Apr 19, 2015

New Chronicle 2 with Fantastic 4 Skin trailer revealed.

Since trailers have been leaking around like a bad plumbing job, here's 20th Century Fuchs' latest Steaming Pile of Trailer.

It starts with the Inception Bwaaaaah! Because it's what movies do these days... It's like the Late Don LaFontaine's  In a World... trailer cliche...
Followed by the movie stealing the plot from the first Fantastic Four, uh, I mean Tobeyman! (talking about the Norman Osborn not having something ready to show, but this forces Norman to do something Drastic... Only to be quickly changed to avert this cliche by tossing in Miles Teller! who looks too young to play Reed Richards... We're treated to a small snippet of the characters... We even get the whole "Johnny doesn't follow orders well." bit to show he's a rebel!!
Ben Grimm playing baseball to show he's tough... Oh yeah Blogger Doom looks like a total hipster who sits at a San Francisco Starbucks drinking a double iced venti macchiato, while blogging about Male Privilege. By Celestia Kate Mara and Miles Teller have LESS Chemistry than Ioan Gruffudd and Jessica Alba. Choppy scenes cut up with strident sound effects to tell us they got powaz!

"We should use these powers to help people."-Unintentionally Racially Insensitive Johnny Storm.
NO! that's NOT what Johnny Storm would say. Johnny is the one who'd goof off the most with his powers... (one of the very FEW good things that the 2005 movie captured perfectly)

This Serious Johnny is a slap on the face of what it means to be Johnny Storm. This is not Michael B. Jordan's fault, but the scriptwriter's fault. Which shows how much Trank, the writer, and the Fuchs at Fox don't get Fantastic Four.
They Reveal Doom who kinda looks like Colossus' slimmer brother who is wearing a Hobo sheet as a robe.

It's a SMIDGE better than the last teaser, but it still doesn't feel FANTASTIC.

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