Feb 26, 2015

Ducktales WOOHOO!!

Is getting a rebooted series on Disney XD...

but for the 21st Century... Color me intrigued...
Now that I mentioned the bit of news, it's Rantin' Time!

-I'm afraid of CG being used... Or a mega Stylized look (as seen on the new Mickey shorts).
-I fear the Remixed theme... Dubstep versions... AWHELLNAW!!
-I fear redesigns on some characters... Launchpad is the one who I'm very worried about.

Now for the Good!
-Blathering Blatherskite!!! a 21st Century Gizmoduck!? THIS I HAVE TO SEE...
-Donald will have some more appearances than he did in the 80s? This I want to see. I always felt that Ducktales needed a bit more Donald.
-This could open the door to ANOTHER show that I'd love to return!

And not to mention that Ducktales was a nice part of many peoples' childhoods... and a part of

Ooh! we surely could use a return of some of those Disney afternoon shows.
(especially if it means the return of a show with Greg Weisman at the helm.)

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