Apr 11, 2015

It Came From the Toy Chest: Funko does what Hasbro won't... now in Blind bag size!

Q in Pony form has been made available for a while in the blind box mini Scale Funko Vinyl statues...

Like the Larger Discord Statue I got a while back, now I have a Mini Discord that is compatible with the MLP  Blind Bag Figures.

There is not much to say about it, I mean it's a Tiny Discord Statue.
Here he is next to a Rainbow Magic Game Playing piece... or is it Blind Bag Pinkie Pie?
Take a guess!

In any case you can see the Size Comparison between Blind Bag Ponies from Hasbro and the Blind Box Discord... Which BTW has 1/12 chance of showing up AND you can't tell because the Statue is sealed within a black bag encased in a Box. Then there's the "Black" Discord who has 2/12 chances of showing up...
Luckily he was my THIRD Funko Blind Box MLP item. The other two were Black Big Mac and Black Twilight Sparkle.

Curiously enough, the paintjob on him is so much better than the Larger Statue.

I must comment on his pose. This one is more intense and dynamic than the Schemer pose of the larger statue. In any case I HAVE A DISCORD!!

With it being a statue, I cannot rate it like an Action Figure.

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