Feb 4, 2015

It Came from the Toy Chest: Duncan Strikes back with the Battle Ram

What the Hell!? a White Mailer for an item from 2014?
That's so 2013!
Looks like I've got ALL the MAA Flavors now: Vintage, 200X, Filmation and Snake MAA. Remember that I won an Extra MAA on a Contest and I repainted his armor in Snake Hunter MAA colors to use the SMAA Head on it while keeping the 200X Buck with the Mustache head of the new MAA. I had the Other MAA as my Vintage MAA without the Stache for Flashback MAA. That leaves the First MAA Stache Head which I repainted in a reddish brown color to use as a Filmation MAA.  That head is going to hit the body of THIS MAA to make a Filmation MAA, while the 200X Head that this MAA has will alternate with the Stache head to have a Helmetless 200X MAA...

Holy crap that was a mess of MAA... I suppose only Sorceress is happy about this.

But before the Figure Review, I must rant about one thing: The Odyssey that was getting this... or was it an Iliad?
I made my order on the 4th of January and everything went fine and dandy... One week later, I call to see what's going on with the package and Surprise Refund Email shows up. Of course they will not refund shipping even if it was their fault. So, now the wait.

Round 1: I call CS, explain my situation. Something something "invalid address" I try to get Escalations to verify the issue.  I keep getting the invalid address issue, but I remind them that this has been the same address I've used for the site. They check it out and ask me to redo the order. I told them that I had to wait until I had the funds from the refund to do the order.

Round 2: So, got the refund of the first order, minus shipping. Had to go through CS attempting and failing to order one for me. Escalations had to try and do the order. They couldn't do it until they did the exact same thing as I did on the Original Order. (The one with the so-called "invalid address".) Now I have to wait. I know that I've been a bit overdramatic when DR screws up (which sadly is a bit too often. Not just on Matty stuff, but in general.) and I must say that the CS folks that I dealt with were very helpful and had to suffer through the agony that is USING the Matty site. In the end, Escalations was able to pull the order. Now we wait.

in the end you don't have a TRUE FILMATION MAA and
a TRUE 200X Helmeted MAA.
Back on Topic: The Man-at-Arms figure.
He's basically the Palace Guard buck in Filmation MAA Colors with a Filmation Head.

Articulation: Same as the Standard buck. Seriously, it's the MAA Buck with the Keldor boots, therefore same Articulation as Man-at-Arms or a Palace Guard.
4.5 just like the original Man-at-Arms. Here the ankles are a bit tighter!

Paint and Sculpt: The Head is what makes this Duncan special. Everything else is basically reused from MAA or the Palace Guards. El Cheapo to make. There was a bit of slop on his shoulders from his armor... 4.5 It's weird that this Duncan has a brown stache, but when he puts on his helmet, his stache turns black! PS: I ended up repainting the fur on his chest armor in a lighter brown so it combines better with the body. (This was before photographing him...)

Accessories: Aside the Freaking Battle Ram, Duncan has: His Mace, His gun and a Palace Guard Mace... Yes, that's right! He loses the CG Sword, but gains another Mace... *facepalm*
Not counting Battle Ram: 3.5

Overall: I'm torn. I like the head and the buck, but I feel it was Unnecessary. They could have done someone or something else to entice people to get it. YET ANOTHER MAA!? This is pretty much the third MAA Variant we get. And it's a MAA Figure that you could have easily made all the way back in 2011. I KINDA see why he was there, but it still is YET ANOTHER MAA that doesn't look THAT different from past MAA figures. I think that even The Yellow clad Tug of War Dude would have been a better choice than ANOTHER Duncan. Tug of war dude only needed a new head. Or a new hairpiece if we follow the Spector Angle. So he gets a 4.17 as his score.
This is the real reward... 2010 me is so jealous right now!

WTF IS THAT FACE! The eyes are at crotch level...
Now for the Pièce de résistance: The Battle Ram! As we already know, I hope you have your Sky High, otherwise you won't have a TRUE Battle Ram. The BR comes with a War Sled, which is a Sky Sled, but Evil! I was surprised to see how well this sucker rolls! It can go pretty fast on a smooth surface. I may recommend some Sticky tac under the wheels if displaying because it gains momentum real fast. Like the Sky Sled and the Wind Raider, the Stickers are now 3D... that includes the weird face on the back of the Ram.
FINALLY! An Evil vehicle!!
It can fit up to 4 figures. I removed Teela since it looked like
Adam was having a bit of Secret Butt fun with her.

Now to discuss the Firing Missile Action Feature. I fired the missile various times and by doing MATH! I figured out the average flight distance of the missile. The average flight distance is 4.55 feet. The lowest point being 37.25 inches and the furthest 61.75 inches. (Which is roughly 3-5 feet)
Not so bad for a Missile with a large floppy and pretty much flat tip. So that IS Impressive.

I do have a few nitpicks: The platform on the back, while a cool addition, it seems like it can barely hold a figure. DON'T PUSH YOUR LUCK WITH RAM MAN!! Also, it can hold a female figure but the female figure can't hang on to the handles without warping her hands. Not being able to display Duncan with his weapons on the ram. You have to take everything off in order to have him ride it. the last nitpick is having to double dip in order to get a Battle Ram "Just like we remember." I mentioned the Sky sled stuff above, but I had to reinforce the point.
Other than that, AWESOME! The Battle Ram is Amazeballs, PERIOD! Expensive, but fun!

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