Apr 27, 2015

Girl Meets World is about to jump the shark.

I've ranted about this before a few times.

Well, looks like the Girl Meets World Writers ARE READY to have the show jump the shark!
The link is to a tweet by the GMW writers and I quote:
Next: Feeny, Shawn, Eric, Angela, Mr. Turner, Minkus, Mrs. Minkus, Harley, Morgan. How about Jack, Rachel, Frankie, Joey, Eli? Who'd I miss?
 OK. We knew Feeny and Eric were coming. So was Angela (unfortunately). Minkus and Mrs. Minkus are understandable since Farkle is the Son of Minkus. Harley is the School Janitor on girl Meets World and Janitor Bud did make a few appearances on Boy Meets World; so it makes sense that every once in a while on a school-centric episode we get to see the Janitor. BTW, I just realized this: Mr. Feeny voiced the Original KITT on Knight Rider. Eric voices Bumblebee on the latest Transformers Robots in Disguise... Both Eric and Feeny have been Talking Cars!! Ka-Chow!! Last but not least Morgan, who makes sense to show up eventually, because she's Riley's Aunt.

Now the ones the writers are suggesting:

He KINDA was Topanga's friend. The Eric Hollywood episode had this B Story about the Hunters getting Chicken pox and Topanga helping them get over it. Not to mention him being Shawn's brother can almost help him have greater chances of appearing. (Chances would improve IF Shawn ends up becoming Maya's stepfather.)

NOT NEEDED. She was Topanga's college roommate for a while, but that's not reason enough to show up on Girl Meets World. IF she married Jack, then that could help her have some more validity to appear on Girl Meets World (aside from being a Boy Meets World character.)

Frankie the Enforcer and Joey the Rat: TOTALLY NOT NEEDED. the end.

Eli Williams: Media Relations Teacher at John Adams High. Good friend of Jonathan Turner. If the rumors about Mr. Turner becoming a teacher at John Quincy Adams High, then his good pal and Media Relations Teacher could show up... I mean It's not like he's being targeted by the CW to appear on the CW's Flash...

Oh well, he does have a target on his back... and I spoke too soon... While HE COULD appear, he isn't REALLY NEEDED TO.

The thing that bugs me, and I've said before is: Bringing Peripheral Boy Meets World characters into the fold pushes the focus away from Riley. The further we move FROM RILEY, we lose the focus of the show... GIRL (Riley) MEETS WORLD.

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