Aug 16, 2015

Disney's Not Ever After High is getting a sequel.

That's right: The Fairy Tale High School Musical movie is getting a sequel. While I kind of enjoyed the first... More like saw it's potential being squandered by forcing it into a musical; I am not too excited about it getting a sequel.

Think about it, there is no real tension:
Maleficent is a newt. The rest of the villains are stuck in the Isle of the Lost. Not to mention that the rest of them were useless... The Descendants proved themselves as heroes and kind of adapted to their new lives. What are they going to do?

Rehash the first movie with NEWER Villains' kids? Some jealous teens were jealous of the opportunity the Descendants got and try to ruin it for them once THEY get their chance?

A Battle of the schools kind of thing? Isle of the Lost vs Auradon?

I know! The Summer vacation special!! (No idea where I've seen that before)

Or they'll go with the cliche Mal's got Maleficent trapped in her and now she's being EVIL!! because she flashed Green eyes at the end of the movie.

Personally I want them ALL TO HAPPEN BUT, in an Animated Series. That would allow for further situations and expand how the Descendants adapt to Auradon. with Live action we have a few issues, namely actors growing up. At least in animation you can get sound-alikes if the real actor grows too much or their agent gets greedy.

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