Apr 4, 2015

My Little Season 5: Communism is Evil

Looks like the time of Pony has returned for it's fifth season. The Cutie Mark Magic Toys have been around in stores and I've avoided them like the plague because of their ridiculous gimmick...
My Little Snowglobe Mane 6... Meh! Gimme a Big McIntosh instead. Or at least the upcoming Canterlot Playset (ouch!) that looks awesome!

My thoughts about it? It started OK, but fell flat.
Random notes:
Villain Pony, Starlight Glimmer... Second Evil Pony with a Twilight Sparkle derivative name...
Also, voiced by Kelly Sheridan, who is known for voicing:
-Deranged Barbie on Barbie: Ripping off She-Ra's Tagline: the movie.
-Barbie on the Barbie Pony movie and a few others
-Sango on Inuyasha
-G3 Cheerilee
-X-Men EVOLUTION Scarlet Witch
-One of the humans in Hamtaro... wait! This is the first time I mention Hamtaro in the House of rants!!

Hamtaro dance time bitches!!
-Ukyo Kuonji on Ranma 1/2...
-Melody on My Little Pony Tales!?

Nothing wrong with those smiles...
Holy crap! We got a G2 VA!?

Communism song wasn't that great... Oh my Celestia! I think I figured out WHY I disliked this Season Opener... Starlight Glimmer is an SJW Pony... Think about it...
-Flies under the Equality banner, even if she doesn't truly believe it.
-Castrates creativity, talents, uniqueness because "OPPRESHUN" (Seriously, the baker pony in SJW village couldn't bake anything other  than horrible tasting muffins because it could offend those who can't bake well.)
-Also, using the thought police to stop dissenters.

OK, so I kinda liked that a Feminist Show dared to attack the SJW methods by using this character (Starlight Glimmer); this was not exactly Season Opener material.

Season 1: Meet the cast and stop the Evil Nightmare Moon from Ruling Equestria in Eternal night... (Not to mention destroy the world due to plants needing sunlight to live.)

Season 2: The Mane 6 have to stop the Ressurrected Discord (god) of Chaos from turning Equestria into a chaotic world/wasteland

Season 3: The Ancient Crystal Empire reappeared and the Mane 6 have to stop the Evil Influence of King Sombra from enslaving the rest of the world with his dark magic.

Season 4: The newly arisen Princess Twilight, with the help of the Mane 6 need to stop the Evil Vines from destroying Equestria and sacrifice the Elements of Harmony to save the world.

Season 5: The Mane 6 debunk an SJW pony and free a town from this SJW pony...

One of these things is not like the others. I kinda get that they're trying to use the theme that not all villains need to be some monster (thanks to the not so subtle Rainbow Dash monster references), but they could have saved her for mid season... or simply used the Smooze here. Or, maybe my enjoyment of MLP is waning...

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