make the top part interchangeable and only use one head with 2-3 interchangeable visors (tri-klops visor, Blind Swordsman bandanna. and weird blind visor)

-Ice Armor He-Man:
The last Fan-Demanded 200X Variant of He-Man that is not Vanilla 200X look. The Sole He-Man variant of this list. Also a nice way to reuse that 200X Head and maybe get a new 200X Right Forearm... to get closer to a 200X Vanilla He-Man (one that if we use the KG Harness on a second one we get a MOTUC KG... but that will have to wait a while.)

-Savage Catra:
It's different enough from Filmation Catra and we Kinda Need a Catra variant after She-Ra got two of those... Toss in the Shower Power gun and make her tail turn into a furry whip and we have a winner!

-Starburst She-Ra:
Mattel KINDA Owes us a Vintage Styled She-Ra. Starburst She-Ra is the perfect option to complete the She-Ras and to give us one to mix and match to make a true Toy She-Ra.

-200X Sorceress:
You know that I'm gonna push for Sorcelestia to be made. Veena is not enough for me! I need a non-vegas showgirl Sorceress... Mostly because of DEM WINGS... and by my Reference to Celestia. Pone Jokes are coming!

-Diplomatic Armor Marlena:
Yes, this list is a bit 200X Heavy, due to 200X Having some COOL designs, but the Diplomatic Armor Marlena is a decent fit (with the Cap Glen Head) for The Toy Randor. (I'm not that fond of Astronaut Marlena being in Battle...)

-iOS/Android Horde Trooper:
Horde Trooper Repaint from the Most Powerful Game in the Universe... Excuse to get new troopers.

-Mini Comic Snout Spout:
For those who do not like the 200X Head and have a Rotting Trunk, then Mini Comic Snout Spout is perfect!

-DC Stratos: (The one that looks like Normal Stratos with Blue Pants)
It looks somewhat like Stratos and can be used as a Generic Avionian next to the Real Deal... Better than the weird Winged Spidey/Deadpool one we got recently...

-Power Tour Hordak:
YES! We need a 6th Hordak wearing the same outfit, with a TEENSY Difference over the other Hordaks... This one would be the only one with a Gray Torso and the Half Armor... I'm being sarcastic here... but it gives us a Power Tour Representative... It was either him or Jazz Hands Grizzlor. Mattel could toss in some Removable 200X Hordak parts on him to make him pop.

There's a few variants that I'd like to see that I had to leave out, in order to not repeat characters or fill the spots with Toy PoP.

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