Aug 10, 2015

Peck may have no dick, but Murray has no integrity.

Then again, that putz was in favor of the GB-ino turd that Paul Feig is cooking... Now Bill Murray is supposedly going to appear in this Big Pile of Caca. what the writer seems to have forgotten is that A VERY DESPERATE Former Ghostbuster filmed a cameo already... It wasn't Ernie Hudson...

who also happens to be a former SNL alum... Seriously, Writer, your Credibility goes down the drain when you say stupid things like:

Murray, by far the actor most closely associated with the Ghostbusters canon, has, sources say, “snuck” into Boston and is filming a scene for the new film. His appearance not only gives the Feig film an imprimatur of Ghostbuster authenticity, but teams him with fellow Saturday Night Live vets past and present, including Wiig, McKinnon and Jones.
DAN AKROYD IS GHOSTBUSTERS!! The concept for GB WAS Akroyd's (Later modded by Akroyd AND Ramis by suggestions from Ivan Reitman.) Bill Murray was a Replacement for the Late John Belushi. Not to mention that Akroyd WAS on SNL... Psst! The Coneheads came out of SNL, as well as The Blues Brothers... But this writer seems to be Clueless and I ain't talking about the Alicia Silverstone movie...

But, enough about the writer being full of fail... This article that I'm mocking is supposedly from a professional Entertainment News site... Seriously! A Blogger is allowed to make such a faux pas. A Professional "Journalist" is not! Let's mock the fact that Paul Feig is so desperate for people to accept his Genderswapped inferior product that he has had to beg 2 out of the remaining 3 REAL GHOSTBUSTERS to show up on this trainwreck that may make the Trankt4stic look like a Masterpiece.

Now to be fair, BILL MURRAY DID something GOOD with the GB Franchise back when Ramis was alive:
Voicing Venkman in Ghostbusters: The Game
But then again, he DID Garfield AND the sequel. (hence the no integrity jab.)
 I just wish this movie would simply fade away... If I had some Balls, I'd be able to do this...

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