Aug 17, 2015

Why a 200X Roboto is the better choice for a Roboto 2.0

While my Headpack is sitting on West Sac or Sparks, Nevada chilling with ma cuz, Evil Seed and "I did not hit her, I did Nawt Ohai Mark!" Hordak; I've been thinking... We're going to need a new Roboto if the legends of the Cracking Torso are true. "The headpack may do more harm than good!" have said the doomsayers. I kinda see WHY they say it, given Roboto's History...

So, we'd need a New Roboto from Mattel. Mattel has the Following Choices:
-Mini-comic Roboto: which is mostly an orange and Magenta repaint of Roboto
-DC Comics Roboto: which could be made with the normal torso and existing pieces... maybe new forearms, head and hands for good measure.
-200X Roboto which depending on what approach they take on him could be few new pieces needed or a 100% new Sculpt.
-Filmation Roboto who would need NEARLY 100% New Tooling.

Personally I'd go with 200X Roboto.
Now this brings up another issue: Standard Size 200X Roboto or Larger Ram Man sized 200X Roboto?

My answer will be Normal Sized Roboto... Because we don't have a Gigantic Beastman, Clawful or Whiplash for him to fight. (We already have 1 Juggernaut with Ram Man)
That is good news for Mattel since a Normal Sized Roboto reduces their need for new pieces to:
-Removable Torso Armor (with a place to hold one of his extra weapons)
-Weapons (Namely the Shoulder Gatling gun and the Left Hand Gun)
everything else comes from Roboto, 200X Headpak and Blast Attak.

and Mattel could even REDUCE the new parts needed with a bit of creative reuse and the Classicizer excuse... Oh yeah! I forgot! No More ♠...

200X Roboto has quite a few appearances in the MYP Cartoon.
The design has been mostly well received by fans, especially when he takes out all of his weapons in a way similar to Rio Blast. This mode has been nicknamed by the users as WMD Roboto.

That gives some weight to the 200X Roboto to be a better option for Roboto 2.0...

From a Tooling Standpoint a Normal Sized 200X Roboto may be in second or third place, depending on WHICH DC Roboto is chosen as a candidate. first Place would be Mini comics Roboto...
Fun fact: I had to choose between receiving a Mini Comics MOTUC Roboto custom or a MOTUC Shadow Weaver...
I LOATHE DC Roboto. It took out what made Roboto, well Roboto. The DC Version looks like a Modern Superhero Robot, which is NOT Roboto. Roboto is supposed to be a Futuristic Steampunk-Looking Robot. you take away the Steampunk Elements and you lose Roboto.
The Combination of exposed wiring, Gears, and Steam vents are what sells the Steampunk look for Roboto and helps him work better in MOTU. The 200X Version looses a bit of the Steampunk vibe, but keeps the Vintage Robot look with the big clunky feet that kinda remind me of something out of Mazinger or Megaman X...

The 200X Version can still co-exist with the vintage one... well, ALL of them can if we consider that Roboto can upload his OS into a new Robotic body. "Battleground Roboto" or "Battle Armor Roboto" are perfect titles to the variant... if they want to save the name WMD Roboto for an oversized figure.

The best part of a 200X Roboto in Classics is that if done as a normal sized figure and you prefer the Vintage Roboto, then you can swap the legs at the knee with the MOTUC Roboto and have a Newer Vintage Roboto with right facing shoulders and non-cracking torso. (You may need to repaint the thigh vents, but that is easy to do.)  You wouldn't be able to do that with any of the other versions.

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