Feb 9, 2015

Point Dread Rumors... The Rant

It has been a series of whispers going around the MOTUverse since the Departure of The Guru of Toys. Some say Snake Mountain in 2016 or beyond, but others mention Point Dread for 2015...
Point Dread has been on the Horsemen's mind and Mattel's ever since they were pitching Grayskull. You can see Point Dread's parapet on one of the pictures. There's a little He-Man head poking out the window to show a sense of scale of the thing.

This worries me. Another year that Mattel is overloading Q4 with a ridiculously expensive item. It's not so much Point Dread that worries me... It's The Talon Fighter what Scares me the most.

If I recall correctly, the Talon Fighter is a two-seat vehicle. Do the math... An item roughly as big as 1.75 Sky Sleds with a base slightly bigger than the area of the back end of the MOTUC Battle Ram.(Roughly based on how big the vintage items were compared to the Vintage Grayskull and using the MOTUC Grayskull as a scale reference.) I'm smelling an even more expensive item than the Battle Ram WITHOUT adding in a figure. If I wanted to be a dick, I'd add a new character in here... Seriously considering Zanthor the Enforcer since he's a Zodac redo with a new head. That would tie in to the Point Dread story where THE Cosmic Enforcer takes He-Man to find the Talon Fighter.

Could you easily justify paying $150-$200 (based on some of the rumors) for a Point Dread and Talon Fighter, when Castle Grayskull is a $300 item? ($250-$275 if you preordered it) Think about it. That is the likely pricepoint that Mattel would use. The bulk of the money would be invested on the  Talon Fighter itself since Point Dread is basically Two kinda small plastic shells (that theoretically would need as much plastic as a set of the Tiered Stands) and a little plastic computer piece, which is also another small shell. I can See the Talon Fighter on its own going into the $45-$55 price range and it would be reasonable. (The Wind Raider was a $45 item and that vehicle is supposed to be bigger than the Talon Fighter.) Now if we add Point Dread then based on the size and the fact that PD is basically two shell pieces with very little extra paint job needed then it should not cost more than $90 for PD and the Talon Fighter. Anything over that FEELS a bit ludicrous IF they simply redo the vintage playset and vehicle scaled up to classics.

About 15 inches tall. It would Reach the brow
on Castle Grayskull
Then again, I've always felt that Point Dread is ridiculously small. I understand the top part being small so it can be perched atop the tower on Castle Grayskull. What bugs me is that the BOTTOM part of the "Playset" is ridiculously small. To me, a DECENT Point Dread would need to be rather big. The idea of Point Dread being a bit big comes from the storybook: The Power of Point Dread.

So, I'm thinking: My Ideal Point Dread (Note: I NEVER OWNED The Vintage PD. I played with one during the late 80s and was repurposed as a cave for Panda Khan by a friend of mine. I didn't know of the MOTU aspect of that little cave/castle thing back then.) as I was saying, my Ideal Point Dread would have the top work just like the vintage PD. But it would need a LARGER BASE... Inspired by the mountain He-Man and Zodac climb to reach the Talon Fighter. Depending on the size of the MOTUC Point Dread (IF it gets released) I may or may not need to buy a Tim Mee Battle Mountain playset for plastic army men... If the MOTUC Point Dread was the size of the Tim Mee Battle Mountain and included the Talon Fighter, I'd say that it would be easier to shell out the $150-$200.  But this is me getting worked up over a rumor that may or may not happen. We'd have to wait one more week until Toyfair to learn the truth!

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