Apr 20, 2015

It Came from the Toy Chest: The Most Deadbeat Dad in the Universe.

Stock MOC pic of him... not mine
As much as I dislike the Neitlichverse King He-Man; I had to get one... Especially if the December figure is who I believe it is... Dare (to be stupid): The Heir to the Power of He-Man...
So, by some wheeling and dealing, but doing no squealing... I ended up with an used (and incomplete) King He-Man...

He has the Standard MOTUC Articulation... Seeing as he has a lot of shared parts, it makes sense that his articulation is normal. The ab crunch is SLIGHTLY limited due to the cross on the armor. Similar to his father before him.

Paint and Sculpt:
Sculptwise, I mentioned he shares various parts. the head, Armor and Loincloth being the new pieces.
I've discussed how much I hate the design, but I cannot fault the sculptors for a horrible design.

Paintwise, I mentioned that the figure was used. Not sure how much of the issues with the paint are involved with usage or Factory work, but he's pretty decent in that area. (One tiny issue on his loincloth)4.5

Theoretically speaking, he has a Royal Staff and a (busted 200X) Sword, echoing Original MOTUC Randor. Mine only came with the Staff, but luckily I have a Custom Busted 200X Sword as a placeholder until I can get a Shapeways DC Power Sword for him. (Don't like the idea of him running around with a broken sword)
-Damn! I was hot, when I was young!
-You're me?
-Yes, I'm you from the future!
-Man! My fashion sense really stinks in the future. At least it's not Skinny
jeans and a ponytail.
-We went through that phase in the 90s.
Here he gets a 3.5 (this score is assuming the figure had both accessories and the Mini Comic)

King He-Man gets a 4.17 as his score. Of course, we have to remember that my figure is a second hand figure and some small issues lowered part of his score.

Now for the long-winded rant on the nitpicks on the character, not the Toy.

I HATE THE LOOK OF THE CHARACTER. He doesn't look coherent. He has bits of He-Man, Randor, Grayskull and He-Ro tossed in together on a extremely busy design. There is no rhyme or reason for him to have two different versions of his Iron Cross AND He-Ro's H.
Now the Staff, I understand; the sword is confusing me. I get that in the Disgustingly bad Mini Comic, He-Man put the Power Sword Away to rule by peace. My question is:
-OK, young me! Hold the Purple douchebag down while I whack him!
-What did he do?
-He made a deadbeat out of you! er... us!
-Let me tear his arms and whack his gonads with them!
I'm sure anyone of them could have made a sword worthy of a King.
How can I take He-Man Seriously when he runs around with a sword held together by Duct Tape?

Now with Dare coming in December (if the rumors are true) then in 2016 we'd need Skeleteen and an Old Jitsu head...

Personally, I would have made something that looked MORE Like He-Man. I went for the Battle Armor As his Armor because it's an armored look and looks more Kingly than the Flying Fists Armor. It also doubles as a nod to Early on He-Man's career (His first Power-up).
For the crown I went with a more War-like Circlet, because of He-Man's status as brave warrior. Not to mention that Randor's crown would look weird on He-Man. (Also it's a nod to King Conan...)
 Yes, he's wearing the New Adventures pants with He-Ro greaves. The color choices are to keep He-Man's traditional Red and gray from the harness and the golden color matches his bracers.
The Codpiece of the Mattel King He-Man was nice, except for the H. So I removed the H from it and added the Traditional belt, because He-Man. Red cape with Iron cross brooch completes the look. (the red cape is a nod to the 87 movie)

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