Apr 15, 2015

He-Man and the Review of the Soundtrack!

I mentioned the whole MOTU Soundtrack, a while back. Mine arrived today, BUT it came on a flawed disc. My copy is for some unknown reason on a CD-R Disc instead of a normal CD. I already contacted La-la-land Records for a replacement. As stated by a Representative of La-la-land Records.

If you ordered the set and received Discs with a greenish hue on the back, you should contact them.

Putting that Issue aside, here's the rant, err... Review.

I've no idea how to review a Music CD. I'll start with posting the tracks (copy/pasted from the website)


He-Man (Main Theme) 1:13
Teela’s Theme* 1:27
Orko’s Theme* 1:52
Sweet Dreams* 1:54
Facing the Castle* 1:28
Royal Family* 1:44
Run, Orko, Run* 0:59
The Castle* 2:05
Meditation* 1:47
Orko’s Time Machine* 1:36
Magic Planet* 2:54

He-Man at Home 1:41
Orko Means Well 1:23
He-Man Trapped 1:36
Prince Adam and Teela 1:35
Strangers in the Castle 1:36
Evil-Lyn 1:57
Battle in the Sky 1:04
Queen of the Planet Phantos 1:57
Evil-Lyn Chase 1:21
The Sorceress 1:49
Brave Teela 1:32
Trouble in Grayskull 1:10
Snake Mountain 1:10
Skeletor Chase 1:09
Darkness Falls 0:26
Attack Truck 1:39
Dragon Invasion 1:53
Dragon’s Eggs 1:16
Stone Statue 1:54
Skeletor’s Spaceship 1:11
Farewell 0:19
Beast Man and Skulls 1:21
Magical Orko 0:44
Greatest Show on Eternia 0:09
Circus Parade 1:03
Beast Man 0:36
Desolation 1:34
See You Again 0:16
Attack Truck Fight 0:47
Memories 0:35
Violent Attack (He-Man) 2:04
Memory Loss 1:05
Goodbye (Teela) 0:14
Meteor Attack 1:46
Journey Back in Time 1:51
Book-Man 0:43
Tar Swamp 1:14
Changes 0:43
Bad Attack 1:12
Flash Chase 0:55
Goodbye (Orko) 0:10
Save the Day 1:23
DISC TIME: 69:26

He-Man (Main Theme – full version) 2:41
Story Title (Heroic) 0:09
Story Title (Mysterious) 0:09
From Bad to Worse 0:39
Adam and Orko 1:35
Magical Dragon 0:32
The Game Machine 1:08
Electronic Game 1:07
Villain Plays the Game 0:55
Swordfight 0:43
Octopus Windbag 0:33
Video Game Sting 0:11
Video Battle 1:58
Aliens Attack 3:07
Suspenseful Act-Out 0:15
Good Vibes (He-Man) 0:26
Fanfare 0:13
Story Title (Main Theme) 0:11
Opening A (Main Theme) 0:10
Opening B 0:10
Catch the Lightning 2:04
Happy Times 0:53
The Unknown Planet 0:16
Journey to the Unknown Planet 2:16
He-Man in Space 1:57
Good Guys 2:30
Lute Piece 0:15
Singing Crystal (Remix) 1:22
The Pyramid 1:33
He-Man in the Country 1:14
Marching Guy 0:41
Look for Orko 0:38
Joining Forces 1:22
Quiet Interlude 1:03
A Surprise 0:08
Danger’s Coming 0:20
Bad Guys Attack 1:02
A Near Miss 0:07
End Sting 0:11
Suspense Sting 0:07
Getting Close 0:27
The Fight 1:10
The Munchkins 0:26
Teela Saves the Day 1:22

He-Man (Main Theme – no vocal) 2:04
Book-Man (alternate ending) 0:35
Bad Attack (alternate ending) 1:04
Flash Chase (alternate ending) 1:02
Dragon’s Eggs (alternate ending) 1:21
Circus Parade (alternate ending) 1:11
Beast Man and Skulls (alternate ending) 1:29
Meditation (mono) 1:52
Teela’s Theme (mono) 1:29
Run, Orko, Run (mono) 1:00
Facing the Castle (mono) 1:29
Royal Family (mono) 1:45
Orko’s Time Machine (mono) 1:42
He-Man (Main Theme – Spanish vocal)* 2:04
vocal by Memo Aguirre
DISC TIME: 60:56
*stereo track

Many tracks are super short... There's a few tracks that sound similar to the untrained ear, but they are different, or so I've been told.

The best use you can get out of this is to use the music to make some MOTUC Movies. It has MOST of the music used on the cartoons, from Story title cards, the battle themes, certain character themes, Hell! They even have the theme for the MORAL section... Buuuuuuut! As a child raised with the Latin American dub of He-Man, this set has this:

The $24.98 + S&H question is: IS THIS SET WORTH IT?
If you're not a Filmation fan, then this set is not for you. If you love Filmation's take on He-Man, then why haven't you bought this set already?

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