Apr 22, 2015

Pandering to the $JWs is now the Marvel Way.

Robert Drake, better known as Iceman is now gay because Social Ju$tice!

Not to mention that Seth McFarlane called it many moons ago.
Now before people start grabbing fabulous Pitchforks and cry Homophobia, MY ISSUE IS NOT ICEMAN BEING GAY. My Issue is how the COMIC HANDLES THE SITUATION!

Jean Grey probes Iceman's mind and basically forces him to out himself to her. She is being a bully, which is bad.

I know many will complain about Iceman being gay after nearly 50-something years of him being a straight character. I get the reasoning, and KINDA agree with them on the idea that this reeks of pandering to $JWs... Had the Iceman being gay been handled in a less cheesy manner, more organically, maybe it would have worked. There HAVE BEEN a few things on some past comics that COULD BE INTERPRETED as hints towards him being gay.
 "But I think you're more...  full gay." 
I still shudder when I read that line. It's making me think Hideo is WAY subtler in his messages. Think about it... Jean is the one who decided that Bobby WAS GAY and pestered him to admit that Jean was correct.

The inspiration to the iceman being gay thing?

At least when they made a Muslim Ms. Marvel, or Miles Morales: Spider-Man, they kept the Originals intact (well, Ultimate Peter died, but Miles is a different character.)
The question is HOW LONG will this change last? I mean the Marvel Universe WILL BE RETCONNED after Secret Wars (2.0) One must also wonder if this is just part of the screw FOX
 and whatever characters they have... End of the F4 Comic, Killing Wolverine and Deadpool...

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