Aug 5, 2015

Top 11 Items that Super7 could have made for MOTU...

I think that the "toy offerings" made by Super7 for MOTU were mostly crap, aside the MOTUSCLE. They recently showed an $8000+ Battle Cat Trophy head... (now super tasteless due to the Cecil the Lion incident). They did some wacky items that were kinda cool... Chi-chi-chi-chia Mossman comes to mind.

Here's a list of things that they could have made that would have been pretty interesting for MOTU fans...

11: Snake Mountain Bone Throne Toilet cover:
Plotting Evil while dropping a deuce has never been this awesome for MOTU fans... If we have Iron Throne Toilet covers, why not have one worthy of the Overlord of Evil?

10: Sorceress Robe with hood:
This one is mostly for the ladies. (There's plenty of them who are fans of MOTU.) Also, if you don't identify as a lady and want to use it, you can too! This would help making those Battleground Teela Cosplays work as a Sorceress Teela as well!

9: Trap Jaw Nutcracker:
Nothing says Christmas like Nutcrackers and Trap Jaw is the perfect MOTU Figure to be a Nutcracker.

8: Fright Zone Monster Oven Mitts:
If you're an old school MOTU fan, you may not have a functional Fright Zone Monster. These Mitts, aside being useful in the kitchen, would also help you have a spare Monster.

7: Castle Grayskull shaped Mailbox Cover:
The Mailperson will have the power!! to deliver your mail directly to Castle Grayskull.

6: Power Sword shaped Universal Remote Control:
I HAVE THE POWER!! To change the Channel... in style! (Not asking for an In-scale sword. Just a remote shaped like a power sword. Besides, it wouldn't be the first large novelty remote in existence. Also Universal remotes are dirt cheap now, so they could manage.)

5: Fisto and Jitsu Foam Gauntlets:
Foam Fingers MOTU Style. Cheap, easy and a nice gimmicky item for MOTU fans.

4: Grayskull Ring Coasters:
The Shot glasses were cool, but using a Grayskull ring (as seen with the Vintage and MOTUC Tri-Klops) would be even cooler. Bonus points if the coasters were GITD.

3: Terror Claws Back Scratcher:
Come on! It's incredibly obvious/

2: Slime Pit Liquid Soap Dispenser:
Perfect excuse for your MOTU Fan to do the dishes. The Slime Pit even has a little tray for the sponge...

1:Masters of the Universe Body Pillows:
They are the craze for Otakus everywhere, but I'd love to snuggle to a Sorceress Body Pillow (seeing that Glimmer and the rest of POP is off limits)

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