Apr 22, 2015

Matty News, the good, the bad, and the Ugly...

There has been a huge issue with Queen Angella figures suffering from
Strabismus. So, many people have complained about the issue, with reason.

Since Scott Toyguru Neitlich is no longer with Mattel, we have no one to direct fan rage to.

Luckily Mattel seems to have heard those of us who have gotten a Queen Derpgella figure... (Here's hoping that mine arrives OK.) and this is what they had to say:

I shall copy and paste the quote for those who are Matty Impaired.

I wanted to let you know that you're not being ignored and your cries have not gone unheard. A discussion was held with our design and product management teams regarding this figure, and we sent the pictures as well as comments you posted to our factory counterparts. Though there is nothing that can be done for this particular character since the production run has been completed, we have notified our counterparts in Asia regarding the errors made with this figure and they will work with the vendors to make sure the best quality product is produced for future characters. For those of you who want to exchange your Angellas (totally understandable), please contact 877-466-2889 to begin the exchange process.
On behalf of Mattel, I apologize for this inconvenience.
Skeletor's Love Child
Well, how about this novel idea. Mattel takes a hit on the profits and sends a Replacement Angella to everyone who received one with messed up eyes... Something called doing the right thing to your customers? I mean we have a Mattel representative mentioning BEST QUALITY PRODUCT... and this is not the first time we've had issues... Roboto, Snout Spout, Goddess, Frosta come to mind... and none of those got replacement... Well, subscribers got a "free figure" after the Frosta issue (It was more to clear up some warehouse space from unsold older stock from other characters, but hey! free figure) If a much smaller company (la-la land records) who really can't afford such a hit can do it, why not the Biggest Toy Maker on the Planet?

Still on the Matty bad news... Multibot was delayed to June... BOOOOOOOO!!!
On May we're getting Blast Attak...
The Customer Service Stock of Rio Blast and Two Bad will be available on Early Access. If any survive EA, they will be available for Day of Sale... There will be an onslaught of folks fighting for Two-Bad, seeing as he was a false exclusive for 2014 (just like Huntara was this year.)

Spirit of King Grayskull was on sale today. He was available for at least an entire hour. I checked the Matty site 3 times during the time he was available...

I did not bite. I just couldn't pull the trigger. I did it with the Hoverbots, Spirit of Hordak, but I just couldn't do it for SoKG... I think he shall be a gap on my collection.

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