Apr 28, 2015

It came from the toy chest: Sprite Ape likes 7Up

Guess who is going to come out of the Toy Chest for the OFFICIAL MOTU DAY? I'll give you a hint...

No, it's not a My Little Pony character... Listen to Princess Sunbutt!
But I wouldn't call him a Beeeytch who likes Mmmmmm Bananas!
I'm talking about the Barbarian Ape, Gygor. Evil Monk... err Ape who doesn't like He-Man, Oo-Larr, Beastman and he killed Vykor... Johnny Cage Style!

Something something Evil Lyn released the dude. (In my Fanon, Gygor becomes EL's Bodyguard.)
Evil Lyn: The fact that you fear him, makes me
want to release him more.

Beastman: He was my High School Bully! Used to
give me swirlies twice a day!

Evil Lyn: And you DO stink up Snake Mountain
worse than Stinkor when wet... But I want
a Yellow and Green Ape as my Bodyguard!

I know I was VERY against the guy in MOTUC, but he exists, was a gap in my collection. Found one at a reasonable price, so I bought him.

So, here I am reviewing the Ape... who is VERY HEAVY for a Rotocast Torso BTW

This buck is NOT THE NORMAL MOTUC BUCK... This leads me to test his articulation. If he can pull off two Gorilla specific poses, he'd be a success.
Pose 1: Fail! OK, so he can ALMOST Pull it off if it wasn't for the V-Cut feet and no knee Articulation. Surprisingly the feet are balljointed.
Evil Lyn: Now Gygor, is it with a soft G
or a hard G sound? If you behave
you'll get a lot more bananas in chip

Gygor: *Gorilla noises*

Pose 2: Fail! a Gorilla toy who can't do the Gorilla chest bump should be ashamed of itself... Bandai was able to pull off a Kong that can do it... then again this was BanDai Japan.

Paint and Sculpt:
He looks very Ape-like. Similarities to Grodd and other Apes sculpted by the FourHorsemen are purely coincidental. there seems to be some slight slop on mine. Luckily it's covered by the cape.

Me: A little help here, Oo-Larr, he's going
to kill me! HURRY!

Oo-Larr: By the Goddess! It's an Ape!
I must ride it!

Me: Just get him off of me!
Huge ASS Axe. Should I count the somewhat removable armor as accessories?

Me: Eat Laser you damn dirty ape!
Oo-Larr: That's racist!
Me: I wasn't talking about Gygor!
Gygor gets a 3.0 as his score. It's not bad, but I am disappointed in his limited Articulation... Let's face it, this character was made because it could be reused from Shadow Beast parts... Now to get a reasonably priced Shadow Beast... Tytus and Megator are still skippable for me. Procrustus MAY BE the only one I get... but that's got to wait until Shadow Beast is in my hands...

Damn! I can't believe I went so long without doing a Congo reference...

I must amend a mistake on this review. My dear assistant, Spike noticed something that I did not. After stripping him of his armor and reassembling his feet (after they popped off on their own)
He CAN do the Knuckle Walk pose... It's not perfect, but it's close enough. This means that his score must change accordingly.

Updated Articulation score: 3.5 because he CAN Pull off the Knuckle Walk. Sadly the chest pounding is still off limits and that killed all my Amy Good Gorilla jokes.

This new Articulation sculpt means that his final score needs revisiting. 3.33 is the new score for him.

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