Apr 14, 2015

Matty thinks we are suckers...

Or that's how I feel after ordering the Hover Robots, even if I feel they are overpriced.
 Well, today was the day the Hover Robots went on sale via Early Access... (Sold out by the time I started writing)
On the pic to my left you'll see the MOTUC Items on sale... Notice a few odd Items?
The Missing Exclusive Sale Hordak + Imp (Sold out by the time of this rant.)


She was available and some people (not me) ordered her with a set or two of robots.

The site was acting up... It has been a while since it's done that.
But that's not the point. Angella's inclusion is almost a step in the right direction. It saves subscribers a lityle money by allowing a spare Angella to be bought while buying the EA Hover Robots. Instead of THREE Separate shipping charges, now it's only two.

"See Matty is helping us!" Yea,  it helps, but it needed to be 20% cooler... I ran out of RD twenty percent clips, deal with it!

But the true Potential of Early Access is not being achieved because of the Digital River shackles. For Early Acces,  we need sonething like say:

You know the emails that Matty sends each month telling you about your subscription renewal. There is where they should put a link to the early acces page to allow you to add more stuff to your monthly order.

Like this month, you got the email about Angella and the map; then it should give you the EA link to add the EA items like Glimmer, or the Robots. That way the customer can save a little money that could be used to buy MORE product.

I have to give them kudos for the good (even if I believe this was an accident.) But I'm still a bit miffed about the overall cost of the robots plus shipping.

I think they think we're suckers is because they KNOW we'll buy the product. Since they are the only ones who MAKE MOTU Products that action figure collectors who happen to be MOTU fans will buy. That's how they got away with the overpriced Hover Robots. I feel a bit dirty now.

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