Feb 14, 2015

Top 14 Females needed in MOTUC

Ah, Valentine's Day... Love is in the air... Seeing couples being together on this special day mostly sponsored by Jewelry stores, the Candy and Greeting Card Industries. I guess Flowers and Motels are popular too... Well, then there's also the loners on V-Day who LOATHE this hyper saccharine day that is full of legitimate and illicit sex... But since this is the House of Rants, let's do MOTU!!

Seeing that Valentine's Day is the 14th of February... Here's the Top 14 Women needed in MOTUC in NO PARTICULAR ORDER:

#14: Drissi:
The Secret Princess of Primus, according to New Adventures of He-Man Writer, Jack Olesker.
I'm a fan of her and she's basically the NA Beast Man but more pleasing to the eyes. Mattel has most of the pieces to make her in MOTUC easily!!

#13: Hunga the Harpy:
I never said this list was a MOTU Hotties list. Only Females, which means that even disgusting Hunga can make it to the list. She would need a lot of new tooling, but having a non-Horde Female Villain is awesome!

#12: Starchild:
Weird, creepy glowy child... It was hard trying to find a picture of her WITHOUT He-Man looking like a creepy pedo around her.
She would have been a way better choice than the Pharaoh of Suck!
Besides it was either Starchild or Alisha from the Christmas Special!

 #11: Dree-Elle:
A very important Filmation character, who can totally reuse the Orko buck... I just can't believe that ever since the announcement of Filmation Rights acquired, we have NOT SEEN HER immortalized in Plastic. She is basically a new head on the Trollan buck!!
Seriously, releasing her and Montork would have been an easy way to reuse that little Trollan buck and make some money.

#10: Hawke:
A Female Avionian Warrior and Sister to Stratos. The reason I chose the 200X Look was to differentiate her from Delora, who should totally be Filmation styled.
Then there's the whole adding some 200X love to the line since it already looks VERY FILMATION HEAVY (counting that PoP figures are pretty much in their Filmation looks.)

#9: Delora:
As I mentioned with Hawke, Delora should grace us with her Filmation Look. The more Human look of Delora, vs the more bestial Hawke could be attributed to the whole Human Delora from the mini comic or Ladybird books... (Not sure which one right now) Something something Duncan builds her a Flight Suit so she can be with her Husband the Flying Ape Stratos. Filmation look also helps to make an easy Filmation Hawke! (Headswap/repaint)

#8: Queen Andreeno:
Buzz Off is not a King Bee! Beefolk need their Queen Bee! She was heavily ignored in the Neitlichverse. (I'd make a Toyguru writes like a misogynist, seeing that this is another female character he offed, but that's a rant for another day.)
She would be the perfect vehicle to bring Ambrosia into play and a second Buzz Off head that doesn't look like a Balloonpire.
#7: Illumina:
Emiliano Santalucia's creation for the 200X Comic that was cancelled before her first appearance, not to mention the TRUE WINNER of the 2012 "Fan Poll". Geldor stole the election!! Now that Neitlich is gone, Mattel should seriously consider trying to get her made. Not only this would be seen as an Olive Branch between Mattel and Emiliano, but she looks awesome! Blue Hunter Elf kind of character looks cool! She's also an MVC Comic Character, so that covers that corner of 200X.

Basically the She-Ra's Faker. I'd like all 3 modes, but I'd expect only the middle Mud Woman look. (the larger Mud Monster Mode COULD be made using male buck pieces, but for the sake of this list I'll use the feminine middle mud form). Must of the muddy look can be achieved by paint, if Mattel is a bit too lazy to have the horsemen sculpt a mud buck for her.

#5:The Enchantress:
If you've read my not rant but really long-winded timeline for MY Fan Continuity, I did have a somewhat reasonable role for this character.
The idea of an evil Bird themed magic user is cool. Something something disgraced Sorceress apprentice, something Miro. Boom! She is also a rather easy to make character for Mattel, since we already have most pieces for her.

Before I hear the alarms going off about a Variant making this list, hear me out! The only reason she is here is BECAUSE she looks so different to the MOTUC Adora that we can pass her off as a Different character. Since Despara is basically a disguise, one could argue that After Adora defected, Hordak used a second person inside the Despara outfit to keep Morale High. or something. Hell, I wouldn't put it past him to use a CLONE of Adora to use as Despara II (Which I may use in my fan continuity)

I found the MOTUC Rock people lacking... They are cumbersome to pose and take ridiculous amounts of space! The sad part is that these Stoned Space Hippies are missing their Stoned Space Hippie Girl! Also, They are all family... Stonedar is her father and Rokkon her brother... Interesting... The question is who is her mother and how do Rock People reproduce? OK, those are TWO questions!

There is a rumor of a 200X Subscription and that she is LIKELY to appear. (So, while I don't think we'll see a 200X Sorceress, the Preternian Sorceress would still allow me to do "Dear Princess Celestia" jokes.) She would help round up the Powers of Grayskull cast without touching the Neitlichverse characters...

This list wouldn't be complete WITHOUT Crita! Since Mara fills the Teela Role in New Adventures and she IS coming in 2015, then we NEED the one who is on the Evil Lyn role in New Adventures. If Mattel goes the Filmation route with Perfuma, then we have Crita's Skirt in Classics. Some creative parts reused and some new pieces would give us this wicked NA lady!

The list seems to be Filmation heavy BECAUSE Filmation used a LOT of Female characters in their shows. Some on this list Personally, I could live without, but they do have some demand... Kinda like Lizard Man, who I didn't care for (still don't) but people liked him.

I'm not saying: DO ALL OF THESE AT ONCE!! kind of thing. Just showing that there is plenty of stuff for Mattel to release BEFORE trying to look into the Neitlichverse characters that were created roughly a year ago. These 14 ladies have a lot more seniority than Hans Hammer Holder, Robo Woman or Man Crystal. Heck! that's not even touching variants like Snake Teela, 200X Sorceress, Teela-at-Arms from DC, NA Sorceress, Diplomatic Armor Marlena, Savage Catra, etc.

If there's plenty of Female Figures that are Needed in MOTUC, then thee is a buttload of males as well. Most of NA's Roster is MIA, so there you go. There's plenty of Filmation males left too! then we have Songster from the Power Tour, we have a few 200X male stragglers like Sortech, or the infamous ABC giants. All characters created BEFORE 2008 should be a priority for Mattel for these Anthology lines. (MOTUC and the Not MOTUC but compatible with MOTUC theoretical 2016 line)

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