Aug 31, 2015

How can Konami get me back?

Obvious answer is: Bring Back Hideo Kojima... But aside Bringing Back Hideo, how can they?

They only have 2 things that they could make in order to bring me back:

Current Generation Remakes of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.

Konami pretty much has the story, the engine to make the game. All they need to do is put those elements together. If they were to play it smart they could always get away with doing more with both of those games...

Like say: Make the remake based on the MSX Version as the real story events, then have a... I hate myself for saying this: DLC Mission, which would be a "VR Mission" for Raiden loosely based on the NES Port of MG.

Then MG2SS has the MSX game made as the main game and Snake's Revenge being Raiden's VR Mission.

Heck, the English version could have Richard Doyle doing the voice of Big Boss for the normal game and the Raiden VR Mission have Queefer Sutherland as Big Boss, with Rose making a huge emphasis of the popularity of Queefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer. Seeing that Raiden would be doing VR Training around the time that 24 was a thing.

I mean what else they can do Raiden may Cryonetta 2?

In the mean time I'm counting the hours until the Phantom Pain... Until then I'm Queefer Sutherland pretending to be David Hayter.

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