Aug 23, 2015

Saw the Unauthorized Full House movie... Here's what I learned

And it was better than the Saved by the Bell one... but that's not saying much...

Candace Cameron's mom was the real villain in the story... Until the Olsen's parents saw all the dough rake in.

Those Lifetime Movies suck at casting... The actors chosen to play the characters looked nothing like the characters. The closest one was Justin Gaston, who I seem to recall had dated Miley...

It wasn't as horrible as the SBTB one because this one had the Full House Sappiness.

They were afraid of doing Real Saget-like skits when showing Not-Saget at all

Garret Brawith has a Reed Richards vibe to him. (better than Miles Teller)

Bad wigs... Bad wigs everywhere!

They AVOIDED most of the real drama... and it felt like a Dramatization of the IMDB Trivia page.

Boy Meets World or Fresh Prince could fall victims to the Lifetime unauthorized movies... We're getting 90210 and Melrose Place.

No... There is another they NEED to do...

It was lighthearted and seemed more respectful of Full House than the Saved by the Bell one.

I should avoid watching Lifetime.

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