Apr 8, 2015

The Topangaborn gets a new Teacher...

Just like her father did before her... Yes, I mean that Literally. The Topangaborn gets a new teacher just like her father did before her... She's getting the same new teacher her father did!!

That's right! Anthony Tyler Quinn will be back for the new Season of Girl Meets World with his old role of Jonathan Turner, Teacher and Shawn Hunter's temporary Legal Guardian.

Now here's the thing: It's good to see him back because he's a teacher and having Mr. Matthews be Riley's teacher 4 life is a bit creepy. This also makes Cory AND Mr. Turner to be equals on the field (though Turner has a bit more experience) Wonder if the show will echo the Feeny/Turner dynamic with Turner and Cory.

It's a bad thing because we're bringing peripheral Boy Meets World characters to Girl Meets World.
Mr. Turner was more of a "Shawn-related" character than anything. Focusing on Peripheral Boy Meets World characters will dilute Girl Meets World. This is Riley's world now, not Cory's.

We know that Angela is coming... and I've ranted before about peripheral characters.

While I did not include Topanga's side of the family, you can see what I mean. I kept Shawn close to Riley's world, because we know that Cory + Shawn 4 Evah! Minkus is closer because Farkle but every other possible BMW character that is NOT a relative of Riley is a peripheral BMW character to Girl Meets World. The further we get from Riley and her world, we lose the point of the show.

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