Feb 3, 2015

It Came from the Toy chest: Funko does what Hasbro won't

Q: Ponified... Yes, I'm talking about Discord... Thanks to Funko, now I have a Discord "figure" to display with my Ponies. Technically it's a Discord Statue...

I guess you saw that one coming. I've talked a lot about getting a Discord and Funko's Vinyl line answered my prayers. Now I didn't get any Vinyl ponies because they are not to scale to the playful ponies I have... Hasbro hurry up and make Doctor Hooves, dammit!!
Like I said before, this is a Statue, which I normally DO NOT BUY, I'm an action figure guy, but this is DISCORD and Hasbro is very unlikely to do him because Logistics... Now that I own a Discord Statue, watch how they make him an Unattainable SDCC Exclusive...

Back on Topic, I got the NORMAL (or as Normal as he can be) Discord Statue. There's a translucent version of him that reminds me of the Crystal Ponies in the blind bag scale. The third version is a Hot Topic Exclusive...
Blue Flu Discord can be obtained from Hot Topic... Or a reseller if you don't want to be seen in Hot Topic... I know of some people who avoid that place like the plague.

In any case, here's Discord. He's roughly 8 inches making him tall... er than a MotUC figure. This last tidbit is irrelevant since this is a Hasbro and Funko Review.

As you can see he fits Perfectly with the Playful Scale Ponies! 

He won't be rated because of his Statue Status... but I will rant:

The issues I have are with the paint. This seems like a common issue with Funko's MLP stuff. A few bits of paint have chipped off of his blue wing and left claw. His right eye has a bit of sloppy paint. There is a small glob of glue on his neck.

Funko NEEDS to get their asses in gear. The Vinyl stuff is their specialty and they're THIS SLOPPY!? This is almost unforgivable... I will forgive if they make Tirek!!


  1. I have quite a few of Funko's MLP vinyls and I really like them but I don't have Discord yet. I'm a fan of them because even though they're not articulated, they look really nice as a group on a shelf.

    And they made the Daring Do.

    1. and Doctor Who... er, Hooves. I've seen a few at Hot Topic. They look cool, but Discord was the one who called to me. I kinda regret not buying HT's Blue Flu Discord.

  2. I've never seen Discord in the wild yet. From the Funko line, I have all of the mane 6 except Rarity (just haven't found her yet), Trixie, Daring Do, DJ PON-3, Derpy, Big Mac, and Doctor Hooves. I also have a clear Fluttershy that Amazon sent me instead of the basic one. I kept it and ordered another basic one cause it looks kind of cool.