Feb 23, 2015

Action Figure Woes: What's worse? Crap on the shelves or empty pegs?

Recently, I've been able to see the toys department of various stores and a few Toy Stores and what I saw was depressing. Craptacular 3 3/4" Hasbro Toys with barely 5 points of articulation demanding the same price as past MARVEL UNIVERSE Figures with GI Joe-esque articulation. In some stores there were Derp-eyed Leias and Greedos from SWB... In others, some Ewan MCGregors Obi Warming shelves. Few dregs from the Marky Mark movie... 1 or 2 rat traps. Long story short, it was sad... The girls aisle didn't fare any better. Very little Pony aside from redos of the Mane 6. a few Littlest Pet Shop stragglers but the Equestria Girls stuff was scarce...

The Mattel side didn't fare any better. WWE figures and SOME Hot Wheels seem to be the only thing moving. DC's Total Heroes seem to keep those pegs warm and toasty! Seeing a Max Steel straggler with a huge clearance tag brought a tear to my eye. The pink aisle is not that good either...
Monster High and Ever After High are peg warming... In one of these retailers, the MH Dolls were gathering DUST!!

Playmates... I've barely seen nick turtles stuff. Only the movie stuff and that is peg warming the hell out of everything. The worst part is that I NEVER SAW ANY OF THE CLASSICS at Toys R Us... The store that has them as exclusives... No 80s Toon Turtles nor 1990 TMNT movie Turtles. Not even a Rocksteady or Bebop...

I've seen a few Power Rangers stuff, from Megaforce and Super Megaforce... No Dino Charge stuff yet.

The sad thing is that some of these stores have reduced the size of their toys department. It seems like action figures and dolls are becoming a thing of the past and it saddens me a little bit. Then again, seeing how companies are making crappier product and expect people to pay the same price as better toys they made a few years ago pisses me off.

This scares me since toyfair had a lot of cool toys coming from funko, hasbro and other companies that will have to struggle with the shrinking toy aisles and lack of general appeal from children (and some of the toys shown can be considered niche lines to SOME Adult collectors.)

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