Apr 8, 2015

Seems like a Great time to be a MOTU fan!

I normally bitch and moan about how little support Masters of the Universe has from Mattel. This time I'm not going to be bitching, but instead point out some good stuff that is coming our way.

I will be posting the links to the sales pages of the items I'll talk about, but I am NOT affiliated in any way to them. This is more of a MOTU fan helping out other MOTU fans thing.

The Soundtrack to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Animated Series from the 80s (Filmation, duh!)
It's a Limited Edition 2 Disc set full of Filmation Music. Including the cool Battle Music that hasn't been released in disc form before. It even includes

I guess that I'll be able to make a MOTU Gym Mix and lose some weight now... Maybe I'll pump some iron... Cue Ahnuld... 

The Art of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. It's a Book!

Full of Masters of the Universe Art from Mattel AND with collaboration from the Unofficial MOTU Historians of The Power and Honor Foundation!!
Cue Marty!
That would be an interesting read... And a kickass display piece if you get the exclusive version with a Castle Grayskull shaped case.

But Like The Princess of Friendship said, BOOKS!! There is another book coming!
What do I mean ALL of the Mini Comics?
Well, I mean ORIGINAL MOTU Mini Comics from the 80s
Princess of Power Mini Comics from the 80s
(New Adventures of) He-Man Mini Comics from the late 80s
and the Neitlich penned Awful MOTUC Mini Comics from the 10s that make Tommy Wiseau look look like Shakespeare. Nothing Personal against Neitlich, it's just that his writing is Badong!

Not to mention that we've been getting a DC Comic that has gotten better than when I reviewed some in here. Some cool looking art pieces like the busts, or the Small Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain... All we need is the movie, a cartoon, a videogame AND some figures at retail and we're set!

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