Apr 10, 2015

Jared Leto triggers a bunch of people... and other stuff

Remember the time a bunch of SJWs got their panties in a bunch because of a Batgirl cover?
 The one that they threatened the artist and he folded to them.
The SJWs whined about Triggers and abuse, Soggy Knees and the usual stuff.

The Controversial cover was a tribute to the Controversial Story known as The Killing Joke.

Well, Jared Leto's first Pic as the Joker was revealed and guess what?

The Picture IS A FREAKING TRIBUTE TO THE KILLING JOKE!! It's Perfect! This should rustle the jimmies of all those SJWs... But chances are it won't  because they don't care about the medium at all.

Speaking of Social Justice Stupidity... Remember the mess with the Milo Manara Spider-Woman cover? The one where she is doing a normal Spider-Person pose and SJWs went with Soggy Knee rants Sexisms and other junk. Claiming that it never happened with Spider-Man...

Well, there's a new storm inspired by that cover.

So, Frank Cho drew a mock cover of Spider-Gwen Crawling over a building similar to the (in)famous Manara cover.SJWs felt butthurt and whined. This led Cho to mock them with a Harley Quinn mock cover doing the same pose.

Cho's management of the situation was pure genius... That is not over. Now the "creator" of "Spider-Gwen" threatened Cho because of that mock cover.

Before I start commenting on that bit of news...
This Robbi Rodriguez calls himself creator of Spider-Gwen... As in Gwen Stacy (created in the 60s by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko IIRC) with the powers of Spider-Man Created in the 60s by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. This piss-stain dares to call himself a creator, when all he did was take a Power set created in the 60s by other people and put them on a different character created by other people.
That's a really bad fanfic scenario or a What If? Issue. Huh? what's this!? There already WAS a What If? comic where other people instead of Parker got bitten by the spider? All the way back to the 70s?

This douche dares to call himself a "creator" by copying a concept already established by other people and using characters already established by other people. This is as creatively bankrupt as you can get. I call dibs on Venom Burglar's ghost! Basically the ghost of the Burglar bonded with a ghostly form of a Venom Symbiote Fragment.

Now that I got that out of the way, the dillweed verbally threatens Cho in a childish manner...
I won't make fun of his "You're written as your" because that's the low hanging fruit.
Calling Gwen Stacy his child and the cover art "Dirty pics" is laughable...

One Internet Search Later: 
Robbi Rodriguez does not know what "dirty pics" are. The Internet HAS Dirty pics of Spider-Gwen. That Cho piece IS Extremely tasteful. Hopefully Rodriguez will not look for Spider-Gwen images with safe search turned off. Otherwise his achy breaky heart might kill him.

Political Correctness taken to the max will doom us all... I'm still waiting for the controversial Aunt May ass in the air cover poopstorm to start.

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