Apr 25, 2015

It Came from the Toy Chest: I wish I had an Angel

Sorry for Triggering some Alone in the Dark flashbacks... the movie, not the game.
But it was either making a reference to the Nightwish song from that movie, or go again with the already used MILF joke... while dealing with the next figure... Queen Angella, aka Glimmer's mom!
Right out of the bat I must tackle an issue with MOTUC Queen Angella figures in general...

There's a lot of Angella figures flying around wall-eyed... Mattel doesn't know what went wrong... Luckily mine arrived and her Strabismus is mild.
So, for the uninformed, yes, she is Glimmer's mom and the Queen of Bright Moon. The first Kingdom to be liberated by the Great Rebellion... Mostly because Bow and Glimmer are from Bright Moon, but details...

Let's check out the MOTUC Queen Angella:

The Queen has the standard MOTUC FEMALE 2.0 ARTICULATION, which means no boot cut, but we have a waist cut. In addition to her Normal Articulation she has the wings that are a reuse of the DCUC Hawkgirl or Hawkman... not sure whose wings are these... Mostly because I don't own DCUC Hawkman or Hawkgirl. The point is that those wings have MORE Articulation than say, Swift Wind's wings.

That allows the queen to be in some dynamic poses as well as some at rest poses... 4.5

Paint and Sculpt:
 I already mentioned her slight wall-eyedness on mine... It kinda looks like she was a character from an Eroge during a massive H-Scene... Yeah... let's move on. Aside her Eye issue, the rest of the paintwork seems fine. Sculptwise, well she's got the Filmation look with some toy details, just enough to make her similar to Glimmer, but different enough... One TINY Nitpick, She is a bit too short when standing next to her daughter... or I should say Glimmer has REALLY LONG LEGS...
So, for display reasons keep the mother away from the daughter. 4.5

She has a Vintage Toy Halo that in my case went straight to the extra parts baggie #6 in the Extra parts drawer. She also has a Sword inspired by Filmation. I kinda wish she had something else...

Dear Diary: Jackpot!

Angella gets a 4.17 which is a decent score. If she hadn't gotten the Derpy Face and maybe come with an Extra accessory, she could have scored higher.

With her we complete Wave 1 of Princess of Power AND we're 2 figures short of completing The Great Rebellion. I still can't believe that we're a Peekablue (coming this Summer) and a Perfuma (coming most likely in Q4)

Also in unrelated news, La La Land Records sent my my replacement discs.

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