Aug 1, 2015

It Came from the Toy chest: Being Shady is a natural thing for this Beast.

face was censored to protect its identity from Dr.Palmer!
Many moons ago, I didn't have the money to order this Beast from Mattel. I had to choose between it or the Ultimate Heterosexual Warrior... who is NOT GAY AT ALL, so stop it with the gay jokes! I am talking about the TOTALLY NOT FILMATION SHADOW BEAST!!
The real reason behind the existence of Lemon-Limeape!!

Well, let's crack him open and see what he brings to the table.

If you've seen Gygor, then This is the same thing as Gygor, but with Alternate head, hands and feet. BTW the feet are unposable (out of fear that the slightly gummier plastic on the leg pops the foot out when trying to pose it).

Paint and Sculpt:
The paintjob is a more naturalistic approach to the Filmation shadow beast. No, these aren't 200X as ♠ would want you to believe.

The sculpt is where I have a few issues. The hands and feet do not blend too well with the arms and legs making it look like the Shadow Beast is wearing a furry shirt and pants. The fur ends in a clean cut then the fleshy hand or feet begin.


One big stick... More like a branch with a bunch of spikes nailed on it and a leather strap used as a makeshift handle for the stick... Let's see if you can spot my issue with this: A Savage Animal has a stick specifically made for it with a leather strap AND spikes nailed on it, which would indicate a certain level of intelligence for tanning flesh and metalwork... Don't get me wrong, it looks badass, but makes no sense. Did I mention is heavy for a plastic toy... It almost works like a blackjack (or cosh for the English) 2.0

This gives the Shadow Beast an overall score of 3.0 and that's not good. He feels cheaper than Gygor (material feels gummier and softer) comes with LESS stuff than Gygor and you need MORE than ONE to have a Pack of Shadow Beasts (I'd be needing at least two more, but I also need 5 horde Trooper sets, 1 Palace Guard Set and 3 Snakemen sets...)

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