Apr 16, 2015

Forget Batman s. Superman... The Force has awakened...

In my pants! Oh come on!! The Force awakens, Geekgasms with a new teaser for a new Star Wars movie coming in December... Not making a dick joke would have been impossible for me.

There's the teaser. It shows nothing, save the one scene with Han and Chewie.
That scene there made me shoot first... Again, sorry! I couldn't help myself. At least I didn't follow that line with an IN your face, Han Solo!  That would have made this VERY Awkward... Almost as awkward as it is now after explaining the unused joke... which kinda makes it an used joke and I better shut up now!

In any case, Star Wars is big... and I mean BIG... no dick joke here, honest! For geeks, nerds, Sci-Fi fans... and I mean Sci-Fi fans who write Sci-Fi correctly. and after 2.5 suck-ass prequels, the idea of a new Star Wars that kicks ass and is closer to the Original Trilogy, storywise is something that is VERY WELCOME by fans.

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