Aug 12, 2015

JEM is trying to pull off a Trankt4stic move.

I had heard rumors about the reshoots to the lame Hannah Montana/Saved by the Bell Zack Attack! Episode inspired Jem and the Holograms.
Trailer 2 confirms the reshoots...

They added a...

HERBIE the Robot to replace Synergy... This keeps getting better and better! They are hamfisting Cartoon Elements and Failing to a movie that was Clearly NOT JEM. Now her Earrings are some sort of USB cards that saved home movies and whenever Jerrica is down, she can plug the Earrings on HERBIE to watch home movies.
I'll Let Mr. Takei explain how I feel about the people involved in this movie:

Suddenly, the Trankt4stic isn't looking that bad... and that movie makes Wiseau and Boll look good!

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