Apr 24, 2015

Odds and ends 04-24-2015: Tyler Perry, Disney, and Everybody loves Raymond.

When Peter Boyle died, I was a bit bummed, but it was understandable. He was about 71 years old. But today I found out that Sawyer Sweeten (One of the kids who played one of  the twins on Everybody loves Raymond... Geoffrey Barone) has died of what it seems a suicide.

My condolences to the Family. It's a shame that the kid had to kill himself, but we don't know what pushed him to do that.

Bunk'd is the name of the Jessie Spin-off. So, all the Ross kids, except Luke end up in some sort of summer camp in Maine, where their parents (adoptive in the case of Zuri and Ravi) met as teenagers.
Sp, I'm guessing Fish out of Water situation for the Ross kids, especially Emma. meh.

Oliver Queen is going to play Stephen Amell with Sports Equipment... or vice versa... I know this bit of news is a bit old about Arrow being Casey, but I didn't want to go right out of the bat with BAXTER STOCKMAN being recast and played by:

Yes, Tyler Perry will be Baxter Stockman... Now part of me kinda wishes MADEA had been cast as Baxter Stockman...
Roll the other Oprah clip, Spike!

speaking of over 9000... Stinkor was a Breezie in MLP and he also played this small role on DBZ (the Ocean Dub)
Even Rainbow Dash is into Fluttershy Day.
Yes, April 24th, 2015 is Fluttershy Day... on the US
Happy Fluttershy day!

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