Aug 14, 2015

Shapeways Extravaganza Returns!

DJForce's Weapon's forge is on FIRE!! The items were there, I had an opportunity and went on a Shopping Spree!
I stuck mostly to 200X Themed stuff, but a Filmation item snuck through. The rest are brand new stuff based on the Fan movie: The Fall of Grayskull.

Let's get the Filmation Out of the way, because of Seniority:
The sword comes from the She-Ra series and it's a Generic sword for the Horde Troopers.
These swords end up being broken by the heroes and DJForce has a broken version as well.

I like that the sword is Generic enough that could be used on other figures, but this one will be for Toy ME!! Until Sunder Arrives sometime in 2016. Then he gets the sword. If you have enough scratch, your Horde Troopers could use these as an alternative to the Batons... Of course you'll also need the broken sword when displaying them against She-Ra.

Now we head into The Fall of Grayskull!
This time I skipped 2 Items (The Amulet, because of Plot Reasons that I have yet to understand and Teela's blaster, who I might end up buying for a different character in the future...) Instead I got 2 Tri-Klops Daggers... Because Dual Wielding Tri-Klops...

You can combine a Sword AND A Dagger, but I got Two Daggers because I like the idea of TK having Two Daggers and a sword.

The cool thing about these daggers is that they fit Tri-Klops' Holster on his back...

That means that you can have him use the sword AND a Dagger while keeping the other dagger on his back... If you get two Daggers. I used a Toy Inspired look for the colors on the daggers.

The other Item is the Fall of Grayskull Power Sword. which will not be He-Man's sword, but my PoorWun-Dar's sword. (In my fanon, the sword works like Souledge or SoulCalibur. It changes shape with each wielder.)

Since I said that this sword will go to my Wun-Dar custom
 codenamed Poor-Dar, I painted it in a Wun-Dar inspired palette. It's not accurate to the fan-film, but I like it!

Now we head into 200X Territory:
First two Items are for El-Hombre himself! They are the two Items that Mattel always forgets to give He-Man... The Ax and Shield CLASSICIZED!

Slightly reduced Detail and more balanced Ax... The Official 200X Toy Ax is super heavy and the shaft feels flimsy. When moving a few years back, my He-Ax broke clean off the shaft...(damn right!) The Shapeways Ax feels Sturdier compared to the Actual Toy.

The shield has a MOTUC C-Clip! He-Man can hold ALL 3 ITEMS on his hands!!!
Once both Items got the Paint Treatment, they came to life and Look FREAKING SWEET!!
(May have to get a second set of these for Faker...)

The Third 200X Item is: Webstor's Arachna Blaster!!
Based on the Rifle from the staction, which is inspired by the vintage rifle. Now Webstor can have an original weapon! That way Plundor can keep the Vintage Webstor Rifle and I can give the Plundor Rifle to a Palace Guard... or Karg! I'm still surprised that I painted it ORANGE like the vintage toy, seeing that I hate the Orange Rifle on him...

You can get these at DJ Force Weapons Forge.

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