Aug 10, 2015

Thoughts on DBZ: a rant...

A while back, I saw La Resurrección de F at the Cinema. I had a rant partially written about it that I kept in the back burner.
Not doing a Play by Play this time:
-First I saw the movie a while back.
-Second back then I didn't take my notebook to write a play by play rant to transcribe in the PC.

Here's my collection of thoughts on DBZ's 19th? OVA... It's 19 or is it 18? The Resurrection of F... (I saw it in Latin American Spanish, because it came before the US Release.)
I kinda hated Battle of the Gods, but Resurrection of F promised a more traditional DBZ movie. It delivers, but it made me realize something:

Don't get me wrong, it's a good DBZ movie, but like many OVA it requires knowledge level of the mythos to be:

Part of me is thinking that DBZ should just die... I mean, Frieza's first appearance was roughly 26 years ago. The saga moved on beyond Frieza for quite some time. I know Blasphemy and all that, but Dragon Ball has become predictable:

OK, so Goku is strong. New strong villain shows up and Goku is forced to train... Yamcha is useless, Krillin gets owned, Tien may or may not fight, Vegeta bitches about being the mightiest of all Saiyajin, when he's more pissed off that Goku is stronger. Goku shows up stronger grunts hard enough to make his VA faint and struggles to defeat the new villain, but in the end comes out victorious... The only wrench to this whole scheme is the Overpowered Purple Furless Kitty who beat Goku in the Battle of the Cods. Here Beerus does practically nothing... Making the new god a pointless character.

So this is the movie in a nutshell:
Cyber Frieza is dead... and has been dead ever since Trunks chopped him up! The F-Army is in shambles with the dead of their leader (and the Cooler crap), so the new Temp Leader Sorbet gets Pilaf and his sidekicks to get the balls for the Resurrection of Frieza...

Frieza is back and wants revenge on Future Trunks and Goku. He gets a new golden power up mode and fights. Here you get the standard DBZ fights, grunts, wanton destruction, the usual.

I liked it, but I may be outgrowing DBZ... (Now to be fair, I've had a few similar issues with watching some older cartoons from the west as well.)  OR it's a side effect of the Abridged series being so good.

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