Aug 5, 2015

Wally West has been cast... and other DC Stuff.

I'm not even angry about the cast choice... I know the NU52 made a black Wally West... The show has made the Wests black. Expecting Wally to be the Classic Ginger White Boy would be nonsensical, seeing that the Wests are black.

I do have to be honest though. I don't want Wally getting any powers until Season 3. We've barely had one season of Flash... (seeing that a few episodes undid past episodes and the Season Finale could undo some stuff including Arrow Episodes) Also how will we deal with "Kid Flash" since Barry is kind of a "Kid Flash" himself. I wonder if Wally is being introduced in order to shove him into Legends of Tomorrow...

Vandal Savage will be the villain for the Legends of Tomorrow... He has been cast.
Also, I didn't know that The Last Centurion was involved with this... Arthur Darvill on ANOTHER Time Travelling show? That's like Putting Matt Smith in a Terminator movie... Wait, they did that.

Oh, now I see... The Actor Playing Vandal Savage is an unknown here... unless you're an avid Danish Cinema fan, you'll not know Savage's actor... At Least I saw Wally's Actor on Divergent 2...

DC's kicking Marvel's ass on the TV Market... Now if they could just lift the God Damn Embargo... and Ax Gotham for a REAL Batman show...

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