Apr 17, 2015

It Came from the Toy Chest: Self Insertion into MOTUC is no longer exclusive to Neitlich.

No, I didn't get an Official Figure of myself... I'd have to be Neitlich's replacement and I couldn't even get to leave a résumé at the Mattel offices in Puerto Rico... (To this day I'm surprised that there is a Mattel Office in PR.) So, the nightmare of becoming the next ToySpiritualTeacher... or the Bizarro Neitlich were nipped in the bud. But thanks to a Spare Mo-Larr and some paint, I've been able to do a reasonable enough Loosely inspired by me, but with a more Handsome Mo-Larr face. (I had an issue with a Skeletor and the April 2nd sale helped me solve the Skele-issue, but having a Spare Mo-Larr begged for customization.)

Introducing Swordstro: Fallen Eternian Swordmaster!

Real Name: Nathaniel Asher of House Opserc

A former member of the Eternian Palace Guards and skilled Swordsman, who was betrayed by his idol, Lt. John Spector. After the Horde Attack on Eternos, Nefty stole a Cosmic Key Prototype and escaped far into the future. In King Dare's era, he became a rogue time agent and began unraveling time itself. On one of these parallel timelines, he hanged the Vortex suit and became a member of the Great Rebellion. Using a pyromantic sword known as Steel Cutter, Swordstro vows to undo the damage he's done to the timeline once he rids the timeline of John Spector.

The Character design is not that new... I have shown an earlier take of my self-insertion on the Sir Loser Lot review. This is the Pre-Vortex Suit version of my Rogue Time Agent Custom... So, like Neitlich, I added myself into the canon TWICE!!
I did change a few things such as the bracers with gloves (no spare figure with matching bracers that had a flesh color close to Mo-Larr. I added a PG Shoulder Pauldron as a reference to the bio... also a nod to Cloud Strife, but on the right arm because I'm left handed.

This is not as fun ever since Neitlich left Mattel...
Uh. same as Mo-Larr, but with the Demo-Man tunic...(Currently a placeholder item) Which pretty much is the same as Mo-Larr. The Demo-Man vest hinders ab crunch... Sadly, since this figure used the Mo-Larr buck, it has super loose Ankles.

Paint and sculpt:
I suck at painting. so that kinda docks him some points. The sculpt is well... 99.8% from the FourHorsemen. The 0.2% is the beard I sculpted.

1 Draego Sword from the WP#3 and that's it. If I could get an Advent Children Fusion sword, I'd use that, but those Play Arts Kai figures are expensive as hell...

I'm not really going to rate my custom for real, but if I were keeping score, he'd get a 3.0 which means I need to improve on my painting skills... and sculpting skills won't make a Napoleon Dynamite reference skills... But on the other hand I can FINALLY DO THIS!!
Even in Fictional Universes I still am a Hover Hand
MASTER!!! Wait... DAMMIT!!

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